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Sunday   May 14, 2017

CNN Fingered as a Direct Enemy of the American People

by Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America   –   It can now be reported that the U.S. Military Grand Jury in Virginia has new evidence fingering the CNN cable news network as operating as a conduit for the CIA and the NSA in massive illegal spying against the American People. CNN’s South African headquarters has been fingered as the operational headquarters for major NSA and CIA psyop activity.

The psyop activity dates back to the year 2000 with CNN, CBS VISAT out of Denver, Colorado combining forces to hack the year 2000 presidential election effectively stealing the states of Florida, Tennessee, New Hampshire, West Virginia and Missouri on behalf of then Texas Governor George W. Bush.

Reference: Al Gore actually won the year 2000 presidential election with over four (4) million popular votes and 324 Electoral College votes.

Disguised malware (reference the recent worldwide cyber attacks) has been unmasked totally fingering CNN for massive electoral fraud.

P.S. A similar attempt to hack the 2016 election failed after U.S. Military Flag Officers discovered the NSA VISAT malware script after an emergency phone call that then Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton made to former U.S. President and Hillary’s CIA ‘handler’ George Herbert Walker Bush that she needed to STEAL eight (8) states and the malware script had been programed to hack only five (5).

P.P.S. Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice is seeking immunity from the FBI and the U.S. Military Virginia Grand Jury, while General Michael Flynn has received use immunity.

P.P.P.S. The U.S. Military Grand Jury in Virginia has reopened the Vince Foster case:

– his alleged suicide

– the failed attempt to arrest CIA bag man Marc Rich

– the illegal arrest in Switzerland of Ambassador Leo Wanta, and

– the firing of then FBI Director William Sessions reference former Clinton era   independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr and current ABC journalist and former Clinton White House aide George Stephanopoulos; now face subpeona.

In closing, another worldwide cyber attack is now imminent, which will be financial in nature and deals with $198 TRILLION of worthless cross-collateralized derivatives that involves with the THEFT of U.S. Treasury funds and worldwide criminal banks.

Stay tuned.