Timeline Split Progress: Integration and Alignment

by Sandra Walter

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Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The second phase of the timeline shift completed with the New Moon on Monday. Gratitude to all who held the Solar focus as the flares arrived. Personally I AM experiencing a profound understanding of my Solar Self, and this pursuit of embodying the Solar Cosmic Christ state of beingness. Ascension is truly a sacred experience.

Vision Share

Among the many visions during last SUNday’s Unity Meditations was a clear image: Gaia appeared as a sycamore seed ball (painted to look like Earth), and a powerful galactic wind was blowing away the exterior fluff to reveal her crystalline core, which turned into a brilliant solar light. The old external reality was blown away, and she was shining as a brand new creation. This represents HUman Ascension as well as Gaia’s transformation. The revelation of our Higher Self and the New Earth as the cosmic winds intensify, the brilliant seed of the New, and the effect of the incoming light on lower realities.

The sycamore is an ancient symbol, used in the scriptures, House of David, ground zero, etc. There are many synchronicities for me with this symbol; you may pursue your own. This was the third in a series of strong symbols last weekend; a rainbow on the 25th over Mount Shasta to confirm the influx did its work; a white-cream hawk hovering and calling just a few feet over my head during Gatework on SUNday (Hawk is the messenger, so we pay attention); just after that was the sycamore vision.


After unifying with Solaris several times on Monday to send the dimensional-shifting frequencies (flares), I snowshoed up the mountain for the New Moon anchoring at 8pm. After Gatework on the hike down, multiple lightships sailed overhead and sent greetings as the second phase of this particular shift was completed.

Now we follow protocol; integrate the influx, shed what is no longer applicable, prepare for next week’s Gatework, maintain focus, avoid any mental gymnastics about the strangeness of this phase or its affect on the physical, and send LoveLight and gratitude to those embracing embodiment.

April Revelations and Blessings

Our next Gateway is April 3-7, and will fully anchor the timeline split. Remember this influx since the Equinox is a very high level of Divine Light, a true gift to all resonating with the 5D experience.

The frequency will rise exponentially after this split is complete; it will continue to expand your consciousness into higher realms of creation. This is a passage for Spiritual Maturity, which will demand your highest discernment and non-judgment of the external or internal effects.

In our Mastery, let us assist Gaia in revealing what has already been created; a Christed planet of peace and unity consciousness. We embody our new templates of Self NOW, and step into our roles as co-creators of these new realities. The massive cosmic stargate is assisting Divine Will; let us open as pure conduits of the highest intent.

Embodiment is a unique experience as we reclaim our Solar Self, which literally opens Gateways through HUmans for the new reality to be revealed. This is an unrecognizable level of empowerment for many of us. Remember that manifestation is amplified during Gateways. Let us Direct the light as ONE to call forth this creation with ease and grace.


Tools for this strong passage:

Meditation: Allow your Ascension column to align in stillness, so the Higher Self can take over. Rest, stay hydrated, calm, get out on Gaia to receive the maximum light influx, especially during the trigger points. Stay clear and open to the experience.

Visualize and call forth 5D: Feel the freedom, see the New Earth, visualize global Ascension, and the highest, brightest vibration you can hold. Draw it, write it, sing it, dance it, meditate on it, create it Now. Drop your attachment to the lower timelines.

Daily Dissolvement: Command and decree the final, effortless removal of all lower timelines, programs, entities, deities, thought forms and beings which control, manipulate HUmanity, Gaia, Kingdoms and elementals in a negative way. Command all which interferes with the Ascension, anything blocking the progression of HUmanity, to cease and desist across all timelines and realities. Bind all uncomplimentary creations back to Source, to make a full transition, never to return.

Gatekeepers and Gridworkers: Unify in Divine Intent to fully reveal the 5D timelines as a palpable manifestation for all. Call forth the Solar Cosmic Christed embodiment as a reality for all willing and capable of embodiment. Light up the new grid systems, Sacred sites, Temples, crystalline beds, water, every crystal placed by a Lightworker, and the HUman Heart Grid from the crystalline core of Gaia to the SUN, Galactic center, Great Central SUN, and Pure Source Consciousness. Welcome in the highest levels of photonic light and dimensional-shifting frequencies we can receive, in the highest interests of the pure and true Ascension. Feel the unification, this is a shining passage for all of us.

Master Gatekeepers: I again invite you to unify with the higher frequency templates entering our Solar system. We have conscious access to the Solar centers now. Divine Will rules the unfoldment – stay clear in your resonation and intent when connecting with these councils. Let us call forth the dimensional-shifting encodements, for the highest interest of those choosing Ascension, during the April 3 – 7 Gateway passage.

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Unity Meditations on SUNday: Vibrational Assistance

Invite everyone to join the Light Tribe during these three 30-minute windows on SUNday: 8:11am Pacific Time, 11:11am PT, and 5:11pm PT or meditate anytime on SUNday to feel the effects and add your energy to this collective intention of service.

Connect with the HUman Heart Grid, Gaia’s crystalline core, the Crystalline Grid, the New Grid systems, Solaris (the SUN), Great Central Sun, and Source. Meditate on Pure Source embodiment and the revelation of crystalline consciousness. Use the guided Christ Light Activation meditation if you enjoy guided meditations (mp3 via the download link below), it is incredibly healing when done as ONE. All methods and forms of meditation are welcome.

Free Guided Meditation: Download it so you can be offline and (preferably) out in nature:

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Mac: Ctrl + Click on the title below to Download

Christ Light Expansion

April is a Highly Transformational Month

The levels of photonic, pure light are expected to dramatically increase in April. Let us focus on this Gateway as our keys to the kingdom of the New Self and the New Earth. Vibration = Vibration. Gratitude for your dedication and endurance; our service is deeply appreciated. Faith. Trust. Breathe. Let the Light assist us in transforming these realities with ease and grace.

In Love, Light and Service,

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