“Time waits for no man” is perfectly true now that you are in a period when matters are moving ahead very quickly.




Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 26 October 2018


Mike Quinsey

“Time waits for no man” is perfectly true now that you are in a period when matters are moving ahead very quickly. You may not see it from your perspective but be assured that since the New Age commenced things have speeded up, in spite of the delaying tactics of the Illuminati. Their ability to dictate the outcome of events has been taken from them, and it goes right back to the late 1980’s when they were making plans to destroy the Earth. Since that time the Light Forces have successfully countered their continued attempts to hide the truth and hold back your advancement. Old problems are slowly but surely being solved and it has been firmly established, that another World War will not be allowed in any circumstances. Indeed, the Forces of Light have been so successful, that there is a growing movement for making World Peace. The era of Dictators running countries has almost come to a close and when the last one has been removed, plans for peaceful co-existence can go ahead on a worldwide basis. Certainly there is still much work to do, but when the pathway is clear things will suddenly start picking up.

Understandably you have no real idea as to what happens behind the scenes, and as we have pointed out previously there is a need for secrecy to prevent interference from negative sources. It is not Just the Blue Avian Alliance that is in place to protect the Earth and its people, as there are thousands of craft waiting for the opportunity to de-cloak and show themselves to you. The Brotherhood of Space Beings waits for peace on Earth when they can openly visit you and exchange ideas for helping you prepare to become Galactic Beings. Nothing can hold back The Event that will take place when the vibrations have reached the necessary levels of upliftment.

You are entering a period when the temperatures are gradually rising, but this is a prelude to another world wide change when the process will reverse and a Mini Ice Age will occur. It will not be a unique occurrence and has happened in your past. However, it is something that is already being speculated by a few of your scientists. Such happenings give you ample time to prepare yourselves for such changes, so that you can cope with any that are of an extreme nature. Historically such changes are always taking place on Earth and evident from the record left in the strata. You have lived through them before so in one sense they are not new to you.

We have long predicted the present period following changes resulting from you having passed the marker. Your problems are inevitable as what has been put in place over the last hundred years, cannot be cleared or changed overnight. It can be very demanding as efforts are being made to settle the changes with the minimum of inconvenience. You are all having to make sacrifices to allow the new to replace the old, but that is no easy task when there is resistance from those who refuse to accept change. However, the changes are already in motion and cannot be stopped from manifesting. There is much to be done that will make your lives much easier and establish a peace on Earth that will be lasting.

The main requirement of Lightworkers at this present time is to keep focussed on the future and not be detracted by other happenings. Observe happenings by all means but do not get emotionally involved in those that are of a negative nature. The dark Ones are so to say having their last fling on Earth, and much karma is still being worked out as they do not aspire to turning to the Light. As you must know by now, they cannot continue much longer in your present dimension as the vibrations are becoming too powerful for them. Their future is to remain on this Earth .while those progressing with the Light are destined to move onto the new Earth. It will be a revelation for them and a wonderful homecoming when old friends and family will meet again.

You are great Beings just beginning to realise your true potential, and as the old vibrations drop away, you will find yourselves in familiar territory where harmony and balance are the order of the day. It will be a well-earned release from the old dimension of Duality, yet through your experiences in them you have become resilient, and able to face those who would endanger your life. Your vibrations are so high that your mere presence can help calm those who are unsettled and unpredictable in their actions. It takes practise and perseverance to achieve it, but with determination you can hold your own regardless of what is happening around you. The bonus is that you will feel all the better for it, and help others by your example.

Dear Ones know that you are protected and guided by those who are your Guides, and on a higher level you have your Higher Self waiting for acknowledgement. Once you can “talk” with that link you will find life will run more smoothly. You have an ever present friend who you should talk with regularly, so that there is a bonding. Your Higher Self as the title suggests, is a part of you that over sees your life and is always trying to help you according to your life plan. You also have other helpers and as you progress spiritually you will learn about them and how they work for you. If you are not already aware, you will be quite surprised at the immense degree of help and guidance you get.

It is only now that Spirit has been authorised to expand your knowledge of Self, and you will continue to learn more as you advance. The set-up is much more greater than you can possibly imagine and you have so much help and protection from those who travel with you. However, there are times when you have created a situation where there is an outcome that you have to experience. It is how you learn and evolve and there is no better place than Earth to experience the consequence of your actions. Understand that your Guides cannot help you in such situations otherwise if they did you would never learn from your mistakes. Hopefully as you continue to progress they will cease to happen and you will be in total control.

All souls are equally loved by God and it will never be any different, so do not subscribe to the idea that God seeks to punish those who make mistakes. God is All Love and no matter how far you fall, it makes no difference to your relationship. The God who punishes or seeks penance is the make believe of Man. God will welcome back all souls to the fold with open arms and love.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. It is certainly needed in the middle of so much confusion and uncertainty. This message comes through my Higher Self.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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