This truth must never be hidden.



Montague Keen – May 7, 2017


This truth must never be hidden. It must be fully understood, for preventing investigation of truth serves to hide it and thus holds you in slavery. It holds you trapped in the illusion from which you must escape. EVERYTHING must be on the table for discussion, whether civil or religious law. The light of truth is throwing up all that remained hidden, to be examined for its validity with no holds barred. Millions of you are now 100% awake and are looking for answers. It is not possible to force you back into the old energy of control. The false matrix is now fully visible to you. You are awake and you see everything as it is, not as the Cabal tells you it is.

The Cabal’s hold over you is fast disappearing. They are floundering, unable to take back control. I tell you now that they will not be allowed to regain their control. Their time is up. It does not matter what they do, their time on Earth is up and they must leave, never to return. All their power structures will be removed and a new way of life will open up. Their control centres are now known to you and it is up to all of you to assist in the removal of their control. You were already aware of Rome, The Vatican, and the City of London, and Washington; but until recently you were unaware of the massive control centre in Antarctica. It is highly sophisticated, with technology that far surpasses anything that is known to the rest of humanity. The Greys work with the scientists there. Your governments were fully aware of this but chose to keep it from you. They see you as sheep in a pen with sheepdogs guarding you. They only allow you to know what the Cabal permits. They are even discussing chipping you, so that they can have even more control over you. They already use ENERGETIC CHIPS in your minds, though you were totally unaware of this.

NOW YOU ARE FIGHTING BACK and saying “I TAKE BACK MY POWER” . Your energy is rising, expanding, and shining a light on all that was hidden. You are revealing truth. You now see who took control of your lives and you refuse to be subject to them. This is why they have failed over and over again to start World War 3. You, all of you together, prevented it with a little help from the afterlife and your friends from abroad. Satan will not succeed. So many in politics are in power because they sold their souls to Satan and they serve only him. He demands the blood and suffering of children. You see evidence of this all around you. It is in every country.

The Freemasons have a stranglehold on Ireland. They keep it down and prevent it from flourishing as it should. If the people of Ireland ever took the time to understand who they are, and what made Ireland what it is, they would remove all freemasons and all representatives of the Vatican from that sacred land. Release the sacred energy from all the sacred places and ley lines and you will help humanity to be released from bondage.

You have never been told the truth. Your education was total mind control to ensure you obeyed all the laws that the Cabal has in place. They have made puppets of you, mindless puppets. The Vatican has harvested your souls. Escape, remove the shackles from your minds and take back your power. Renounce the control of the Vatican which was put on you at birth when your parents innocently had you baptised and gave you to the Vatican without your permission. Do you really wish to belong to that SATANIC DEN OF INIQUITY? What you are told about the Vatican, and what it actually is, are worlds apart. Refuse to support it one moment longer. Look at its real history. It will open your eyes.

Source is within all of you. You do not need anyone other than yourself to connect with it. Everything is opening up for you. You are becoming the beings of light that you actually are. Never allow anyone or anything to take your power and freedom again, no matter what they promise you. Refuse to fight their wars, and all war will end.

You are watching an attempt by the Cabal to bring down America so that they can achieve a complete takeover. They have been planning this for many years. The Cabal always has its people strategically placed, ready to pounce when the timing is right. Over and over again, throughout history, you have seen how they operate. Yet until now, you just accepted it. They always plan ahead, placing their people in positions of power, through marriage and family connections. They use every possible way they can to gain power and control. They do not have sufficient numbers, so every opportunity must be seized and utilised. But YOU have the numbers. You must learn to use them to your advantage as often as possible. Your time has come to take back all that is yours in order to create a better world for all.

Your prayers and your assistance are required to rescue a young man from the claws of the Cabal. He has been held in jail in CA for one year already, for a crime that was never committed. He is fully awake and aware and he wants to complete his work for humanity. This is a perfect example of light being trapped by the Cabal. Our gratitude goes to one kind soul in Ireland who gave useful information.

My dear, the light is expanding rapidly. It is exciting to observe. Thank you for releasing light and knowledge with your friend. I am proud of you, my dear.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
Website: The Montague Keen Foundation