This Is Why You Need To Clear Spiritual Implants, Negative Beings, And Alien Torture Devices

This Is Why You Need To Clear Spiritual Implants, Negative Beings, And Alien Torture Devices

by Greg Marra, MA
Guest writer,

In this auspicious time it has come clear to me that there is a great spiritual shift occurring. Most of us that are going through an awakening process have come to the realization that there is much more going on in this Universe than what we can see with our eyes and feel with our senses. There is a spiritual battle for the hearts and souls of humankind that has been waging since our origin. Each of us, our soul… that is eternal and infinite, is piece of the integral whole… and part of a grand design of the Universal Mind.

In this three dimensional world, we exist as an observer and participant of a cosmic play. In this relative field of our current reality we are bound to duality (yin-yang). There is hot and cold, happiness and sadness, good and evil, love and hate and so on. In our life we experience all of these feelings, emotions and events based on the difference between the two polarities of these dualities. As we evolve spiritually we begin to sense and understand the true purpose of our being and the karmic laws that govern our lives.

When I was a child I watched a movie called Star Wars. It changed my life! It was an epic battle of good vs. evil. I learned about what was called “The Force” and how a young man learned to use his gift to fight the dark side. Let me tell you that this movie opened a door into what is really going on in this world. The Force is real. We all have it within us. It is everywhere, and each us can tap in and use this power for good.

So, at some point in my adult life I discovered my gift. Just like Luke Skywalker… I began to see the other side, where the light and dark side exist in parallel with this dimension. It’s the place of spirits, Angels, divine beings and the unbounded space-time continuum. At first, I though I was going crazy. It was both a blessing and a curse. I could see into the past. I could look at a person and see their soul and aura. I could feel the Force… the energy that connects everything. And I thought… why me? Why is this happening?

And then, in a moment of epiphany… it came to me. It was something so powerful, so pure and so full of light. It filled every part of my being and charged me with love and bliss. So this power, this force… is what we call the Great Spirit. It is known to every religion, every culture since the beginning of time. It is (part of) God. It is energy. It is everything. And it gave me a gift. The gift of spiritual healing and the ability to call on the Angels for help.

Almost all of us believe in Angels. They are benevolent divine beings that do God’s work here on earth. They guide and protect us from harm and at certain times intervene just at the right moment. For most of use, we can’t see them… however we can feel them. Perhaps they will whisper in your ear a message, or you might see feathers or dimes/pennies in a synchronistic way. You know they are with you as a guardian and often we will pray for their help.

And since we live in a world of duality… just as there are Angels, there are also negative entities/beings. The polar opposite of Angels! They exist too. It doesn’t matter what we call them… demons, devils etc… They live and feed off of energy, just like parasites or spiritual vampires. And as crazy as it sounds, they feed off of you. When you have negative thoughts like hate, anger, jealously, despair, greed… they rejoice and thrive. It’s just like Star Wars… literally. When Luke is fighting Darth Vader and the Evil Emperor he is battling within his mind to join “The Dark Side”. It’s the same thing with our souls… we are in a constant struggle of a battle of good vs. evil.

The rabbit hole goes even deeper. These negative beings… not only do they attach to us like a venereal disease or the flu, they actually place spiritual implants within us that “sucks” out our energy and control us. I know this sounds crazy, although trust me it’s real. Have you ever heard someone say “The Devil made me do it”? or that someone is possessed? Do you ever have negative thoughts that you can’t control or have a feeling or gloom and doom? It’s them… the Dark Side, and they want to keep your vibrational level as low as possible to siphon your life force.

So, that’s my gift. I use the “Force”…. the power of the Angels, the energy of the Great Spirit and channel it from the other side. It comes through me and I can clear you of all of them. The demons, the parasites, the spiritual hijackers and your past life karma. I can send them all away with Love.

I’m here to serve you. There’s a spiritual battle raging and I want to help heal this world. We have a lot of work to do, and if you are reading this article you know there is a reason for everything. To learn more about what I do and how I can help you on your path, check out my website