This entire world was made to enslave you

This entire world was made to enslave you, in health, education, religion, work and money. You can see it around you everyday – look around your area, you – the taxpayer have paid for it all. From the parking street signs, roads, utilities, sidewalks, potholes, colleges. schools, federal buildings – virtually everything around you was designed to keep you into a very tight lane.

Using technology against YOU, they fabricated crimes – George Floyd was a useful educational production in False Flags.

They used False Flags in every scenario that benefited the Artificial Intelligence agenda to infringe on your rights.

They created the problems and offered the solution and created the disinformation to prevent you from knowing it was always them. Just like fires and earthquakes have always had pinpoint accuracy in their Wake* using Directed Energy Weapons.

There won’t be a need for police stations, fire departments, sheriffs, hospitals, education centers, Military And Governments – they’re part of the #CrimesÄgainstHumanity And #CrimesAgainstChildren.

You’ll see all the #Q1455 markers/cones located on our channels located at every building refereed, the only place where YOU GET THE TRUTH and MIL INTEL.

This projection works through the nanotechnology in the simulation INSIDE your mind – they’re a computer generated illusion. Think planes & trains as a representation of the projection inside your dome/mind.

You can find the infiltrators, they all look like the Aryan race/Nazi World Order/Operation Paperclip avatar.

For The Whole World To See.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

WWG1WGA 💞🌹🕊🌍💫