This Draconian Slave Ship Matrix Veil has cracked

This Draconian Slave Ship Matrix Veil has cracked – we have reached the EVENT HORIZON.

The moment we have battled for has come to fruition, the MSM has been forced to expose themselves. Their mask mandates and policies that have destroyed countless lives and forced many into third world living conditions. Exposing in itself the system that was created to produce these outcomes.

As these policies reverse, they in Itself expose that the boosters and vaccines were never needed.

The Human body has absolutely zero need for vaccines.

They engineered the diseases, they know that Hydroxychloroquine is the CURE and the VACCINE.

Revealing the connections of Big Pharma and Governments, Media & Health Officials.

A system which puts the ROOT of all EVIL at the highest level.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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