They Raped Me

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz


I am not sure exactly when it happened or where or who was there, but I have proof in the form of legislation they signed, actions they took, and actions they failed to take — hard evidence, if you get what I mean.

And that is far more proof than Ms. Ford or her Hispanic clone can offer of any impropriety by Brent Kavanaugh.

Let’s start the prosecution.

The fact is that they are not bringing any evidence or accusation against Brent Kavanaugh the actual man, and because they aren’t accusing the actual man, they can say whatever crazy fool thing they want, and that is enough for the Municipal Courts in this country to presume him guilty and convict him. Whoever and whatever “BRENT KAVANAUGH” may be…..he is guilty by definition.

Paper people have paper penises, too.

Seems pretty unlikely that “BRENT” did any damage to Ms. Ford, but who knows?

Maybe her feelings were hurt when the actual Brent Kavanaugh totally ignored her at a party, and she sulked and made do with “BRENT KAVANAUGH”. After all, he’s a make-believe man. What harm is there in making up all sorts of stories about him?

And if people take all this seriously and “accept the charges” as being actual and factual, so much the better.

Women of this ilk using this “System” have absolutely no responsibility for bearing false witness or causing the man damage, because when you look at the paperwork — lo and behold! All those charges are against who? Or more exactly, what? —A THING named “BRENT KAVANAUGH”, not a man, and according to the 14th Amendment, THINGS are always guilty. Always. No questions asked.

“BRENT KAVANAUGH” is dead. He has no family. No reputation. He’s just a THING created out of thin air as a “proxy” to accept debt and sins of all kinds. That this is a form of personage and impersonation and has been illegal for over two hundred years doesn’t matter to the perpetrators.

This witch hunt against Brent Kavanaugh is being orchestrated and affirmed by members of the Municipal “CONGRESS” promoting it and they all know its bogus. They all know that there is no credible evidence. They all know the attack is politically motivated.

And they all know how “the System” works and that they can make any ridiculous claim that they want to make and nobody can or will hold them accountable for it.


Because JOHN MARK DOE is always guilty. And he can’t defend himself, either, If he does, he is in automatic Dishonor. Read the 14th Amendment. Read it and then read it again. Read it with your eyes crossed. Read it until it’s twisted diabolical nonsense makes sense.

As long as Judge Kavanaugh puts up with this nonsense, he’s the goat. He can’t even lift his voice and must go like Jesus to the cross and pay the price of making sacrifice to Ba’al.

So, I am going to reply by example and accuse all these men of raping me. Seriously. THEY did it. While I am at it, I think I’ll accuse Hillary Clinton and Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi of raping me, too. THEY are a gang of lesbians that use date rape drugs to incapacitate their victims.

Nobody in their right mind would consider having sex with them any other way.

Oh, well, since all these THINGS are fictitious, its fictitious rape, too, right? Makes sense, in a weird way. Legal fiction men and legal fiction women and legal fiction crimes.

After all, as Bill Clinton demonstrated, it’s not the words, its what the words mean in every case. How do you define “sex”, much less “rape”?

And as the Accuser, I bear no responsibility for my accusations anyway. So let’s all have at it: The PLAINTIFF is always right.

“Rape! Rape! Rape!” (I mean, in the rhetorical sense, but what the hey? I don’t have to explain. I’m a woman, right? I have no responsibility and if I say I’ve been “raped” everyone assumes that it’s physical and that I know what I am talking about, too, whether I mean “rape” exactly, or not.)

“Rape! Rape! Rape!” (Oh, and I have no respect or compassion for actual physical rape victims. I don’t care if I marginalize all the violence done to them. That doesn’t matter — only my political agenda matters.)

Yes, I think that it’s time that I brought forward my rape complaints against Ms. FORD, too. She is a violent character and shows no remorse for her crimes. After all, we met at a drunken brawl years ago and she, being fifty sheets to the wind, spilled beer all over me —-I mean, head to toe, drenched.

I felt so “violated”. I remember sitting in the back of the car, hunched over, cold and damp, so “raped” and “violated”, certain that everyone had seen the “shameful incident” and that I would never be able to wear my favorite sweater again….

See how this works in the Land of Oz?

The rest of us know what we mean by rape, but these Satanists just take advantage of us and “redefine” the words to mean whatever they wish. And then, they apply all this fiction to fictitious characters, too, and try to ignore the fact that actual people are being damaged.

And Justice is being dis-served.


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