These Deep State Bilderberg Nazis deserve the death penalty.

More like 100 dead and thousands of people whose homes were either totally destroyed or uninhabitable.

The German government knew on the 12th of July that bad weather was coming and deliberately did not warn the population.  150.000 home whiteout energy and water

In fact, a weatherman on television said that the weather had done exactly as planned.

A politician interviewed by a reporter Armin Laschet asked what the politicians are going to do to help the people in the disaster region, he took at least 30 seconds to say we are not doing anything.

The corrupt politicians are only concerned with the upcoming elections, then they want to imitate Biden’s deception by falsifying votes.

Globalists are the virus and will fight to their death to push through their agenda 21, These Bilderberg Nazis deserve the death penalty.

Germans have become second class citizens in their own country, the fascist Angela Hitler government is just murdering the German people.

Volunteers from fire departments or vigilantes were sent away when they wanted to help the people.

From tomorrow 200 mm of rain is also expected in southern Germany, the Angela Hitler regime manipulates its own weather to impose their climate laws on the population.

In the Netherlands a law has been passed, while we have no valid laws, that people are property of the government and are not allowed to dispose of their own bodies.

This as a for runner of forced vaccination from the Dutch Cabal.

Doctors are put in the service of the state, so they have to vaccinate, the population to DIE whit Poison.

I don’t want to be nasty, but if the best is yet to come, it is time for action by the military to arrest and try the genocide perpetrators.

If it takes any longer there will be nothing left of the population, because the police are protecting the politicians and are too stupid to think for themselves, what dirty role they are playing.

Door to Door terror, all the bastards like Biden.

German farmers come to the aid of the population, where the government fails.

The German government wants to force its own army to take a vaccine, then the Defence against the asylum seekers is immediately ZERO, especially if the police suppress their own population along with them.

How many more crimes of the politicians do we have to suffer before justice is done, we cannot allow the whole European people to be murdered by the Injection of Bill Gates.

Therefore an appeal to the military, and the US, put us in a position to assist in the mass arrests of the Bilderberg Nazis.

The longer we wait the more damage we have.

The US does have its responsibility to protect the population in occupied war zones since WW2 never ended.

Dear Donald J Trump, let us see the best that is to come now, otherwise it will be mustard after the meal.

It is reported that US troops are in France, why can Macron still terrorize his population with a vaccine passport and nonsense tests.

Economy deliberately destroyed and Europe Defender 2021 nowhere to be seen in Germany and the Netherlands.

The Obama Deep State puppets still have free rein in Europe.