There was much celebration on this side of life this week



Montague Keen – July 2, 2017

There was much celebration on this side of life this week. We were astounded by what you and your friends uncovered and successfully put right The Irish, on this side of life, had a party. They could not contain their excitement. They are overjoyed. Many now want to become involved with the unfolding of the corrupt regime. This has been in the planning for many years but we needed to have the right people in place to work together to bring our plans to fruitition. Be careful, as many will intervene, disrupt, and cause delay. You must stand fast. Know that you have got it right. Your energies blend together to attain the results that are needed. You are uncovering so much in places you never suspected were used to block energy from humanity.

Everything that could have been used to control mankind has been used. All the knowledge that ancient man knew and understood, was hidden from you. Without that knowledge, you were at the Cabal’s mercy. That was what they planned. Religion was created to attain total control over your lives. Many governments were created to ensure that you never experience freedom of thought or action. This was all part of the plan to remove humanity and take the Earth for themselves. This is why they ensure that you are vaccinated, that you breath contaminated air, and drink water that is laced with poison;and they charge you for it. You pay them to kill you.

Go to the sacred places and feel their energy. Be at one with it, for this is who you are. Connect with nature, eat natural food, fruit, and nuts, and all that nature provides, for it is pure and wholesome. Chemicals are never good for the human body.

Always remember that war is never the answer. Killing must never be accepted as normal. Those who choose to kill for money, such as armies, will one day face the consequences of their actions. They are hired killers. There is no honour in killing.

The whole structure of control is now on shaky ground. Those of you with open minds are seeing the control system collapse around them. The Vatican is crumbling. All its illgotten riches will be returned to the people. The Vatican has so much blood on its hands that it cannot survive. It was all based on total lies.

One day soon, you will learn your true history, which is nothing like you were taught. All the structures which were put in place by the Cabal to take complete control over you, will fall without trace. The banks are showing signs of collapse, so be prepared for such an eventuality, for collapse they will. They have had a stranglehold on you for far too long. They are totally corrupt.

The right people are stepping up to the plate and they are prepared to work towards a better future for all. They do not need to drink human blood and eat human flesh in order to survive on the Earth. They are real human beings who belong on Earth. You are on the cusp of something so great, so wonderful;a freedom that man has not known for thousands of years. Some call it the Shift, but be assured that when it occurs, you will be left in no doubt that something truly great has happened. All the dark energy will lift and it will never return. This is why the work of releasing the energy is so important. Ask yourself what role you are playing in this great transformation. When you work together for this end, it will happen, as it cannot be stopped.

You know that the corrupt will stop at nothing to hold on to power. They are responsible for arranging for our young man to be locked away in jail without trial, in order to prevent him completing his mission for humanity. All the major secret services were involved in the plot to imprison him. They plan to hold him indefinitely. They are proud of how England, America, and Israel, have cooperated in the operation to get him out of England and into a prison in the United States. He is there without family or friends. The conditions are barbaric. He was locked in a cage and ridiculed because he refused to take the drugs which the authorities forced on him. Finally, he was forced to take them. This is something the Americans condone. It is done in your name. He has never smoked a cigarette in his life and has never taken drugs of any sort. Although he had the occasional glass of wine, he was not a drinker.

There are so many innocent people who are locked up without charge by the Cabal, especially in America. It is done to prevent them for completing their work for humanity. This is a war between the corrupt and the good.

We will continue to assist you with the necessary information to ensure that all the energy is restored, and the information is released. This is a combined effort to release you from the control of the Cabal. We are having great success, despite the attacks on you, my dear. Ireland is emerging from Vatican control. Ireland’s new Prime Minister, [Leo Varadkar] does not answer to the Vatican. We can expect great progress, for he will fearlessly lead Ireland to truth and freedom. He has our blessing. We have high hopes of this young man. Ireland has to lead the way, so see this as the first step forward. Once Ireland is released from the control of the Cabal, all the other countries will quickly follow. Progress is being made. The first steps have been taken. Go with it. “Ireland is the key that will unlock everything.”

My dear, the pain is so debilitating and distressing. Freezing from the waist down is often used by the Cabal to cause distress. It ensures you cannot sleep or relax in any way. They are showing their anger. They do not like what you do to expose how they control humanity. They have lost the battle. They do not want to accept that their days are numbered.

Our deep gratitude goes unreservedly to all who assist in the release of humanity from this corrupt control. You have endured so much in order to bring this about. Thank you.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation