Their puppets pull these strings on Humanity

The deep state has always used infiltration as a means of their control. By installing their puppets, they try to keep everyone controlled in each program.

The Truth Is A Force Of Nature, if 8 million children go missing yearly – where is their savior? It’s a program, nested inside each nanite – heavily layered within the body and mind – it’s artificial in nature and controlled by the Reptilians and Greys.

Their puppets pull these strings on Humanity, some are programmed differently than others. You can see what they support and link themselves to. Some play the religion program, giving away your powers to someone else to control, behind which the Reptilians manipulate. Then the protestors, who protest but never change anything. With fancy signage and banners and their clones with Project Blue Beam. Maintaining the illusion, Keeping YOU in a loop.

The Reptilians always used their programming to play both sides of their sick game with Humanity. Wormhole your way past their deceptions.

Truth Is, The Matrix Was A Documentary. Designed as a distraction for YOU on the Draconian slave ship.

Trust The Plan, The Best Is Yet To Come.

Where. We. Go. One. We. Go. All

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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