The Vatican is Purposely Covering-up The Pre-flood History

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The Vatican, together with the Illuminati, are trying to hide the history of the civilizations that existed before Noah’s Flood. It does this because, apparently, the history of humanity before the Flood does not correspond to what the Bible says.

The church and those who write the history, have falsified our history so that nobody could know that ancient civilization established contact with an extraterrestrial civilization, and not only that but that we humans are the result of a genetic experiment carried out by those extraterrestrials.

Even though the Vatican and the Illuminati destroyed most of the evidence of human contact with alien beings, they, however, did not destroy everything.

Most Christian, Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant churches were built over pagan temples. The church believes that if we ever find the truth regarding our origins, we will panic and create chaos.

With the passing of time, more and more experts discover evidence that shows a mixture of extraterrestrials in our evolution, and the church cannot do very much to cover it up.

It is important for us to know that we are not alone in our quest to find the truth about our origins and history, so please consider sharing your opinions and impressions with us.

Have a look a the following video for more information.