The US Military, We’re The Vaccine.

Big Tech companies such as Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, TIkTok and much more curtail the “News” for YOU. THEY all conspired to ENSLAVE the People Of The World with Nanotechnology/Graphene Oxide.

Each company has their nanotechnology programmed a certain way – Google will never show you the truth about George Soros on their search pages. Twitter will never allow you to speak the TRUTH.

These BigTech companies all have one thing in mind, and it’s not for your benefit. They’re a VIRUS inside The Matrix, keeping their POWERS over you.

The programming of these nanites can be described as the resistance in YOUR mind, It’s referred to as Cognitive Dissonance, the physical blocking of information. These nanites interact with the environment it was programmed in, just as phones have turned people into robots responding to notifications. Remember the Antenna Gate from Apple? Your ENERGY disrupted the connection, not their excuse of improper hand position.

BigTech actively attacked, blocked and removed any information regarding Hydroxychloroquine during the beginning of the “Pandemic.” Why for a 99.98% (Q&R) survival rate? For a virus that doesn’t exist? Governments can’t produce VIRUS data, they’re just activating the PROGRAMS in the nanotechnology to make you sick COVID-19 Is A Live Military Exercise.

Pedophiles Are The Virus.

The US Military, We’re The Vaccine.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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