The Ultimate Letter To Governments, Secret Societies


God is eternal, the one with God is also eternal.

Anyone go against them will face death.

If that is God’s will, there is nothing can stop it.

That rule apply to all beings in all the Universe even it intentional or unintentional.

Humanity had gone through ten thousands of years in this civilization, it is my duty to send all of you this ultimate letter, especially the governments, secret societies, ancients families who are control the public affair.

Each of you have your own opinion about how the world, how the system/model should run. Even in this end time when planet Earth and all of this civilization are facing extinction (more precisely facing nature catastrophe like the Noah Floods in the bible said, when the storm will reach category level 30/30), many of you still fighting instead of join together and listen to each other.

There is no such thing as perfect system/model work for all in all situation, for each type of model/system may work perfectly this timeline but not in other timeline, so as people.

The only way to find out the working model/system is through fair competition. Even though “working” here could mean good, but in my dictionary “working” must be not only solve to “sleepy” human daily life but also must “teach but not teach” about God.

Back to current Earth on the surface affair, the problem is all because of “baby” human’s actions.

First let’s talk about Money System. There is on going battle about this, even though “money” is not the root of the problem on Earth.

My only recommendation is through real competition between all of you.

There are 4 type of money:

Fiat money (by trust), example digital money or all the current money in current system.

Asset money (by real hard asset like gold, silver, etc.)

Land money (by land, example 1 m2 = 100 US dollar in US land or 1 m2 = 100 Yuan Chinese in China land)

Land + Asset money.

Example 1 GBP = 1 dm2 in UK + 1 gram of Gold or 1 Zim dollar = 1 m2 in Zimbabwe + 1 gram of diamond, etc.

There is no wrong or right, no weather/nature catastrophe factor here, you must let people choose and decide.

If the Asia/Africa think asset is the problem and want gold-backed problem, let’s them do it. If the West think other way, they can just go pure land money. For in the end human at the moment cannot eat gold/silver/diamond, etc.


– United State has more than 9 million km2, they can do 1 dm2 = 1 US dollar then they can have 900 trillion US Dollar.

Of course the different here is anyone who own that land-backed money can exchange back to that US land money no matter where they are from other country.

But that is also trigger the need of moral “administrators” and “calculated” action.

Some rule can be apply like minimum exchange is 1ha or 10ha, and choose location of this state or that state or rural area only. And maybe only apply for legal organic human, no aliens no robot or no illegal/crime beings.

They can also have the rule like only trade with land-backed money, no more gold/silver since only land is matter, you cannot eat gold/silver.

By that, no any nation/government can be allowed to print more money than the land they own.

Above is the Government made land-backed money, the people made land-backed money I already talked before several months ago.

Secondly, the Moral System.

It is very complicated subject for each nation has their own custom/tradition, and that “environment” shape their behaviors.

The socialist system may work in weapon war time, but not work in peace time and especially by the hand of corrupt humans, but the capitalist in corrupt human may work in short period of time now but won’t be work when the “weather” change, when “day after tomorrow” come.

I am not talk anymore about this subject for it is up to each Nation Governments.

I can only give advice if there is request and I want to help them.

But this is also my final warning to all of you, if there is no Zimbabwe buying or land-backed money introduce in this month November 2018, I am not going to help any of you anymore, even at the end time, even after the Natural Catastrophe like in many prophecies. Messiah came, humanity accept then he will help, but if reject then he gone.

Ask yourself, if you have power of Quan Yin or Buddha, why the hex you have to suffer on Earth forever, why do not just go to far above like Jade Emperor on the sky, grab popcorn and observe the chaos on Earth and other planet?

Do not trust the one with magic, the one with rituals or super ability.

You should only trust the one with God, the one showing & explaining the way in 3D language. All kind of super-ability is easy to obtain.

There is no such thing as safety on the exchange or not. All the solution for the one with Gold and the one without Gold I already provide, now it is all up to you.

Do not fight against each other, put it to real life competition. If you do not like to exchange via gold/fiat why do not just stop all already. The strong/right will survive, the stupid/wrong will die.

That is my last words for this GCR Event and at the end time.

Messiah Mahdi Maitreya


I will reply and answer any questions from all Governments, Agencies & Secret Societies until in the of this month November 2018 in case there is nothing happen.