The Truth About Electric Cars.

Each Individual Charging Station Is Using The Equivalent Power Of 280 Homes Every Hour 🚨

If All Chargers At One Station Are Being Used, The Power Being Used Is Equivalent Is 1,080 Homes Every Hour

“I think I’m just doing a quick little video here just to give people an idea of how much energy it takes to charge an electric vehicle. I’m at Electrify America. This is a 350 kilowatt station. I’m consuming roughly 137 kilowatts. It’ll fluctuate. Sometimes I can go up to the full 350. But to put this into perspective, an average home consumes 1.25 kilowatts per hour. 135 kilowatts per hour. It’s like the equivalent of 106 homes on the grid, just this one station. Now, if I was gonna get the full 350 kilowatts like these can supply, that would be the equivalent of 280 homes.

Now think about all six chargers running at full capacity. That’s like 1,080 homes on the grid.

Just a little food for thought. It’s things people don’t realize the amount of energy it takes to fast charge these batteries. It’s a huge amount of electricity. And now you understand why the electric companies can’t even supply that much power to one spot. It’s like think of 1600 homes and how much copper and wire that would take to supply that many houses. So yeah, it’s pretty cool. Somebody else just pulled in and yeah, there goes another 280 homes on the grid as soon as he plucks in. So just a little food for thought. I do love my electric vehicle. They’re awesome. They’re quiet, but it’s just something that people don’t really think about.

Show you my dash. They’re great cars. I really like them. So you forget about range and all that. I’m just talking about what it takes to fast charge one. It’s it’s a ridiculous amount of money. Okay. Now I’m at like a hundred. So that’s like a hundred homes right there. Hundred and twenty kilowatts because one point two one kilowatts per hour is what a is what a house uses. So yeah.

They got to figure something out because to have every car in America on the grid, it’s going to be… I don’t even know what those numbers would be. Well, just food for thought. And I thought I’d talk about it while I’m sitting here charging, waiting. It’s another thing. Got to wait here for 30 minutes. And then sometimes Electrify America.

Half of these chargers are broken. Or I think they’re throttling them down because of the grid can’t even handle it. So I think that’s what’s happening. I don’t know. But like, for instance, this one here wasn’t working. So oh yeah, look unavailable. You know, there you go. That’s usually the case. So either you’re waiting in line for somebody or half of these chargers don’t even work. And I don’t I’m not complaining. Maybe I sound like it. But it’s it’s an issue and hopefully they figure this out. And where’s the electricity coming from at night? It’s not solar. And I don’t know. You guys can comment and blow steam, whatever you want. I just wanted to show you what it’s like and give you a little concept of the amount of energy used. All right, talk to you later.”