The Trucks are coming to SAVE US

The Trucks are coming to SAVE US

Forwarded from SpecialQForces

… everything that is presented to us on TV are only scaremongering and lies. The Khazar Mafia , Zionists , Talmud Jews , Jesuits , etc. all Deep State Satanists will be banished from the earth. Now the governments ( CRIMINALS) are to be eliminated worldwide.

the Young Global Leaders school, which was established and managed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, and that many of today’s prominent political and business leaders passed through on their way to the top.

We all lived in a 3 D matrix and were imprisoned in it by propaganda , state “education ” , constructs of lies . We have always functioned indirectly and accepted everything and hardly questioned anything . This time of SLEEP is over. We are in the great awakening process !

Worldwide the consciousness of the people is changing by this Corona lie construct and especially by the inhuman measures and the poison injection ( clotshot experiment ) !

Why call this a clotshot mandate; what did the researchers find?

The team, led by researchers from Barcelona’s IDIAP Jordi Gol institute, found that rates of venous thromboembolism (VTE) – a combination of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism – were roughly 1.3 times higher in people who had received either the AstraZeneca or Pfizer/BioNTech vaccines than in those who had not been vaccinated!

People realize that the governments worldwide are not concerned about our health. We awake from the deep sleep. The world we live in is different than our politicians have told us for centuries. 777 books have been withheld from us people by the Vatican, which was and is never the representative of Jesus Christ.

Everything important , the whole truth was not told to the people for centuries , to keep them stupid and docile. The Vatican and the Crown of England were the head of the snake and they were the eye in the Illuminati pyramid . Trudeau is a puppet or a servant to the Queen.

Without the divinely guided process , the apocalypse , the performance of divine truth , we would have been lost . God has chosen people with heart and mind to forge the process of salvation of mankind.

This GOOD PLAN exists probably already since General Patton stood up for the German people … ( probably therefore he was also eliminated ). Patton praised the German Wehrmacht and once said that there were no more honorable soldiers than the German soldiers ! He thus also denounced the Rhine meadow camps , where the German soldiers were treated like cattle after the end of the war . The perfidious plan of the dark powers was so cruel that a normal person would NEVER believe it, what these Satanists had planned with the people worldwide.

The Zionists had enough time to go underground ( Dumbs ) that are deep underground military base stations to build, to operate there secretly and from there to live out their satanic atrocities on people, women and children.

This swindle built a power pyramid in such a way that all would have to play along so far or became corrupt or were become themselves people without a soul.

Hitler was controlled opposition – his grandpa bastard was a rothschild who financed both sides! To clearify btw: zionists are not jews! Zionists are khazarian Pedophile satanists!!!

These Bastards sacrificed the German soldiers and the German people to Satan and the reptos. WW2 was a satanic RITUAL

Then thes COWARDS escaped (OPERATION PAPERCLIP) to USA and all over the world to install the NWO.

In 2016 Trump was selected for president by the high-ranking old generals ( who swore their oath on the liberal American Constitution of 1776 ) to free America from the Deep State.


Here is a List of the 52 viruses ‘microbial pathogens.’ that can cause a PCR test to give “false positives”: to get you vaxxinated

For the FB Fact Checkers….***(This information is included in the PCR test instructions leaflet) Btw These microbial pathogens could also be present in the covid-19 jab. Think while it’s legal. For raw truth, knowledge, guidance & wisdom follow our telegram messenger group.

How is this still legal and forced on us?!… and now they want to inject our children with this experiment?!

You realise this is not a vaccine, but a biowapon with a plan to vaccinate us all?

Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine for children under 5 could be available by the end of February, people with knowledge say


Are you already vaccinated ….check your batch


Why to pay TAX to fund a criminal organisation to sign our own Death clothshot?

We are NOT vaxxed and can’t participate in the matrix society anymore.
We cannot use Government services freely anymore.
We are blocked, banned and discriminated by our Government that we paid.
We cannot even work anymore without their toxic vaccines and QR code scam passport.
They act against our fundamental human rights and against the constitution.

We do not accept, support, encourage nor fund tyranical, criminal activities by our Government. We do not fund their depopulation genocide agenda against us. It is more criminal to pay taxes and fund a genocide and crimes against humanity than not paying our taxes.

Canada: north of the Border issues with mandated covid vaccine requirements.Trucking Associations Have Had Enough –
Send Undeniable Message To Joe Biden: There’s an easy fix but no one will take it.

Dr. Jordan Peterson recently interviewed Premier Brian Peckford, the last living contributor to Canada’s ‘Constitution Act’ (1982), asking him about his lawsuit against Trudeau’s authoritarian government; denouncing the Government for infringements on the Canadian Charter of Rights and the government’s COVID-19 response ongoing use of power.”

Politicians have come to feel untouchable in many developed countries, but people need to remind them who they work for. The people!

To all Police

1 Watch: to all Police

We do NOT consent and We do NOT comply to get us injected! To give you a brief understanding: Military Tribunals are on the way!

In the early 2000s, David Martin, Ph.D., founder of M-CAM International, started finding large numbers of patents that violate biological and chemical weapons laws:

In 1999, Dr. Anthony Fauci funded research to create “an infectious replication-defective recombinant coronavirus.”

In 2002, Ralph Baric, Ph.D. and colleagues at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, filed a patent on recombinant coronavirus, and within a year, we got the world’s first SARS outbreak

Since 1999, at least 4,000 patents involving coronavirus have been filed, including patents detailing key features of the so-called “novel” SARS-CoV-2 virus The 2001 anthrax attack, which came out of medical and defense research, led to the passage of the PREP Act, which removed liability for manufacturers of emergency medical countermeasures

Before the International Criminal Court Subject of complaint: – Violations of the Nuremberg Code; Based on the extensive claims and enclosed documentation, we charge those responsible for numerous violations of the Nuremberg Code, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of aggression in the United Kingdom, but not limited to individuals in these countries. Perpetrators:

* Prime Minister for the United Kingdom BORIS JOHNSON,
* Chief Medical Officer for England and Chief Medical Adviser to the UK Government
* CHRISTOPHER WHITTY, (former) Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
* MATTHEW HANCOCK, (current) Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
* SAJID JAVID, Chief Executive of Medicines & Healthcare products
* Regulatory Agency (MHRA) JUNE RAINE,
* Director- General World Health Organisation TEDROS ADANHOM GHEBREYESUS,
* Co- chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation WILLIAM GATES III and
* Co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation MELINDA GATES,
* Chairman and Chief executive officer of Pfizer ALBERT BOURLA,
* Chief Executive Officer of AstraZeneca STEPHANE BANCEL,
* Chief Executive Officer of Moderna PASCAL SORIOT, ectc etc

Convicted by the International Common Law Court of Justice, January 15, 2022 (GTM) Big pharma, government, church leaders face arrest as Court convicts them of Genocide, prohibits injections

We mandate Freedom.
We will NOT consent and do not comply the Poisioness Vaccine mandate.

We will NOT pay our income taxes anymore to fund criminal activities against us The People. We will not encourage, support nor fund their globalist evil agenda.
We will not pay our Government to have more power against us, to attack us in protests, to emprison us in our homes or to kill us all with toxic vaccines mandates.

Just push back as much as possible your income taxes. And don’t fear the interest fees that you’ll never pay either. It is the samething with landlords. You do not have to pay rent until it is safe for you to live in. If their is danger for your health and live, you need to take major actions.Do not be afraid, they are going down, because they are involved in Crimes against humanity!

2 Watch Canadian convoy truckers

Are you in favor of what they do with your money? Are you still funding The People ennemy who is killing us using our own money? This is critical, we’re not playing anymore! We’re at war!


Time for everyone to take action now! WWG1WGA! #TAXESNOMORE Please Share The World!


Globalists & Plandemic Secrets Here:

[Forwarded from Schweigepresse] Explosions underground in Manhattan yesterday.

Trump had to become president , otherwise the plan of the dark forces the NWO would have been enforced .

( Take a look at the movie “George Orwell of 1984” ).These Zionists showed their perfidious plan of the NWO exactly in this movie . We all would have been no more free people.

A world government and a world church under the devil worshipper Vatican.

White Hat’s = military union of now 140 countries under the leadership of Commander in Chief Donald Trump with the alliance of the galactic federation!!!

The alliance worldwide destroyed the D. U. M. B. S. Imagine a Swiss cheese with holes …. where the holes can be seen were worldwide underground bases of the Satanists. Over 20 million live in captivity on this earth!!! 8 million people of which 50% women , 30% children and the rest male slaves disappeared worldwide every year for their rituals and their deviant things.

They were imprisoned in the dumbs and were human test subjects and children were abused , tortured etc . and now they want to inject the rest of the world?

3 Watch: message truckers to Trudeau

The Canadian FREEDOM Trucker Convoy is gaining MOARRR momentum & is the complete OPPOSITE of a “small fringe minority said by fake pedo trudeau as he goes into hiding.

The Canadian Truckers:
– Has raised $5,600,000 CAD
– About 1.5 million people heading to the Capitol city
– About 100,000 trucks coming or more – Has GLOBAL support
– Over 15,000 Truckers coming from California
– Over 10,000 from Truckers Michigan State
– Over 7,000 from Illinois
– Over 10,000 from Texas
– Over 5,000 from New York
– Over 5,000 from Washington State
– Over 5,000 from Florida Like many of the masked actor usurper politicians around the world, we will start seeing their public exit very very soon.

4 Watch the farmers arrived in Ottawa

This convoy going to Trudeau’s doorstep is longer than the convoy of Russian troops headed to the Ukraine border. Justin, you’ve got a problem on your hands.

Breaking news: SWAT team surrounded the Canadian truckers at the Alberta-Montana border in an attempt enforce dispersement and unblock traffic in/out of Canada. The truckers decided they are NOT going to move, and will stand their ground.

Then they prayed together. Here is the video, make it viral.

5 Watch: Local towners services refuse to help the police remove trucks at the border

6 Watch passing the blockade

“What a time to be alive! Me & the mister talk all things Canada convoy & show lots of videos, etc from around the country. Get a tissue, you’re going to tear up. ♥️”

7 Truckerlaw

You can help us, how? Follow us on telegram now because we want to make a presence there as well: :

8 Watch helping with fuel

9 Watch We Mandate Freedom

Hey you guys think the Truckers represent one of the Trumpets from the Book of Revelation? They are blowing their horns

9b Watch Forfeit to the crown when you don’t listen

Canada Convoy

After we’re done with TreauDOPE we’re headed to DC We have reports that the White House is in FULL panic now as they try to stop a convoy to DC. They won’t succeed. The convoy to DC group on fb has 110000 members from 60000 yesterday. And there are many other groups.

Join fb to support, please join the group: American Convoy

=> TAGS : #USAConvoy #USAFreedomConvoy2022

BREAKING: Facebook and Telegram group “Convoy to DC 2022” has just announced:

Convoy to DC: US Truckers Announce Plans for American Convoy to Washington DC; Expected to Break Canadian World Record

American trucker convoy protest that will start in California and in end in DC! American Convoy
=> TAGS : #USAConvoy #USAFreedomConvoy2022

10 Watch Truckers America next

Trump once said in a speech : ” the Zionists are not human beings , they are sick creatures” Trump also said: ” the swamp is deep and we are fighting for the liberation of humanity against these Satanists forces and have been working hard in the background ( during 22 months of Corona ) .

The good plan is to create world peace . No more wars by the Zionists ( Deep State puppets) . We will soon understand the truth of the divinely guided process .

Not everyone will be able to cope with this truth because it will put people in shock. We were also lied to about our earth … sun and moon … everything is different than what they made us believe. But there is time … we will know up to 90% the truth about everything soon.

We get 6000 patents freely given … these technologies had used only the deep state for their purposes . In the 18th century, we humans were already technically much further than today …

Hospitals everything ill house, there will be so no longer long. We get in every major city healing centers and the so-called people’s sick will be so no more … (also another new topic). Well , in any case , our future will be beautiful … it is of course a process , but it is taking place slowly That’s what I wanted to say briefly about it and my thoughts became more and more …

Every person will do his waking up process according to his rhythm … And … that is probably right so . I know for me it will all be good and even more beautiful than we can imagine at the moment. Stand firm !!!

The world Uniteds: Where We Go One We Go All! Argentina

Argentina convoy Australia

Australia Convoy

Brasil Convoy
=> TAGS : #BRASILFreedomConvoy India: awesome update

The tractors are moving there as well in support!

Make this viral please.

India Convoy, follow it now:

Lithuania Convoy

Europe Uniteds: Where We Go One We Go All!

So many countries are starting their own trucker convoys… Freedom truckers may form world’s longest convoy …. to Brussel? Attention! We must Organize by country !Create group for each country if one has not been made !Then organize for each individual movement !Then we make a demonstration in each countries capital !Then we converge on Brussels as a united Europe !Channels so far !Please share this far and wide! اهتمام!يجب أن ننظم حسب البلد!إنشاء مجموعة لكل بلد إذا لم يتم إجراء واحد!ثم تنظيم لكل حركة فردية! ثم نقوم بمظاهرة في كل عاصمة البلدان!ثم نلتقي في بروكسل كأوروبا موحدة! قنوات حتى الآن! يرجى حصة هذا الآن وعلى نطاق واسع! Here are some Telegram channels they’re organizing on: Austria ab 14.00 1010 Wien Ringstrasse

Belgie Attention! When February 14, 2022 AT BRUXELLES – BELGIUM Nous devons nous Organiser par pays ! Créer des groupes pour chaque pays qui non pas encore été créé ! Ensuite organiser chacun un mouvement par pays ! Ensuite nous ferrons une démonstration dans chaque capitale ! Puis nous convergerons vers Bruxelles !

Belgian Convoy
=> TAGS : #BELGIANFreedom

Convoy Czechoslovakian Convoy

Denmark Convoy
=> TAGS : #DENMARKFreedomConvoy

Deutchland Aufmerksamkeit! Wir müssen Nach Ländern organisieren ! Erstellen Sie eine Gruppe für jedes Land ! falls keine erstellt wurde Organisieren Sie dann für jede einzelne Bewegung ! Dann machen wir eine Demonstration in der Hauptstadt jedes Landes ! Dann nähern wir uns Brüssel als einem vereinten Europa ! Bisherige Kanäle Bitte teilen Sie dies weit und breit!

Deutschland Convoy
=> TAGS : #GERMANYFreedomConvoy

Europe Convoy Instagram:

Finland Convoy
=> TAGS : #FINLANDFreedomConvoy

France Convoy /

Hungary Figyelem! Országonként kell szervezkednünk Hozzatok létre csoportot minden országban, ha még ezt nem tettétek meg. Ezután szervezzétek meg az egyéni megmozdulásokat Majd minden ország fővárosában demonstrációt tartunk Aztán Brüsszelben összejövünk mint egységes Európa Eddigi csatornák: Kérlek osszátok meg!

Hungarian Convoy

Italia Attenzione ! Dobbiamo organizzarci per paese! Crea un gruppo per ogni paese se non ne è stato creato uno! Allora organizzatevi per ogni singolo movimento! Poi facciamo una dimostrazione in ogni capitale del paese! Poi convergiamo su Bruxelles come un’Europa unita Canali finora! Si prega di condividere questo in lungo e in largo!

Italian Convoy

Nederland Aandacht! We moeten ons Organiseren per land ! Maak een groep voor elk land als er nog geen is gemaakt ! Organiseer vervolgens voor elke individuele beweging ! Dan maken we een demonstratie in de hoofdstad van elk land ! Dan komen we samen in Brussel als een verenigd Europa ! Kanalen tot nu toe. Deel dit alsjeblieft overal !

Netherlands Convoy

Polish Convoy
DoWolnosci => TAGS : #POLISHFreedomConvoy

Portuguese Convoy

Romania Convoy

Spain Atención! Debemos Organizar por país ! Crear grupo para cada país si no se ha creado uno ! Luego organízate para cada movimiento individual ! Luego hacemos una demostración en cada capital ! De país Entonces convergemos en Bruselas como una Europa unida Canales hasta ahora ! Por favor, comparte esto a lo largo y ancho!

Spain Convoy

Sweden Convoy
=> TAGS : #SWEDENFreedomConvoy

UK Convoy

=> TAGS : #UKFreedomConvoy

A small reminder … be prepared and do your shopping before!

I ask you to please join and help our truckers. That is for all of us different. Some want to join with there truck, some give them a huge yapplause and warm welcome next to the roads and others want to give them fuel or give them a warm coffee or warm meal.

11 Watch Trucker emotional

We the people own you all respect! You are our Hero’s , the knights on their white horses….and we support you. We will pray for you everyday till you all are safe home. God bless you, God bless us all. Agatha Christie 2Q


12 Watch Lee Greenwood song

We will make the World GREAT again and keep our countries free