The Storm Before the Calm

by Mary Jane Banks, November 16, 2017,

It seems Christmas may be coming both literally and metaphorically this year based on what is culminating behind the scenes of our collective reality. What used to be a dream or concept finally seems to be manifesting. And we are co-creating it with our unwillingness to accept anything less than the truth; with our heartfelt desire for peace, equality, love, and freedom; and with our deep knowing that — finally — it’s time.

We have pioneered a resonant pathway to freedom that gains strength as each newly awakened wave of consciousness contributes its unique expression.

When the tipping point finally hits, and the dominoes of truth start rippling into the consensus reality, our greatest service will be to maintain a grounded, compassionate, and balanced presence in order to minimize chaos.

This could mean choosing not to rev people up with more information than they can process, not to force-feed them our take on the truth, not succumbing to saying “I told you so,” and not falling into old patterns of dissecting who’s at fault and who needs to pay.

Digesting radical change is not unlike digesting food: it needs to be done one well-chewed bite at a time. Yet this may not be possible once the avalanche of truth (and disinformation) hits the masses. It is important for us to understand the value of holding a balanced, loving vibration as the ultimate transformer of discord and distortion.

This isn’t about shying away from or denying the truth but, instead, having the courage to digest the truth without being poisoned by it. We may be called to act as grounding rods or pressure cooker valves to diffuse other peoples’ unbalanced energy or we may need “to put on our own oxygen mask” and rebalance before we attempt to help anyone else.

The goal in the transition is to choose love over fear and to model peace and unity over divisiveness. The new energy asks us to take responsibility for ourselves, including our thoughts, intentions, emotions, and actions. This is the only way out of the old divide-and-conquer energetic that has crippled humanity for millennia.

Being awake isn’t just about awareness of the global control agenda. Humanity has been purposefully corralled into a limited bandwidth of linear logic, reactive emotion, and competitive survivalism, but all along our expanded, innately creative consciousness has been waiting in the wings for us to perceive and retrieve it.

The complexity of the illusion would not have been needed were it not for humanity’s incredible creative power. The point wasn’t just to imprison us, but to handicap us into coloring within very narrow lines and creating within a very small box — to trick us into believing we had no power, so our power could be syphoned off and used against us.

Being awake means more than just recognizing we have been imprisoned within an illusory reality; it means stepping outside the comfort zone of that illusion to discover what lies beyond it. Many of us are already having fun with that discovery and are laying new pathways for others to link into.

The new challenge is to create from a clean slate rather than unconsciously dragging the past — in terms of old assumptions, traumas, conflicts, fears, and expectations — with us into the future.

The truth will undoubtedly crack the matrix open, but the power of our free will and creativity is needed to completely dismantle the old and let it fall away. On a fundamental level, this is why we are the change we wish to see and why the solution can’t be created from the same level of consciousness as the problem.

To succeed, we need to focus on fueling harmonic vibrations, not being distracted or diverted by the distorted ones. Put another way, we are being called to fuel the higher timelines and to starve the lower, dualistic ones into oblivion by ceasing to engage in them.

This doesn’t mean we can’t observe the demise of the old, we just have to resist the temptation of perpetuating it by giving it our energy. The more we practice raising ourselves out of the old, the easier it becomes, but it is a choice we have to make individually and repeatedly until we release the “habit” of limitation.

The storm that the truth will bring will undoubtedly be shocking and destabilizing for some, and cleansing and satisfying for others, but let’s make it short-lived by grounding the restorative calm of cooperation, compassion, peace, gratitude, love, and empowered creativity. This is our cue to create our way to true freedom.