The Sirius Connection — Everything About the Sirians

The star Sirius, the brightest in the sky as viewed from Earth, can be found in the Canis Major constellation.

It is 8.6 light years from Earth and its starlight depicts the larger of the two dogs of Orion, the hunter. It is a double star with Sirius B orbiting Sirius A every 50 years. Sirius B is 10,000 times fainter than Sirius A.

Earth energies are very much related to Sirius, since Sirius is involved with the genetic project on Earth.

In fact billions of years ago the star Sirius B apparently imploded creating the fragments:

  • Earth
  • Nibiru
  • Sirius C
  • the remaining Sirius B

(Other material states that Earth was formed from fragments in the Sirius system).

Our solar system along with Sirius (double star) and the Pleiades revolve around the galactic centre every 225 million years (the reptilian cycle).

About four-million years ago Sirius B played a significant role in advancing humans in the formation of a human-Sirian hybrid called the Kantarians.

They were semi-dense physical beings and they founded the Kantarian Federation to serve as guardians and educators for Earth humans; they became heavily involved with old Sumerian and Egyptian cultures.

The Sirians are masters of sacred geometry and control planetary orbits by sound. Apparently a cat’s agile and harmonious movements are stated in channeling to teach subconsciously, Sirian geometry. Sirius contains one of the more advanced training centers for higher evolution.

The Egyptians and Mayans were to a large degree originally Sirians.

Sirians play the role of grounding on Earth advanced information, such as from Alpha Centauri, which is so high in vibration that contact with Earth is difficult.

Sirians bridge the gap between their theoretical knowledge and its practical application on planets such as Earth.

They created methods for grounding and integrating knowledge, and built the pathways and tunnels to inner worlds and to the stars. There are many Sirians on many levels and they are mostly in the light realms.

We on Earth are so much related to Sirius that it is the last place we were before incarnating each lifetime onto Earth, that is, we spiritually pass through the vibratory realm of this star.

Sirius is where the Great White Brotherhood and other spiritual councils and authorities convene to discuss the many missions and concerns that effect all within this galaxy.

Many ETs apparently had a hand in the building of the Great Pyramid:

The Sirians were much more benevolent and sympathetic towards Earthlings as opposed to the suppressive rule of the Anunnaki from Nibiru, and the more spiritual Sirians were able to reach Earth from Sirius A by spacecraft instantly through the aligned vortex of the Great Pyramid.

This facility was available in the event the Anunnaki resistance group interfered with the Arc of the Covent, which was secure in the vault of the pyramid base.

Note that since then major wars, the so-called electric wars, disturbed the pyramid’s alignment, placing it out of resonance with Sirius but in alignment with the Pleiades, facilitating their transit to Earth.

According to the Explorer Books, the third-dimensional Sirians came to Earth as the Mayans and created the Mayan civilization.

Even though they came by advanced spacecraft technology they were very basic and in tune with the Earth. They traveled very much on foot, were runners and could cover considerable distances. The equipment they brought wouldn’t work in Earth’s environment.

Thus the Mayans were part Sirians. They had a mission in coming to Earth that they became aware of about two to three- thousand years ago. The channeled information from Zoosh states that their mission was to torque the pole through the Earth and unbalance it (this was apparently done by mystical means).

The purpose was to speed up our evolution and test us to see if we were ready. (If Mother Earth makes the correction to this contrived distortion instead of us it could be a disaster for surface dwellers).

Once Earthman develops a spiritual science the pole can be realigned. The original landing of the Sirians consisted of about 10,000 of them. The natural expansion increased their numbers to around 90,000.

When they left and returned to their original planet a thousand or so stayed behind, who added to the gene pool and to the wisdom.

We have mentioned that Earth originated from Sirius, both the planet and to some degree the inhabitants.

In terms of race, however, the Sirians strictly were not the originators of the human species. When they set foot on Earth they did not recognize the advanced race accompanying humans on planet Earth.

These were the Andazi (see below NOTE).

NOTE: Another consciousness aiding planet Earth is the Andazi, referred to as ‘fully realized,’ which presumably means operating at their full, natural potential – the condition they were meant to be.

This is a consciousness residing on Earth, from our point of view, but also existent in other dimensions and not limited to any dimensions. Their energy is so basic that they are, or link with, the essence or consciousness of all things in nature but can take on any form.

They are described by Zoosh in the Explorer books as taking on a preferential form on the surface of Earth, which is tall, honey-gold in color, and covered in a downy fur. They appear in this humanoid form and choose to have the fur for warmth since they like the seasons.

Facially they are cat-like. They are immune to all negativity, toxins, etc. and can take on any natural form such as a stream.

When we interact with nature we will interact with them and they are naturally closely associated with Mother Nature.

They are thus very difficult to detect. Fortunately for us they are completely benign and have the purpose of assisting us. They existed before our beginnings and are not oriented towards any specific race.

The Andazi have no limits, they can be detached as an observer and simultaneously be within and fully integrated with any form. Our consciousness partly contains them. They can interact with everything harmoniously.

This energy has the ability to synthesize everything of the best, bring it together and create something wonderful – this is within our own human consciousness. They operate in many frequency densities and would find one dimension boring and limiting.

The Andazi are said to be the first inhabitants of Earth and at the present time are living within inner Earth.

The Sirians had escaped from a highly negative planet, named Arvahda in the Sirius star system, and considered technology was a measure of advancement.

They misjudged the Andazi beings, who were living in grace and in a ‘Garden of Eden’. They lived simply and were totally telepathic.

The Sirians viewed them a little like we view our animals; not fully appreciating their abilities. The Andazi could in fact be regarded as founders of our planet.

At this time (at least hundreds of millions of years ago) the Sirians were thousands of years ahead of us technologically today, and came to Earth to a forgiving planet, one in which they would receive allowance, based on the ‘loving law of allowance’.

They would not be resisted. The Andazi particularly had this ability to allow. Note that not all humans would agree with the ethics of this ‘allowance’.

Now Sirius is said to originate from the Vegans; as did most of the ETs associated with Earth’s history (of Vegans and Lyrans).

These Sirians thus have a darker skin. In fact the energies from Sirius nurture and sustain Earth through the African race, which has its genetic origin in Sirius. The original race on Earth were dark-skinned prior to further breeding from other ETs.

The Explorer books explain that the male and female energies were provided by Orion and Sirius respectively. Sirius is feminine but Orion, masculine. Women had 100% Sirius energy and men 50/50, but later a fraction more Orion or masculine.

The Sirians vary from very light brown to very dark brown. They have many Vegan qualities: very striking eyes, large and slightly angled.

The Lyran influence (other star systems in the Lyra constellation besides Vega) became more significant with further interbreeding — skin became light, etc. In spite of similarities arising between Sirians and Lyrans their belief system remains different.

Some of the advanced Sirians having inherited Vegan genetics, consequently acquired the more nonhuman traits such as reptilian or insectoidal.

There is great diversity amongst the Sirians not only with the lower third-to-fourth dimensional realms but over the range negative Sirians (to be covered shortly) to Sirian Light beings of the higher dimensions.

Sirius encourages the development of all talents usable for the benefit of others. Realms within the Sirius system can act as way stations and a meeting place for those having mastered their own planetary systems and are preparing for further missions and spiritual development.

Lucifer, an advanced spiritual being, came to Earth from Sirius.

According to channel source Zoosh he came with Jehova and other Sirians. Lucifer possessed some different characteristics in addition to the fact that he had more masculine energy from Orion (his father was Orion; mother, Sirian).

The cetaceans — whales, dolphins — relate to Sirius. They are expressions of Sirians. On Sirius they are more akin to us.

In effect they are like animal-form extensions on our planet from other planets – as is the case of other creatures, dogs, cats, etc. – of more advanced consciousness from other planets, though deliberately giving the appearance of being inferior to man on planet Earth to retain the function of man being the dominant race.

The basis and reason for this is that man — the explorer race — is aiding the resolving of the karma of other ETs. This is a more difficult concept and there is not the space to deal with it here.

In addition, this connection of Sirius with the ocean enables a check and study to be made of the condition of the water-creatures in relation to Earth changes.

Amazingly, amongst the advanced civilizations of Sirius, the university of higher spiritual paths, the great diversity of races includes a small planet inhabited by what we have come to name the negative Sirians.

One’s immediate reactions to these Sirian warriors is the recognition of the similarity to the Orions of the Warrior League. Nevertheless, this would be a huge insult to the Orions, who in fact, according to them protected us from the negative Sirians.

The purpose of these negative Sirians is to cause disruption and disorder on our planet.

They genuinely believe that as humans ascend into the fourth-dimensional spectrum and they in turn move into the third, from their lower spectrum, referred to as second dimensional, it will destroy them.

Apparently no amount of persuasion from advanced ETs will convince them it is to their advantage. They are stuck in their thinking and suspicious of everyone. They are simply trying to survive.

Owing to their limited belief system and negatively oriented consciousness they only have a rudimentary form of space travel — though advanced relative to us. It is a form of atomic energy; they cannot teleport over stellar distances.

They can, however, utilize a window (dimensional portal which has been allowed for them) to bring them to our present time (they cannot access our past and future as can the renegade and pirate ETs).

Note that they are being monitored from higher realms — as indeed we all are — to come to Earth to interact with humans for mutual karmic resolution and evolution.

The window was specially allowed but they could not use it for return. In fact it is stated that the small Sirian planet has recently imploded due to excess negativity.

The only compatible place for the negative Sirians was planet Earth.

They come in at dimension 3.0, which means they are not readily detectable to us (probably underground) and furthermore Light workers, in their astral bodies (this is generally unknown to the human personality) are aiding the negative Sirian’s transition.

The negative Sirians can clone other species to put blame on them for the Sirian’s misdeeds.

They clone the Zeta body and have used this to take the blame for the cattle mutilations, conducted by the Sirians — also involving the secret government.

These ‘Zetas’ are, however, a little larger — 4 to 5 feet tall — than the genuine Zeta body. They contain some human genes to facilitate their fear-mongering and they can be programmed to carry out orders.

We mentioned the MIB (the men in black) and that they were created by the Orion warriors with positive intentions towards humans — though generally frightening to humans.

The Sirians created a cloned version of these human-like MIB with the purpose of corruption and negative control on this planet.

Sometimes the cloned Greys operate and are seen with the cloned MIB — even disguised as humans (big floppy hats, turned- up collars, etc.), creating a ludicrous spectacle. But the MIB very much have this reputation and more so, as given in many reports and books of encounters with them.

These MIB at this time are becoming less of a harassment since they are moving into the third-dimensional spectrum as we move into the fourth. It has, so far, influenced their dreams, which are more peaceful compared with the previous ones of fear and turmoil.

Now these Sirians have underground bases in Arizona, new Mexico, Colorado, which are beginning to link up with California. They are generally not located at the greater depth of the Zeta bases owing to inferior technology.

The nine-dimensional Zeta, Joopah, states that their negativity is over 95% (but notice that they thrive on it and don’t know anything else, whereas humans are aware there are better states).

They interact only with Earth owing to compatible frequencies (we reflect them and vice- versa).

As we evolve, leaving the third-dimensional Earth, they will inherit this but think they will be destroyed by this dimensional process.

In spite of Earth’s pollution, etc. it is, according to Joopah a ‘Garden of Eden’ compared with their planet, before it was destroyed.

But it is sufficiently negative for them to feel at home. They believe that they must take over the planet by force — as mentioned, their planet has now imploded.

Channel source Zoosh states that these negative Sirians don’t do a great deal of harm (though they try) apart from intimidating and lying to the government, even to the point of threatening them with a weapon which will destroy our planet (true, but apparently it won’t work on our planet — our negativity would have to rise to about 75%).

They can clone Zetas and humans to serve their needs. They offered technology to the governmentin exchange for allowing them to have bases for their experimentation, and they agreed not to interfere with the population.

They provided a technology involving focused-proton radiation (the Sirian’s name for it) that the government developed into high-energy lasers. The secret government has since become aware of the Sirian’s deceptions.

They are apparently cold-blooded and cannot stand our weather conditions. They believed that with the aid of the cattle blood and various organs a body could be synthesized that would pass as human, into which to transfer their consciousness.

They actually apparently succeeded in creating such clones, programming them with negative orders and released them into our society.

It was a failure owing to the universal laws of soul/body relationships.

The negativity could not take effect in a society that had a much lower level of negativity, where at least positive and negative are fairly well balanced, that is, we also have high positivity.

By Noel Huntley — Excerpted from “ETs and Aliens,” from GoogleBooks website.