The Scare Event:

  • J6 narrative collapsing
  • Covid narrative collapsing
  • Fiat system collapsing
  • Joe Biden: Collapsing politically & from the stairs. • Japan starts selling digital securities on Christmas day.
  • Iraq to stop using the USD officially on Jan 1st
  • 26 candidates and elected
    officials from 11 states signed a pledge stating that they agree with 17,000+ doctors supporting the removal of mRNA COVID vaccines from the market.
  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy to surrender through a Peace Deal.
  • The Israeli government has received multiple requests from Epstein client list lawyers to help stop the release of the names of those involved.
  • Netflix’s CoComelon, one of the most popular shows for babies and toddlers, has two gay men encouraging a toddler to become a transgender.
  • IKEA said the chain is expecting a shortage of goods due to the cessation of shipping at sea following Yemen’s attacks on Western ship. Alternative routes will be longer and more expensive. Prices will rise.
  • The Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) does not know where to recruit 500,000 people under the state mobilization plan, said Ukrainian troop Major General Dmitry Marchenko. Deutsche Welle.
  • Chinese media reports that a new coronavirus variant called JN.1 is spreading rapidly around the world and has been discovered in 12 countries. (The election is coming up ofcourse)
  • Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is calling for paper ballots, voter IDs, same day voting only, and all votes counted on Election Day.
  • Researchers from the University of
    Chicago have demonstrated an Al that
    can predict crimes a week in advance at an accuracy rate of 90%.
  • Senator John Fetterman calls for free school lunches for every public school in America.
  • The @Hodegetwins have announced they are supporting Vivek Ramaswamy for President because they consider him the best candidate and that he can win over Independent and Democratic voters.
  • Democrats have now failed in at least six states to keep former President Trump off the 2024 ballot. (Florida, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona, West Virginia)
  • Respected law professor Steven Calabresi has corrected himself and claims former President Trump isn’t covered by the Disqualification Clause of the 14th Amendment and is eligible to be on the ballot in the 2024 presidential election, per WSJ.
  • In the same month that Disney pulled all advertising from X, a Disney worker has been charged with 32 counts of child p*rn in Brooksville, Florida.
  • Tim Burchett says that some of his GOP colleagues are compromised and being leveraged by blackmail, and that is why members of Congress vote for “crazy stuff.”
  • New York man has been indicted on 140 counts, accused of allegedly arranging a massive voting fraud plot during the 2022 Democratic primary election. (
  • Rep. Clay Higgins has introduced a bill that would mandate that any state blocking the official nominee of a major political party from the presidential ballot would not have their electoral slate counted by Congress on January 6th, following the election.
  • 19 states have filed a brief at the United States Supreme Court to halt Jack Smith’s move to circumvent the appeals process in his prosecution of President Trump. (Tit for Tat asshooes)
  • Jill Biden’s press secretary
    Michael LaRosa was ‘forced out’ of
    White House after he ‘tried to take gay
    dates’ to his room on secure floor of
    hotel where president was staying
    during NATO summit in Madrid.
  • Texas family wakes at 3AM to find drunk driver PASSED OUT in a bedroom and mangled BMW in front yard with DEAD female passenger inside: Vehicle went airborne at high-speed before ‘horrific’ crash. (A Santa costume would have resolved this issue)
  • George Soros, 93, takes a dip in Barbados with the help of four-man entourage just months after billionaire hedge fund manager and philanthropist handed reins of his $25B empire to son Alex. (That’s not the dip we are waiting for)


  • Biden ends the year with the worst approval of ANY modern-day president: He enters the election year with lower popularity than Jimmy Carter and faces an enormous mountain to climb. (Does he even notice?)
  • Iran Revolutionary Guard claim they can shutdown the Strait of Gibraltar and access to the Mediterranean Sea.
  • NY Gov. Hochul faces criticism after establishing taxpayer-funded commission to examine reparations and advance “equity and racial justice” by paying descendants of slaves. (The Primaries are coming up)
  • Al gives birth to Al. Scientists say machine intelligence now capable of replicating without humans. (Yes, this is the end)
  • Global Gold Monetary Fund launches next month on January 20th 2024. With a gold backed currency in the Philippines.
  • The Philippines have created what is called a Sovereign Wealth Fund capable of being backed by precious metals, and they are expected to be fully operational by the end of this year.
  • Thousands of protesters shut down the famous Oxford Street in London, one of the world’s busiest shopping streets, on one of the most crowded days of the year, just ahead of Christmas. calling for a boycott of stores supporting Israel.
  • Aylo Holdings, parent company of Pornhub, admitted on Thursday to profiting from videos of sex trafficking victims and agreed to pay more than $1.8 million, according to federal prosecutors.
  • UFC fighter Bo Nickal tells the story about golfing with President Donald J. Trump. When Trump hit a straight shot 150 yards from the green, he said, “Don’t you want your President to be clutch?
  • More than 2,000 tractors are paralyzing Stuttgart in Germany to protest against the end of subsidies on agricultural diesel. The farmers are threatening a mobilization “like the country has never experienced before” from January 8th if the government does not withdraw the project.
  • TUCKER: “In 2017, Julian Assange broke his last big story. Wikileaks revealed the existence of an illegal CIA spying program. Assange withheld most of the details of that program, so as to not compromise American national security. CIA Director Mike Pompeo wanted to have Assange killed.
  • Digital World Acquisition Corp. (DWAC) and the Trump Media & Technology Group (TMTG) on Friday announced an “significant milestone” in the long-delayed merger that would enable Truth Social to secure listing on the stock exchange and securing financing for a major expansion.
  • On December 18, 2023, the Biden administration extended the National Emergency originally instated by President Trump, E.O. 13818. (I guess people are not waking up fast enough)
  • France says grounds plane carrying over 300 Indians over suspected ‘human trafficking’.
  • Newly elected President Javier Milei promised to crack down on protests.
    Leftist demonstrators who refused to abide by police orders to leave the street were then showered with pepper spray and clubbed.
  • The Wall Street Journal has published a piece suggesting Putin’s right hand man, Nikolai Patrushev, gave the order to take out Wagner mercenary group head Yevgeny Prigozhin.
  • Commander Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi: “Any American targeting of our country will be targeted by us, and we will make American battleships, interests, and navigation a target for our missiles, drones, and military operations.”
  • Laura Lynch Founding member of the Dixie Chick’s dies at 65.
  • University OF Minnesota Professor calls to dismantle the U.S. to fight Colonization for Palestinians.

The Deep State is on the ropes. All exit points are closed off. All attempts to attack D. Trump and remove him are failing. Things will get chaotic before it turns around and that boomerang swings back around. 2024 will be the unveiling of many things.

The world is about to change.

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