The Satanic Nature of Modern Cult-ure

Under the guise of “secularism,” society has been inducted into a satanic cult, Cabalism. The goal is to deny man’s soul connection to the Divine and reduce him to a domestic animal.

“The purpose of modern art, literature and music must be to destroy the uplifting potential of art, literature and music…”

There should be a POISON symbol over the doors of our universities, theatres and art galleries. A similar warning should appear on our TV programs, music and videos.

In the 1920’s, the Comintern decided that the West could be conquered by first subverting its cultural institutions–family, education, religion, art, mass media and government.

They have largely succeeded. While maintaining their familiar format, they have subtly changed the content. It’s like lacing a bottle of aspirin with arsenic.

We are noticing that our political and cultural leaders are mostly cowards, dupes, traitors, crooks, opportunists and impostors.

Our failure to combat Communism is due to misunderstanding its real nature. Communism is a facade for a satanic cult (Cabalism, Freemasonry) empowered by Masonic Jewish international bankers.

It is designed to absorb the world’s wealth, and eventually to reduce and enslave the human race. The 5-pointed Red Star of Communism is also the symbol of Satanism.

A demonic virus, Communism has morphed into countless forms, hoodwinking more people than ever.

Western Civilization is built on Christianity, the premise that God is real, indeed the Ultimate Reality, spiritual in character.

Through man’s Divine soul,  an individual can discern the God’s Will without mediation from a worldly authority. This is why the bankers hate Christianity.

God is the Truth, Love, Beauty and Goodness to which we all aspire. An immanent Moral Order precludes a small clique monopolizing the world’s wealth and enslaving its population.

So, the bankers must destroy our belief in God by promoting Darwinism, Existentialism etc. They create war, depression and terror so we will accept their New World Order.


In his brilliant essay, “The Frankfurt School and Political Correctness” Michael Minnichino reveals that most of the fashionable intellectual and artistic movements in the 20th century, still in vogue today, were actually inspired by thinkers who were Comintern (Communist International) agents financed by the central bankers.

Some of them actually worked for Soviet Intelligence (NKVD) right into the 1960’s.

He writes:

“The task [of the Frankfurt School] was first to undermine the Judeo-Christian legacy through an “abolition of culture” …and second, to determine new cultural forms which would increase the alienation of the population, thus creating a “new barbarism.”

“… The purpose of modern art, literature and music must be to destroy the uplifting potential of art, literature and music…

Funds came from “various German and American universities, the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Jewish Committee, several American intelligence services…”

This subversive movement “represents almost the entire theoretical basis of all the politically correct aesthetic trends which now plague our universities.” They are associated with Post Modernism, Feminism, Cultural Studies, Deconstructionism, Semiotics, etc.

Their net effect is to divorce us from truth, social cohesion and our cultural heritage. They assert that reality is unknowable and that writers and artists are just depicting their own subjective reality.

For example, postmodernist Hayden White writes, “historical narratives are verbal fictions, the contents of which are more invented than found…truth and reality are primarily authoritarian weapons of our times.”

In other words, we cannot know what happened in the past (which is exactly what they want.)

Postmodernism is part of the authoritarian agenda. Similarly the Frankfurt School championed the notion that “authoritarianism” is caused by religion, male leadership, marriage and family, when these things actually uphold society.

As far as the humanities are concerned, universities are enemy territory and professors usually are obstacles to genuine learning.


Communism manifests an ancient Luciferian Jewish revolt against God and man. The Jewish Pharisees rejected Christ because he taught that God is Love and all men are equal in the sight of God.

“The advent of Christ was a national catastrophe for the Jewish people, especially for the leaders,” Leon de Poncins writes. “Until then they alone had been the Sons of the Covenant; they had been its sole high priests and beneficiaries….”

He continues:

“The irreducible antagonism with which Judaism has opposed Christianity for 2000 years is the key and mainspring of modern subversion… [The Jew] championed reason against the mythical world of the spirit …he was the doctor of unbelief; all those who were mentally in revolt came to him either secretly or in broad daylight…” (Judaism and the Vatican, pp.111-113.)

In addition to Jewish Cabalism, Freemasonry has been the bankers’ tool. It was instrumental in the destruction of the Christian monarchies in Germany, Austria and Russia and the decline of the Catholic Church. This is also the view revealed in The Red Symphony.

In his Encyclical Humanum Genus (1884) Pope Leo XIII wrote that the ultimate aim of Freemasonry is “to uproot completely the whole religious and moral order of the world, which has been brought into existence by Christianity… This will mean that the foundation and the laws of the new structure of society will be drawn from pure naturalism.”

Again Pope Leo XIII said:

“Freemasonry is the permanent personification of the Revolution; it constitutes a sort of society in reverse whose aim is to exercise an occult overlordship upon society as we know it, and whose sole raison d’etre consists of waging war against God and his Church.” (De Poncins, Freemasonry and the Vatican, p. 45)

De Poncins cites an article that appeared in 1861 in a Parisian Jewish Review La Verite Israelite:

“But the spirit of Freemasonry is that of Judaism in its most fundamental beliefs; its ideas are Judaic, its language is Judaic, its very organization, almost, is Judaic… ”

De Poncins writes that the goal of both Freemasonry and Judaism is the unification of the world under Jewish law. (Freemasonry and the Vatican, p. 76)


Just as we need healthy food and exercise, our mind and soul needs to be nourished by truth and beauty. We need to see life portrayed honestly, with the real forces identified.

Instead, we are deliberately deceived and degraded by a small financial elite with a diabolical plan. White stallions (our souls) are fed a diet of sawdust.

Whether it’s school or mass media, we are bombarded with propaganda designed to produce alienation and dysfunction. We must protect ourselves from this poison before it is too late.

The good news is that modern culture has been exposed as a long-term Illuminati psy-op designed to demoralize us. It will fail.

By Henry Makow Ph.D.