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Dear Friends,

Recent events have compelled me to speak out and bring as much clarity to current events and circumstances as possible.

The blogs and intel providers are ablaze with information these days, providing information, processes, and protocols to global happenings that are, by design, meant to be quiet and occur under the radar. I can’t for the life of me, figure out how these gatherings of intel are being sourced when, if I breathe a word of real information, I am immediately contacted and, in no uncertain terms, told to stop.

With that being stated, history and common sense seem to be the best posture to dictate one’s thought processes moving forward. It is stating the obvious, with regards to the global financial and human conditions our humanity is currently plagued with. Things are broken and they need fixed; we all are aware. So it is any easy pill to swallow that the ” Powers To Be” who created and control the global wealth would have a plan to right the ship in the form of treaties, summits, accords, laws and so on. We want to believe that, all of sudden, they have had an awakening and are somehow feeling the pain of the masses. Don’t kid yourself about their agenda. There is something in it for them or they wouldn’t be doing it. The good news is, by the PTB helping themselves, it will also bring humanity back from it’s deprived state. They have always needed us, the people, to make their plans bare fruit.

The real humanitarians are those that have felt or seen the pain of poverty, starvation and other horrid human conditions, and have been called to task by their conscious. Grandfather of the Chinese Elders, a man of spiritual enlightenment, the common person who has barred witness to suffering, the business mogul who has achieved grand heights of wealth and been left wanting for spiritual fulfillment and so on, and so on. These are the heroes coming forth to effectuate a change.

The problem? Well, they start with the manipulation and creation of laws designed to keep control mechanisms intake to subdue and contain the masses. It is not a question of those who have and want these funds to flow, they are of good spirit and cause. The issues begin when the funds leave their control, with a blessing to move forward. Like it or not, once these funds go to a post-closing situation, they must pass through the control and compliance conditions established by the current banking system. This is why individuals like ZAP can state ” Our funds are finally in “, only to be held up in compliance and the banking scheme of things. His statements are true and accurate at the time he mentions it, but there is always “One more document needed” – again, part of how money actually moves in today’s financial systems.

Prepare your thought processes for reality. Even when the rumors are high and profound in nature of funds being released, there is no getting around the laws and conditions that have been created in our current financial system of controls. It is what it is.

We are the warriors of good and are here to serve our humanity. Our dedication is formed from an internal drive to do the right thing. Most of the time we go to battle with sticks and stones against those with massive arsenals and resources. We will stay the coarse regardless of the odds, because it has to be done. I would rather be in the fight with my sticks and stones than sit on the sideline and just scream. Rally to the flag the best you can. Help all those you can help when you can, but never give up; our humanity needs us!

Doug Jones
Chief Operations Officer
Landa China Development and Investment

Dear Readers,

The rumors swirl, and even truth in the mix. It is a time of great anticipation, and excitement, yet for many the clock ticks on, and at times the wait seems unbearable. It is true that any good thing takes time to complete. The work is real, the sweat, strain, and energy expended are sacrifices known best to those on the front line.

We have gone dark for awhile, by request and also by intuition. It is a time for quietness, as the good must be given a chance, and sometimes that means keeping it secret from those who would destroy all that is good. When you hear groups, gurus, and others going dark, do not let it get you crazy, but rather cheer them on in your hearts and prayers, for a beautiful thing is unfolding.

We are certain at this point, that how this turns out will be different than any of us imagined. It will be a journey for each of us, and one that makes us more. It wont be the easy way, but it will be what we need to become something great. To become men and women of deep gratitude and humility. It will mold humanitarians out of former greed and selfishness. It will be a day of awakening when we cast our eyes upon ourselves, and realize this perceived delay has allowed us to grow. It is part of the great blessing being poured out. These blessings are not just about money, and it isn’t about serving the dollar, just so it can serve us, but rather the fulfillment of something more. Those are the ways of the past, where everything revolves around money and people happily jump on the treadmill to get it, only to realize it left them empty in the end. Cheer up my friends, and behold a great and beautiful view that is the future.

As we go forward in faith, our path becomes one of gratitude. We are grateful for many who have contributed to help Zap on his journey to the next step. These blessings we know have come at a great cost to some of you, you have given with a cheerful heart, and I have no doubt it will come back to you tenfold! For some on the team it appeared a miracle to see their brother get underway. Thank you again for this. However, there remain a few internal team members who find themselves suffering with water, electric, phone and food bills without sufficient to pay them.  This pains our hearts beyond words as we have worked day in and day out to avoid such things. It is with great care that each penny was expended to ease the hungry among us. If there are any among you that can find it in your heart to help us get to next week, we would be most gracious. The work is noble, and we carry on, always in your service.

I leave my blessings upon you my friends. God speed!

Kindest Regards,

On behalf of and for
Will Barney

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Love and Kisses,

‘The Office of Poofness”

Susan, Will and Doug