The Mysterious Connection Between the Dogon Culture of Africa and the Ancient Egyptians

In recent years, much information about the ancients has circulated online, some of which is ill-informed and on the other hand, some of which may be shockingly accurate.

One of the most controversial topics in the field of archaeology and anthropology is the interpretation of the teachings of Ancient Egypt.

Many scholars in recent years have identified uncanny similarities in the beliefs and traditions of the ancient land of Khemit and schools of thought around the ancient world.

One of the more compelling arguments for the disbursement of the sacred traditions and astronomical knowledge of the ancient Egyptians comes from researcher and author Laird Scranton.

In his work, he makes some interesting correlations between the people of the Dogon tribe of Mali and those from the ancient land of Khemit.

Inspired by the work of Robert Temple, who’s 1976 book “The Sirius Mystery” which would go on to influence future researchers, Scranton pointed out the cosmological significance of the Dogon beliefs.

In his work, “The Science of the Dogon,” Scranton describes the incredible accuracy with which the Dogon people were able to use their language and symbols to account for complex scientific facts that wouldn’t be discovered in the West until the 20th century.

Yet, mainstream scholars who reject the notion of this kind of advanced understanding of Sirius by a tribe deemed primitive, proclaim that the Dogon-Sirius mystery is nothing more than a 1965 hoax put on by two French anthropologists Grisule and Dierterlen.

The two were the first to reveal such an unusual idea to the public in an unprecedented filmed interview.

Since then, not a single anthropologist has corroborated the findings, although the subject has been heavily examined by independent researchers.

But Laird is quick to point out that there are many more mysteries surrounding the knowledge of the Dogon priest (Hogon) that can’t be chalked up to a single interview.

According to the Earth Center, Master Neb Naba Lamoussa Morodenibig, a modern day Kemetic Dogon priest claims that the Dogon tradition has been preserved over time and it’s origins lie in Egypt.

When considered, how did these two French men have enough knowledge of the workings of the Sirius star system for such an elaborate hoax? The second star of the Sirius Galaxy, referenced by the tribe, wasn’t discovered by NASA until the 80s.

Could all of it be true? Could the Dogon people really have had a complex scientific understanding of the cosmos? And more could this ancient knowledge go back to ancient Egypt?

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