The Matrix Was A Documentary.

Why the vaccines are always mandated in the news? Designed to rid this world of evil beings which came from their own world to infiltrate Humanity.

Why would it affect children? Use David Hogg as the guide, they are NOT from this world.

The US Military is the vaccine, a strong and reassuring message that resonates worldwide,

The virus, part of the Reptilian and Grey experimentations – creating hybrids and clones underground. Using their clones – like Huma Abedin sent to enslave the remaining Humans. Designed with a blo weapon with HIV inserts, blocking your internal channels – which gave them full access to control you via nanites.

With the vaccines, comes a double meaning. Engineered to vrill and create an empty shell controlled by their technology. Clones, doubles & shapeshifters had infiltrated to the highest levels of Our Governments.

Using multiple Deep Underground Military Bases as their location of operations, with offworld trafficking and black market organ selling. A vast evil dark underground world is being shown for the first time.

The Matrix Was A Documentary.

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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