The Magdalene, Atlantis, Osiris, Zeus, Ceto, Varda, Narcissus, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter & THE ARIES NEW MOON



Hello Cosmos! The Aries New Moon (18 Aries, 11:23 UTC, 7th April 2016) has just passed – but its effects remain strong over the next 3 days It´s an excellent time to set the seeds of new energetic intentions, ones that we will reap or see some culmination of during the Aries Full Moon (15 October).


Aries encourages us to simply Be. In all of its totality. The good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful, the meek, the outspoken, the vulnerable, the invincible, the human, the divine, the demon, the hero, the outcast, the villain, the man, the child, the woman, the stream, the sea, the river, the mountain, the sky, the stars, the cosmos — and all, more, or none of the above.


Amazing, huh? There´s not much that Aries doesn´t cover. The only ´catch´ as it were is that the energy needs to be embodied within the self, the immediate sense of presence that is I AM. In developmental terms, this is the spark of life that precedes form (body), sensation-perception and intellect. It just IS. No words can describe it.


Society and other sources of conditioning have all but told us to bottle away parts of ourselves that we are told are either too dangerous, undesirable or simply unwanted. Sometimes this is true, and other times it´s just fear-based conditioning based on the values of the time. My suggestion, or rather caveat, to embodying your Aries energy is to remember to check in with yourself.


Ask yourself – is the ´I´ you´re bringing through one that is perceived through the Ego, the Heart, the Soul, the Mind – or someplace else? Check in with your inner compass to know which. The Self, born of Love, takes many forms: Sometimes gentle, sometimes ferocious. It all depends on which part of you it comes from. Ego, Mind, Heart, Soul, Greater Spirit?


That exercise of discernment is one for you to do and figure out Crystals like Icelandic Spar or Optical Calcite help in that process. Black Obsidian can help as well, especially when you need that reflective mirror to help you see yourself through the lens of detachment.


I´ve also just found a lovely crystal-man who runs a divine shop called RainbowAve Crystals. So if you´re not sure where to buy high quality gems, or are looking for unique pieces, I´d recommend checking this place. Just put in my order! ( That page has had me crystalgasmming all week )


The rest of this article is pretty hardcore. If you´re comfy with this general info, feel free to stop reading here as it covers the gist of it. If you´re wanting the details, the grit, the spiritual challenges and tools you might want to use – then journey on, brave reader!


Now, getting to the astrology of it – the Aries New Moon makes some very powerful connections to quite a few astrological bodies. Here´s what went down:


Uranus conjunct Vesta (17 Aries, February 5 2016) – This was a day when the Great Awakener/Revealer met the Priestess. And together they cleared the way for a new Path of Service through emerge. Rather than the negation of the Self, service was to come through its radical embodiment, in ways that honored emergence of new forms of consciousness within the collective. Look back then to see how that event energetically links with current energy.


At that time I was stranded in Barcelona without my passport and used that energy to go visit the Black Madonna of Monserrat. A mist covered the mountain and the church, unnaturally so for hours on end. You couldn´t even take a decent photograph of anything, it was like thick soup. Meeting the Madonna herself was an interesting experience. I was in a very vulnerable emotional and spiritual place, being stranded where I was. And all I could think of asking her was to make something happen, it was meant to. I recall seeing a very very red energy, of the Base Chakra, flaming through afterwards. It was a type of intiation I did not understand, though I am seeing its gradual emergence.


Moving to the present day:


Sun conjunct Moon at 18 Aries – Time to set the seeds of embodying the Self, in its most aligned form. Watch for mid-October, when those seeds begin to culminate. Be the Self. That´s all you need to do. Allow yourself to occupy the space you need to be you without violating your own moral or ethical compass (inner alignment). Everyone is entitled to occupy their own space, and as long as we can agree on that baseline – the work of co-existence becomes a lot easier. That would be the only caveat to add.


Sun conjunct Moon conjunct Uranus (20 Aries): A lot of cosmic-energetic downloads showing you how the Birth of a New, or simply, Freer expression of Self – is well within the needs of the group – the collective. Rather than sacrificing who we are, we celebrate one another and the individual gifts we bring to the table. Together, we strengthen the wave of energy propelling the evolution of consciousness for the whole. Keep those upper chakra channels clear, but don´t try to force their awakening either Let it happen naturally.


Clear quartz, and again, optical calcite will be great crystal allies for this purpose.


Sun / Moon / Uranus conjunct ATLANTIS! (yes, I felt that needed the caps , 20 Aries): Time for those Atlantean downloads to begin. Those of you who connect strongly with the consciousness of past civilizations, now submerged beneath the waves – will be feeling this strongly. A word of caution – whilst there´s was a lot of epicness in those times, be it through a love of crystals, dolphins, and the Goddess – there were a lot of problems with it as well. Hence the fall of Atlantis. Whilst it is important to honor this past, and perhaps even to learn some of its secrets, it is important to also be vigiliant to its excesses.


Stones that can help: Aquamarine, Larimar, Atlantisite. Again, I would stress caution in working with such energies and lifetimes if you have not already done a fair amount of self-work beforehand. Working through the lower chakras and one´s relationship with the Serpentine Archetype, I find, is a much needed prerequisite. Just so´s we don´t end up in the same karmic cycle .. again.


If working with a faciliator, make sure they understand that pros and cons, the needs and energetic traps that can come about in working with such lifetimes / states of consciousness.


There were multiple civilizations that shared a similar fate. Others that would equally resonate are Mu, Lemuria, Kumari Kandam, and so on.


Sun / Moon / Uranus / Atlantis inconjunct Jupiter Retrograde (14 Virgo) and the North Node (20 Virgo): Long story short – these breakthroughs in consciousness, and ways of embodiment in the Self are awesome things to experience. But they also need to be funnelled into practical acts of Service, things that help to maintain and perserve the Earth-Plane and our physical vessels (bodies) that can serve within it. Think about ways to structure your daily life that facilitates better health, energetic receptivity, the need to maintain healthy boundaries and to practice self-care first! As generous as I´m sure many of you are, you can´t give to another from an empty cup. Fill your own first, then help as many as you can


Those of you with placements near 14-20 Scorpio or 14-20 Aquarius will experience this as a powerful Yod or Finger of Fate. Decision time, people! Time to choose at the karmic crossroads.


Sun / Moon / Uranus / Atlantis opposed Zeus (17 Libra):. A time to understand both the strength, and the excesses of Masculine energy. Partnerships and collaborations appear to be the space/energy through which this needs to be addressed. Whilst the dominant expression of masculine energy in the world at present is — sadly distorted, the space for the healthy, conscious masculine is expanding. In our bid to bring back the Feminine, let us also recognize the need to hold space for the Masculine to equally re-emerge, albeit in a different form. Bear in mind that the Masculine is expressed through all beings, not just men – vice versa with the Feminine. Energy transcends the constructs of sex and gender, though the latter tend to influence the way we interpret the former.

Sun / Moon / Uranus / Atlantis inconjunct Ceto (18 Scorpio): A time to work with imbalances in the way we engage with the Serpentine Archetype. Whilst it is hailed as the Master of Knowledge, the form of Shakti in the movement of the Kundalini – it is equally projected to us the prime villain. There is a neutrality in Serpentine energy, which means that we (especially those who work in Shamanic realms) must treat with respect, but also caution. Again, if working with a facilitator, make sure they understand this. Ceto´s energy can strongly relate to ancestral energetic patterns as well. The energy of Ceto, the Water Serpent, links strongly with that of Atlantis. Unsurprisingly.


It is wise not to fear the serpent, but to recognize its ambiguity. For the gamers out there, that means it´s a ´Chaotic Neutral´.


Recommended Mantra (if feeling overwhelmed):

use with Carnelian on the sacral chakra. Try working with Neem oil as well (external use) or Neem capsules (internal use, check with medicial practitioner if on medication). 


If wanting to connect deeper, try Serpentine or Atlantisite. Again, make sure you have the prepwork for it and a facilitator who can support you through the process.


Sun / Moon / Uranus / Atlantis trine Saturn (16 Sagittarius), Iris (16 Sagittarius), Magdalena (18 Sagittarius), Varda (18 Sagittarius), Osiris (20 Sagittarius): Time to take the Self and find a Path of Truth that resonate with you. Striving to find a greater level of detachment, getting your head above the clouds in your search for truth will yield rewards at this time. The view you take of the world from the base of the foothills, and from its summit – differs drastically. Things fall into perspective.


The various Gods and Goddesses involved in this alignment bring different lessons to the table.


Magdalena (Mary Magdalene) tells us of the story of the projected, forgotten, oppressed or reviled Feminine. And the powerful, radical act that is – simply – being the Self irrespective of all that projection.


Rose quartz and rose essential oil will be powerful allies, should you choose to work with them as energetic tools.


Whilst the Archetype of the Magdalene is one that all can connect to, some identities – ethicities – heritages – have their own versions of the tale that must equally be heard and celebrated. I see this in the need to recognize the perspective of people of color (not that white-pink´s not a colour), but you know what I´m getting at. A lot of the Goddess Movement and New Age Spirituality simply does not take that voice and the histories of colonial oppression (and continued systemic racism) that non-white men and (especially) women face (as well as those who do not resonate with mainstream ideas of gender or sexual preference). Without acknolwedging these voices as equal, there is not true discourse of empowerment that can speak to all.


That being said, no matter what colour or race or gender or sex you are, sing your song. We all have the right to.


Varda´s influence brings us back to the wisdom of the skies. Connect with the cosmos in the way you see fit. Find a good cosmic soothsayer, or a spiritual astrologer you like and get the guidance you need. Or simply sit in silence and let the skies speak to you, showing the way forward.


Osiris indicates that the paths we take now ultimately lead back to the Wounded Masculine (and in parallel, the Healing Feminine). Iris indicates the benefit of emotional cartharsis at this time, and a greater use or acknowledgement of the Rainbow Spectrum in healing work. It´s also a caution not to get stuck in the search for Truth. Whatever paradigm we choose to use is trying to get us to a deeper level of reality that goes beyond dogma of any kind.


And finally, Saturn. Use the energy in your consciousness now to set the steps you need to take in the future. Create your building blocks to Spirit, as it were – through whatever Path or Teaching calls to you at this time. If you have a teacher / mentor / oracle / astrologer that you trust at this time, seek a consultation or get guidance. But remember the Teacher within, don´t forget to check in there as well. This is also an excellent time to set the seeds of research trips, pilgrimages, foreign travel or higher academic pursuits to help you learn what you want to explore and gain some mastery of.


Sun / Moon / Uranus / Atlantis squared Pluto (17 Capricorn): Long story short, if you haven´t done your Descent Work, you´re going to have to. Journeys into the subconscious, ancestral karma, energy-working in the Shadow space of the self are required to find your innermost strengths, gifts, and to allow you to complete your Hero/ine´s journey. A lot of this work – of breakdown-to-breakthrough – is going to test your relationship with P-O-W-E-R. Power, authority, hiearchy, legitimacy, mastery, wisdom and the archetype of the Crone-Elder. (Remember the lessons of Atlantis though )


Whether it´s an individual or instrument of governance bringing this energy into your life, the challenge for you is to find ways to recognize the power you seek into yourself. Here you go down, to go up. You die, in order to be reborn.


Quite a powerful time for those of you seeing significant changes in your career, or the question of what legacy you leave behind in the world! Relationships with intimate partners (in the bedroom, and the boardroom) are going to be challenging at this time if not in alignment with your deeper sense of self. If they are, then they´re going to let you get even deeper – so you get to the richness that lays hidden within the Shadow. Yum, yum


But again, there´s a lot of Shadow-work that precedes getting there And so much of us has already been triggered in the past few years, what with Saturn in Scorpio and the exact Uranus-Pluto squares (2012-2015).


Sun / Moon / Uranus / Atlantis sextile Narcissus (15 Aquarius): Time to look at your ideals and to move beyond them. Narcissism isn´t just about falling in love with your reflection, it´s getting trapped in that reflection. Sometimes we a trapped through the illusion that we have more power than we do, and sometimes in the belief in less. Either way, it´s a time to shatter through the looking glass – and know that as you do so, you´re going to challenge others who are invested in seeing their own strength – and their relationship with the Cosmos – in ways that suit them. An interesting time to re-wire /re-think your relationship with the relationship between God/dess and Humanity. Look to Promethus, the Monkey God and others who dared to challenge the construct of the Heavens and the supremacy of the Gods in mythology. That kind of vibe. There´s a lot of fear surrounding that kind of work, but it needs doing.


Those of you with placements near 15-18 degrees Virgo will experience this as a powerful Yod. In fact, we all will – as that´s where Jupiter and the North Node are


How fun!


So, putting it all together. A very epic New Moon Watch for October and see how this all plays out!


Blessings and Hugs,


Bairavee Balasubramaniam
The Sky Priestess


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Post & Image © Bairavee Balasubramaniam, 2016.


Image: Curved Ceiling, en route to Black Madonna, Monserrat. Jan 2016.