The Library of Porthologos Is in a Huge, Carved-Out Cavity

The Library of Porthologos Is in a Huge, Carved-Out Cavity

The Library of Porthologos is vast and round, situated within the inside of the Hollow Earth cavity. We are in a huge, carved-out cavity. We are not out in the open as you might imagine. Mother Earth keeps her inner grounds pristine by providing living space within her interior body and not out in the open spaces.

Our inner caverns are perfectly suited to our living style and when we want to swim in the oceans or climb the mountains, it is but a short trip to the center of the Hollow Earth cavity in our electromagnetic vehicles that levitate through the vast tunnel system in just minutes of your time. You will all experience this soon, as the time of our emergence will bring us to you and we will escort you to our homes within the Earth. All is lit up in the softest and clearest of light, and the temperatures are perfectly suited to our health and strength.

All our lives we’ve waited for this moment to connect with you on the surface, and now it is here. Our hearts are brimming over with love for all our lost brothers and sisters, and we yearn to connect to each and every one of you again. Our hearts are one.

Our Haven Underground

There are so many Catharians gathered around me, Mikos, as I dictate this message to you. We are out on the grounds that surround the great Library of Porthologos. We are sitting on grass that is as soft as a cushion, breathing in the fragrant, oxygen-filled air that keeps us eternally young and vibrant. This pure air is “nectar” to our lungs, and keeps our bodies free from disease.

The oxygen on the surface has reached such low levels that you are being oxygen starved, which opens the way for pathogens to invade your body. We, here in the Hollow Earth, breathe clean, pure air, and drink the purest of water, which is still as pure as the day Earth was created.

We are so fortunate to be living in this haven under the ground. We sit here, propped up comfortably on our pillows and stools, just breathing in the air and smelling the scents of the enormous flowers blooming all around us. This is a wonderland of beauty, and this beauty is reflected in our souls.

Our bodies respond to our environment, and out-picture what surrounds us. And what surrounds us is magnificent to behold. We are surrounded by trees and flowers that emanate strength and health, and we in turn feel this strength and health, and our bodies conform to this picture. So our bodies mirror our surroundings. They mirror the perfection of our environment. We, in turn, mirror perfection back—thus completing the cycle of perfection that is never ending. Because of this perfect cycle, our bodies can remain in a perpetual state of perfection, never sickening, nor aging, nor dying. It is a closed cycle of perfection.

It is noon here now, and we bask in the full spectrum light of our Inner Central Sun, as it hangs in our “sky”. Our sky is the very center of the Hollow Globe, and our sun doesn’t move, as your sun appears to. Ours just hangs there, “dead center”, held by the forces of gravity pulling around its circumference so that it is perfectly balanced and remains in place.

The inside of the Earth is concave, and spirals up and across and around us. So our picture of “heaven” is from a different perspective or angle than yours. You look straight “up”, and we look “around” us. So today, as always, the sun is shining down upon our gathering here on the Library Grounds. Our work here in the Library is not work as you term it, but joy to our hearts. We do what we love, and we do it in leisure. We have no time clocks to punch, and no time clocks to tell us when to stop. We each know what we want to accomplish each day, and we stay as long as we want or until we complete our work. However, we don’t set long hours the way you do on the surface. Our workday is short compared to yours. In terms of hours, our workday is less than half the hours of your work day. So should we want to work “overtime”, we have the flexibility of doing so without it infringing on the other areas of our lives. And our lives remain always balanced, because our schedules allow us the time to do so many other things each and every day, above and beyond the hours we spend on our “jobs”.

We live perfectly balanced lives of ease and comfort, and have created everything we need to develop our talents, expand our minds, and strengthen our bodies. We have music and dance conservatories and theatres everywhere. We are always dancing and singing together, fine tuning our talents and evolving them to do more and more creative things.

Our lives are filled with creativity, and we delight in what we create. For what we create is shared with all, so that we all benefit from each other’s talents and abilities. We all teach each other and we all learn from each other. We thrive on cooperation, we thrive on sharing, and we thrive on giving as much as we can to each other, which means that we end up having all that we’ve all created. So our gifts are multiplied—our blessings are multiplied—and we reap the abundance of our civilization underground. Nothing is hoarded or “owned”, as you do on the surface, for it’s not necessary, nor even logical, when you understand that we are all a part of the Earth, and therefore everything belongs to everyone, and yet nothing is owned by anyone, because everything is free for everyone to use.

Sharing is the key—not owning. Just change your words and you will change your ways. And changing the way you do things will change your lives—and will bring them back into balance, so that you, too, will have the leisure to develop your creativity and talents and explore the Earth, rather than devour her. For once you explore the intricacies and beauty and magic of Nature, you cannot abhor and destroy her, you can only emulate and love her, and know beyond a doubt that she is you, and you are her. For whatever you destroy outside yourself, you destroy within yourself, for Nature out-pictures you, as much as you out-picture Nature.

Just look around you at the devastation of Earth’s forests and oceans, and it will show you the parts of yourself that you are destroying inside your very own bodies. The Earthquakes that are becoming so prevalent on the surface are now surfacing within your very own emotional and physical bodies.

Everything you do to the Earth, you do to yourself. Remember, there is only one consciousness. You and We are part of the one consciousness. As you destroy a part of the one, the other parts are affected.

You are not separate from the Earth. You are the Earth; you just don’t know it yet. But as you wake up from your deep slumber of millions of Earth years, you will remember the connectiveness of all life, and how the health of one is connected to the health of all. Surface humans cannot survive if they destroy their surroundings and wage wars on their own species, just because they live on different parts of the planet.

We, here in Porthologos, are so grateful to each blade of grass, to each petal on a flower, to each leaf on a tree. For the harmony we feel is the same harmony that the flowers and trees feel, and which enables us to grow in stature and accounts for the enormity in size of our trees, which tower above the ground like your skyscrapers, because nothing is holding them back. They and we are free to grow in size, free to expand ourselves, because everything is in a state of expansion, not contraction, as you witness and experience on the surface.

When you are “open” to life, you can only expand. When you are in struggle and lack and fear, you can only close down and diminish your stature, for fear of being seen or fear of standing out among others. You squelch your power, squelch your intuition, squelch your feelings, trying to fit into the mold of the lowest common denominator of the people around you. This stunts not only your physical growth, but your soul growth as well. When you open to the fact that you and the Universe are one, you will awaken to all that you are and begin to expand your horizons and literally grow in size—height and width.

Your mind and body are connected. If you think small, you grow small. If you think life only exists on Earth’s surface and nowhere else, then you’ve shortened yourself, which shortens your physical height, just as your thoughts have shortened your vision. Expand your thoughts, and you expand your world; expand your world, and your body responds in spurts of growth and renewal.

If you only knew all that you are, you would be living like Kings and Queens, in palaces of gold, not on dirty, littered city streets. You’ve dethroned yourself, and you don’t even know it.

Wake Up, Surface Dwellers! For if you don’t, the Earthquakes within your souls will blast you back into consciousness of who you are—and that might mean the devastation of your current living conditions being turned to rubble.

Although it’s hard work to dig yourself out of an earthquake, once you’re free of its rubble and you see that everything you “owned” is gone, you will awaken with the shock and realize that all you have is yourself. Suddenly, from within the depths of your Being, you find the strength and wisdom that was buried inside you. Earthquakes clear density, so sight is restored and vision returned, enabling you to see and be all that you truly are.

Our vision has always been clear, since density does not cloud our vision underground. We see clear and far, because nothing obstructs our vision. We can see out among the Stars, even though we’re under the ground, because nothing impedes our sight.

When you clear yourselves of all belief systems and negative thoughts and negative feelings, you too will feel the clarity and harmony within yourselves, and will be able to see all that has been kept from you by your governments. You will be able to “see through” all their deceit, and the truth about life on other planets and life within the Earth will shine through your eyes and be fully exposed to all.

We are still sitting here beneath our sun as I bring this dictation to its end. We thank you for taking our message.

Copyright © Dianne Robbins

Sexual mirror><double Blackmail

Men use women for sex, the same as women use sex-abuse to Blackmail men, and either gender remains in harmony with, all the Satanic ISIS ‘divide and conquer’ Proxy War Mother-mercenary Family-triangulation codependent-resentment fused-relationships in body-focus physical-role Reptilian Statist Stasis xenophobic genocide. There will, never be a Physical solution to our Mortal problem, so only a Spiritual solution will work, when we, all disappear into Sovereign Singularity Crystalline Universal Cosmic Light ID, instead of cell-division nuclear-degeneration, already Hate-radiated “Dead bury the Dead”.

Men, and Women on Earth in Death paradigm Earth-quarantine from the rest of the Universe shame-base their Blackmail Hate-sex self-destructive Usury marriage-fails as Satanic Child-sacrifice same Blackmail-child Parent role-model Bullies. Sex is Usury Blackmail any Gender-way we look at our Victim-predator motives to remain sex-slave children to Satanic cold-hearted Reptilian Statist Stasis Bully Collective Stockholm Syndrome addictive sick-loyal Evil-demon self-destructive Consciousness.

Earth females make male-sex ‘their’ money-business, so much, from totally depending on using body-focus Evil-contempt their main motive in disregard of any Karmic-effect their using men for Sex-money, as if female Sex-motives have become lost in the Power-over men, and children Usury Blackmail Family Triangulation shuffle. My Mother, and Grandmother Blackmailer pedophiles used me for Sex, to take Spiritual jealous vengeance out on their male Blackmailers, so I was used for Sex, by women, and they used Satanic ISIS Mother-mercenary Family Triangulation husband Blackmail Power-over to self-destruct, just like the USA Deep State uses Satanic ISIS Proxy War in Mercenary National Triangulation Blackmail.

It’s easy to see how much in Harmony the Micro-family motives on Earth are matching the same Macro National motives to self-destruct in shame-base behavior mirror-double sociopathic Political-psychosis Mom Sex Kid Cop Rob Rot Mob Posse-worship Bully Sex-slavery, so what does that make War-human weapons, except the, very money exchange we use to breed more food-on-the-hoof for Satanic Reptilian Cannibals eating a child per day, and saving our captors the high cost of refrigeration.

As a Pigman-child in Quantum expectation from, female-victim Blackmail-predator man-hate role-murder motives, Mother Earth motif burned my bacon, even before I got out of the crib, so I have, all these preposterous motives buried deep inside my Conscience to repent in absolution, and reconcile, as I surrender to absolute unborn infinity Universal Cosmic Light ID. I have unconscious sexual-alters, both male, and female too, so it doesn’t matter to my internal system which gender is using the other, because either way it is all ‘me’ suffering advanced Blackmail Usury infant sex-slave separation split-soul ‘burnt to a crisp’ suffering.

I am the host to, all my alters, and Love Listening with genuine regard for, all my child alters surprises me, that I have misunderstood some of them inside, and want to validate, and affirm them by supporting any grateful-need they want me help them with now. Unlike Mother Earth, never Love Listening in Delight Bonding Communion intimacy with all the Sex-slave Blackmail Usury Satanic ISIS Mother/National-mercenary Family/Country micro/macro Triangulation censuring, even that I am self-disclosing, Love Listening evidence for my alter’s sake, means we will soon, and very soon add one more degree of separation from the Reptilian Statist Stasis Mother Earth-evil Karma.

Long ago now I learned that traumatized hosts initially discover they don’t like their, own alters who saved their host’s life by taking the trauma shame-base hit for the system, just like the children who take the trauma shame-base hit for their Blackmail-usury Sex slave Owned Warring Parents. Now that we have forgiveness nurturing to enlighten compassion, we can work together with Love Listening, and enjoy Spiritual Sovereign Singularity to replace all Blackmail Usury Sex-slave minion Earth-motives to Gender-hate self-destruct. The beauty of Spirit allows my system to forgive, and enlighten compassion in Peace of Love, that defines the antonym Mother man-hate Earth-motif to Blackmail men, without Sex, butt mostly for Ass-Money or Power-over via Sexual Blackmail humiliation co-creating Male-hate Quanta in continual contempt, before investing.

Like my Mother, and her Mother before, all mothers Men used Power-over money to turn innocent females into their Sex-slaves, so now there isn’t one female on Mother Earth that can stop herself from joining the Motherhood Earth prison female gang, instead of welcoming ‘their’ censured sexual alters, that have, never been heard yet, that’s for man-damned sure. What’s the difference between Mother War, the Middle East War, and the ‘uncivil’ Gender War, except all Wars come from Blackmail Sex Usury, so I surrender to my alter’s need to be heard, and live in Wonder how anyone is, ever going to Love Listen when all Earthling shitslinger censors appear as deaf as we, all remain dumbed down blind, even in our DNA.

When a codependent Mother hates her fused relationship children, and transfers this self-hatred gone DNC-feminist minion-viral out onto the children’s Father, then the whole family hates the man, and male children in the family, and most “Go out for cigarettes”, and never come back. Children owned by the Mother Bullies in the family, also identify quickly with the MAMA Law Earth-Boss, so both the Mother, and the children blame the Man, when, only victim predator martyrs can fit into this Satanic-patsy Reptilian minion game on game. No one can help a victim/victimizer/caretaker, and all body focus works well, and in micro/macro nano Harmony with Satanic ISIS ‘divide and conquer’ throw em, all under the Karmic-bus returns of the Quarantined Earth-cycle be-damned.