The Haiti Depopulation Agenda — It’s All About Their $Billion Oil Reserve



How closely connected are the Clinton’s to Haiti’s obvious depopulation agenda?

On the island of Haiti, one epic disaster has swiftly followed another and the Haitian people are yet to see all the credits.

Haiti also sits on billions dollar oil reserve. So just how closely connected are the Clinton’s to Haiti’s obvious depopulation agenda?

A peaceful people that just want to be the orchestrators of their own destiny in their own land.

Since 2004 they have had to put up with the UN deploying thousands of troops to occupy their land, in effect controlling them under the guise of a peacekeeping mission.

Their democratically elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide was ousted via a coup when the UN arrived in 2004.

In 2010 the island was shaken to its core by a monstrous earthquake which killed upward of 200,000 people with over a million Haitians losing their homes.

Whilst the people were coming to terms with the aftermath of the earthquake, later that same year the Islanders were hit again, this time by Hurricane Tomas.

Though spared a direct hit – 20 Haitians lost their lives, the flooding was immense, mudslides were widespread impacting on an already displaced people who were once again battling the elements.

Now you might expect that under those conditions certain diseases could break out but what you would not expect was that the source of any disease such as cholera would lead back to the occupying forces of the UN.

The United Nations have finally admitted responsibility for the cholera outbreak that had been raging across the island.

Lawsuits were filed by families of some of the victims however astonishingly even though 10,000 people have died from the disease the UN will not be legally held accountable for their actions due to the immunity afforded to UN missions.

Furthermore, since 2010, 700,000 people have been infected by cholera with numbers set to rise in the wake of Hurricane Matthew.

In 2010 After images of the earthquake’s devastation circulated in a global view, much of the world came together to donate funds reaching in excess of $10 billion.

Understandably many people have since questioned the lack of visible redevelopment on the Island or change in unemployment figures from 2010 onwards and some will have heard the story of the Red Cross raising millions but failing to build more than 6 houses.

Where did all the Correlated funds go?

Asked the Haitian protesters while demonstrating outside former US president Bill Clinton’s offices in New York in 2015.

In fact, they directed the question at Bill and the Clinton Foundation. Not unreasonable since Bill was the then UN representative for aid to Haiti, whilst at the same time Hillary Clinton then US Secretary of State, was in charge of US aid allocated to Haiti.

Then not by chance you might think it was, that Hillary’s brother Hugh Rodham showed up in Haiti on the advisory board of the US mining company VCS, scouting for business.

VCS went on to be granted one of only two licenses to mine gold on the island. Haiti is sitting on vast reserves of gold and oil said to be worth billions of dollars.

The propaganda wielded that the island suffers from unstable governments etc (which was truer under dictatorship regimes) helped to keep some potential investors at bay without too many questions asked but North America has been calculating potential profits for the past 50 years and Haitian oil alone is said to make (one of the current top producers) Venezuela’s look like a glass of water compared to an Olympic swimming pool.

Haiti has many other minerals too including the rare metal Iridium said to be essential in building spacecraft.

As Haitians start the clean-up program in the aftermath of the island’s latest disaster Hurricane Matthew (October 2016) which hit last week, the death toll has been rising and is now upward of 900 lives lost.

While the donated funds and humanitarian assistance from around the world take momentum and are en route to Haiti, questions are being asked.

Could all these events have been planned, motivated by power, greed regardless of the upheaval and demolition the Haitian people and all they have?

Here are extracts from a 1997 speech given at the Georgia Center in Athens, Ga — by the then Secretary of State William Cohen addressing the Conference on Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction and US strategy — question and answer section:

“ Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can altar the climate set of earthquakes, volcanos remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.”

He then went on to say:

“So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror on other nations. It’s real and that’s the reason why we have to intensify our efforts. That’s why this is so important.”

After the Hurricane

Mathew as far as the incoming worldwide donations are concerned this time for the sake of the long-suffering Haitian people, the credits need to roll into the right places with the rebuilding of tortured lives being a priority in the process.

Taking all into account, Haiti could be in a position to pay off all debts and invest in its own infrastructure but as with many developing countries around the world with an abundance of natural resources Fair Trade must literally mean a fair exchange, in order for this to happen.

By Missy Mensah