The Greed Trap – ZIM Holders beware of the Traps

by Ron Giles

For months and years, the Deep State RV and Redemption monsters, have come out of the Swamp to feed on Zim Holders. They gather the innocent up and drag them down into the abyss they call Internet Groups. Not just in America, but all over the world. All it takes is for the Slaves to begin to prosper and Zip Zap out comes the monsters with their sticky tongues to Zap us in our tracks and end the march to financial freedom.

One of the biggest scams taking place right before our very eyes is the play on “greed” that the Cabal is so good at using against us. They scamper to get Zim Holders to join groups of Zim holders with the enticement of getting a better rate for the redemption of their Zim. This is outside the umbrella of protection offered by the Alliance.

They use the term, “Contract Rates” as if a few “chosen” group leaders could contract with the Alliance for a better rate if they can get more people in their group. If YOU, wanted to be a Group Leader, where would you find a representative of the Alliance to get your contract? The premise that one is available is as ludicrous as finding someone in an alley somewhere to give you an authorized contract for the Alliance. NONE EXIST!!!! This is so very opposite to what the Alliance has in mind – like on another planet.

The gurus always make everything about money and try to play on your greed. Not one of them is a Humanitarian. They think it is all about money like they do, they have no idea that you want to do humanitarian work; or do they? They oppose humanitarians. They want to get a Zim Holder to go along with their fear infested plans thinking that you fear you won’t get the funds you need to do your work, so they feed on this fear and take you down a dead-end road. They play on the innocent that just want to obtain enough funds to do their intended humanitarian work.

If only these timid “Meek” would reason this through they would see the folly of believing in the gurus and shore up their redemption ideas and come into harmony with the Alliance plan. Even the Meek Sovereigns do not depend on others to do their negotiating for the things they want. They do it themselves. Do you know any Meek, Sovereign, Humanitarians looking for work? There are plenty of openings.

The bottom line for the Alliance is that every Zim Holder must show up at the redemption appointment for a “face to face” interview, where you present your humanitarian ideas and “ask” the interviewer for the amount you need to do your work. “Ask and it shall be given.” That way the interviewer knows exactly what you intend to do and how much you will need to do your work. It is only then and in this way, that you will get what you need. The interviewer will feel comfortable that there has been a good assessment, and you, as the Humanitarian, will get the higher rates you will need to do your work without limits. This is the Win, Win, that we and the Alliance are looking for.

If a group leader, for let’s say 8 people who have put their Zim together, tries to negotiate for eight people plus him/herself to get a rate sufficient for each Zim Holder, the chances of success are very dim, indeed. The interviewer does not know who his/her people are, let alone ascertain their humanitarian intent. You gotta go in yourself to get your humanitarian work started.

If your real intent is to do humanitarian work, by joining a group you are relinquishing your Sovereign stewardship to another person. This is abrogating your own calling as a Humanitarian and are putting your one time chance of getting your funds into the negotiating skills of another person. Is that what you really want to do? Does this prove your Sovereignty? Do you really think this is the way the Alliance set it up? You may be setting yourself up to be less of a humanitarian than you want to be.

Why would you join a group when THERE ARE NO CONTRACT RATES AVAILABLE FOR ZIM. There is no one authorized to give a contract rate for the Alliance prior to the redemption appointment, and then it is not a contract, it is a negotiated settlement. NO ONE IS AUTHORIZED BY THE ALLIANCE TO SIGN A CONTRACT RATE, NO ONE!!! This is a bold-faced Cabal, Troll lie. They want you to accelerate down this dead-end road, crashing into the wall they built at the end of a blind turn to kill your humanitarian plans. This idea has no place in the redemption process. This is a “guru gotcha.” Reason it out, does it feel right?

You can’t trick the Alliance anymore than you can trick God. Why even go down that dead-end road thinking you’re going to get what you need, when you can go down the prescribed road and be sure you get what you need for yourself, by yourself? Without doing it yourself, it’s like having someone else punch in the time clock for you and then expect to be paid. It is a misrepresentation. It is a fraud. When it doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t. That’s the way God is guiding and protecting you – heed the warning. It’s your inner guidance at work.

“Is there anyone amongst you who knows who the Alliance is?” This is a question that many in the Alliance would ask. If you did know, you would NEVER trust in the arm of flesh to get what you deserve, you would trust the Alliance.

Three distinct groups make up the Alliance:

1. The Spiritual aspect that is represented by the Ascended Masters including Jesus (Sananda), St Germain, Archangel Michael, all of your personal Higher Self Soul entities, and way too many others to mention, (Of all the Celestial Beings, who would not want to be part of the Alliance?)

2. Benevolent Extraterrestrials, who have far superior weapons that can defeat any weapon the Dark side can throw at us, and

3. The White Hats, who are the Militaries and Leaders of many nations who do the work of the “boots-on-the-ground.”

If you think can defeat them, save yourself the pain of defeat, go dig your own grave, and jump in. It is over before you even try.

There is a process for the Redemption; a front door approach, and the guru’s backdoor approach. If you try to come in the wrong door your petition will be denied. Don’t try to out-think the good guys, it won’t work. Don’t try to come in the back door thinking you will get something better. Even that thought may disqualify you from the work. It’s pure greed. Now you know who the Alliance is, are you willing to have faith in them and their plan for us? The gurus are leading the charge of the dark Cabal, trying to limit your funds and trying to set up ways to send you off in the burrow pit so you can’t redeem properly. It’s your choice which door you want to use. Thousands will successfully redeem and thousands will not. Which door do you choose?

Let it be said very clearly. The redemption funds are for Humanitarians only. It does not matter how much Zim you have nor the rate you will get. When you go for your redemption and do not have an intension to do Humanitarian work, you may get SKRs for now before the real RV is released, or you may redeem at your redemption appointment with what appears to be cash in your accounts, but your SKRs will never be funded and your account may be blocked or frozen out of the QFS for life. If you know what is coming you would never go contrary to the Alliance. It would be your demise.

With all of this said, if you have put your Zim with others thinking you’re are going to be better off, I suggest you retrieve your Zim and keep them in your possession. If you are a Group Leader, I recommend that you return the Zim to their rightful owner. If you have written your Zim serial numbers on a spreadsheet and sent them off to an organization thinking they will redeem for you, face the face with an Alliance Agent, this may be a sting operation to get you from redeeming your Zim on your own. They think that if you trust them, you will not go into redeem yourself and thus, miss your once in a lifetime opportunity to do humanitarian work. You will wait for your funds till you see pigs flying around. That means they have won and you have lost. Overall, they think if we do not get the funds to do our work, then they will be relevant in the new Quantum Financial System. They have no clue what awaits them. Always keep your Zim in your possession and redeem them yourself, as the Alliance wants you to do. This is the Front Door to “knock” on and it will be “opened unto you.”

The QFS funds are for Humanitarians only. All others need not apply.

The Alliance is looking for the Sovereigns to do the humanitarian work. If you want to thrust in your sickle and be a part of the harvest, then put on the full mantle of the Sovereign you are and quit hiding behind the smallness you have been conditioned to be. Come in the front door. That’s where you’ll find the Master of your Soul, and it is that Master who will give you the tools you will need to do the work. Show up for your appointment with a real QFS agent Paymaster and get your tools along with your name tag identifying you as a Sovereign Humanitarian. Then and only then will you be called and chosen to go out into the Fields that are white ready for the harvest, employing all the unique skills that only you can apply to this work.

In closing, the catastrophic storm is upon us causing the field to be puddled and muddy. When it is our turn the soil will be fertile and safe for us to move around without getting stuck in the mud. Let the storm pass, let the field dry and then we put on our boots and get to work with our own tools. Plan and prepare till then.

Blessings to All, and to All, be a Blessing

Ron Giles