“The Gift of Amnesty for the Cabal Pawn” – One Who Knows

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows

The Gift Of Amnesty For The CABAL PawnRealizing that this is a Worldwide take down of the Cabal, not a single bad actor will be left standing. NOT ONE. They will all go down and it will happen without warning. However, there is an offer on the table for those who are wise. This message is a last minute call out to those who are about to be sacrificed by your masters. Let’s start at the beginning…

The Sacrificial Pawns

In this Global take down of the Cabal, by the benevolent forces at all levels, there will be sacrifices, but not on the Benevolent side. The evil Cabal masters have told their underlings, the sacrificial pawns, that all is going well, but it is not for the reason you might imagine.

It is not because the really believe it, but since they thrive on pain, sorrow and death, they are sacrificing those who answer to them, in order to feed on their pain and sorrow. Since, they are no longer “Feeding” on the Light Workers and the White Knights, they are now positioning their “Pawns” to be their front line defense and as the White Knights roll in and take them out. The evil ones stoke their need for death and destruction for a bit longer.

Who Are The Sacrificial Pawns?

If you answer to someone “higher” than you, you are to be sacrificed. Remember that they are “Heartless” and kill for sport and entertainment. They have no loyalties, and have already killed everyone they wanted to. As a pawn you know this, as you have seen it yourself. They make you feel important until one day you get two bullets in the back of the head like Vince Foster. I am sure he thought he was “Best Friends” but we all know that evil has no friends, only pawns to be played and sacrificed. I am here to tell you, your end is near…very near. If you have worked for, evil masters, and committed evil deeds, your time is very short. You will either be captured by the White Knights, or killed off by the retreating Cabal who own you.

The Wise Choice

I have it on good authority, that you have an option available to you and a very short window to act. You MUST turn yourself in now, tell the good guys what they need to know about your evil masters, and ask for Amnesty. Amnesty is a gift given to those who, by their own actions and choices, voluntarily turn to the light, and offer their help to the benevolent forces who want to save this Planet. Notice I said “Voluntarily” turn themselves in and ask for amnesty and offer your services to the light. You basically have 3 choices: #1) Death, #2) Capture and imprisonment, or #3) an Amnesty deal. You have a chance to make the wise choice right now, for a certain number of hours. However, when they break your door down, and come for you, that deal is off the table. At that point it will be death or capture and imprisonment. There are no other choices for you… as it is already over. Make the wise choice…NOW!

How Do You Surrender To The Good Guys?

By this point you already realize you have no protection from your cabal masters. You will be sacrificed and thrown under the bus. If you work in the intelligence agencies, some major corporation, or in some political office, you will be taken down in a matter of hours. However, the matter of how you run to the safety of Amnesty, will differ depending on who you are. Remember, the offer is for those who turn themselves in BEFORE there is a knock on their door. When the knock comes, the choice will be made for you.

By this point, I am sure you know who the good guys are and who they are not. For the most part, all the military are the good guys. They are the only ones you can trust 100%. You should make contact with a base near you and ask for protection in return for your cooperation and assistance. Ask for the special Amnesty deal and get instructions on what to do next.

What You Get:

This is the interesting part, as I have been authorized to point out some of the benefits you get when you are going for the Amnesty deal.

#1) Protection For you and Your Family From your Evil Formal Masters

You will be protected and safe. Your former Masters will all be rounded up and kept in isolation if not killed in the take down. You will be offered safety for you and your family for your cooperation.

#2) Those Who choose and receive an Amnesty Deal, will be allowed to exchange currency if they have it.

If you have currency, you will be allowed to exchange it and enjoy the benefits it will offer you. Naturally, those who do not seek out an Amnesty deal, whatever currency they have will be forfeited as they will not need money in prison.

#3) Other Benefits will be discussed on case by case basis.

Clearly, each person has different needs and will be offered other considerations on a case by case basis.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if your are Cabal, or a Cabal minion, your time is very short. The no holds barred take down is hours away. Will you be taken down at home or will it be in your car on the way home? Will you be captured or killed? Who knows where or when it will happen, but clearly it will be when you least expect it. It is not a matter of “if” you will be taken down, but instead it is just a matter of when.

The New Benevolent Powers That Be know that most of the Cabal minions were forced to do things they did not want to do. There were threats made and pressure applied and even your families were threatened to get you to cooperate. This is why they are being so lenient and offering this one time Amnesty offer for those who want a safe way out of this mess.

This offer is valid and I have been authorized to put this out. You know I have connections at the very top of this operation and I do not mess around with non sense. This is a VERY REAL OFFER and your time is very short to take it.

I know your tiny heart is beating hard right now, but you still have a chance. Turn yourself in before you are sacrificed by your cabal masters. Do the right thing for once. Feel good about yourself. If you want to risk death, or rot in a FEMA camp, then do nothing and wait for the knock on your door. It is coming… However, you have a better choice to turn yourself in now while you still can. Turn to the light and help the good guys and get some consideration and Amnesty for your cooperation. Remember, in many cases you were forced to do what you have done, and you have no loyalty to those Cabal psychopaths. Save yourself before it is too late. Tick, Tock, time is growing near….

May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows