the first card to be pulled in that House of Cards which you call the EU would be pulled by the people of England

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Montague Keen – June 26, 2016

Congratulations, England. BREXIT, the first step, has been taken. How many of you expected that the first card to be pulled in that House of Cards which you call the EU would be pulled by the people of England? It took your world by surprise. It took the Cabal by surprise.

Understand that this is but the first step. You will have to be strong to hold on to your VICTORY. Your oppressors are busy now, trying to overturn this remarkable victory. I say do not fall for their lies. DO NOT AGREE TO ANOTHER REFERENDUM. Think back at how they overturned IRELAND’S VOTE TO WITHDRAW FROM THE EU. Ireland was cheated out of its wish to withdraw. Think about why you are always asked to vote with the use of a pencil mark which can be so easily erased. Ensure that you use an indelible pen in future.

Your oppressors will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to take over your world. They believed that their strongholds throughout England would win the day but it was the real English people who achieved this extraordinary result. The whole world owes them a debt of gratitude, for they have shown great courage. This is the first defeat the Illuminati have suffered. I say the first, advisably, as they have many more to face. Their downfall is assured. This was just the first step. The Illuminati’s Great Plan to unify the world and make it into one unit that they alone would control, has taken a blow. A blow which it did not expect. From this side of life, it was exciting to see the shock waves and the dismay. They do not like to make mistakes. THIS IS A BIG ONE. The light is emerging and opening people’s eyes as never before.

All those who strived to hold you in the EU are suspect, not to be trusted. You cannot ever lower your guard. The world-ruling elite is exposed as greedy psychopaths who still try to fool you into believing that they have a right to rule you. Now you have the opportunity to choose those who truly have your best interests at heart, rather than those whom you are told have your interests at heart. Stop being victims, for now you have the opportunity to choose who you want in government. Forget party politics, as that is what got you into this mess in the first place. You have seen the light, you took back control. Now it is time to carefully consider your future.

The forces of light are with you and will obtain victory for you. The tide has turned, you can now choose your future. This is your transition. It began in England. You must now ensure that good people come forward to help lead the way. You cannot expect to go forward with the same people who held you in bondage. They must go as they cannot be trusted. Demand an election that will bring in new blood and give you a new direction. The world is watching you, England. Be proud of yourselves. You are leading the way for humanity to take back control.

Other countries in the EU will now take heart and demand their freedom from the tyranny of the EU. Did you ever benefit from being in it? Higher debt, unlimited immigration, endless regulations, political correctness, etc. It was dehumanising people. You must now dismantle every last shred of it. Reclaim your sovereign power as that is your divine right.

Scrutinize everyone who puts themselves forward to stand for election. Do not judge anyone by name alone, as so many of these undesirable people have changed their names to Irish names. Remember, should a horse be accidentally born in a pig sty, that does not make it a pig. Check the background of every last one. Where does their true allegiance lie? You must not be conned into the same old control system, no matter what new name they call it. The slate must be wiped clean. Start with new thinking and a new understanding of life as it should be lived, outside of the corrupt control system which has controlled every moment of your lives.

I ask that you watch this short video interview: CrossTalk BREXIT: GOAL !
Veronica was impressed with the information contained in it.

My dear wife has been ill. Her lungs are again causing concern. She was unable to concentrate last week, though she is not much better now. But she struggles on.

BREXIT has brought her much joy and hope. Go forward, my friends. You have taken the first step.

My dear, take care of yourself. You have work to do.

Forever at your side, your adoring, Monty.
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