The energy of the enemies of humanity is fading fast.

Montague Keen – June 11, 2017

My dear wife has been working very long hours on your behalf, releasing energy that was blocked from you. This work was very necessary as it exposes the extent to which the Cabal has gone in order to hold you in its dark grip. I wish to thank her friend from Holland and her friend from Ireland, who have worked so diligently with her. This is a team effort. They covered the world. They located the places that had been used to hide knowledge. They located the sacred places where the energy was blocked from flowing out to humanity in order to enhance life on Earth. Our work is progressing and it cannot be stopped. The energy of the enemies of humanity is fading fast. Every day, they can see their power diminishing. They have become desperate. Soon, they will be at your mercy. Prepare for that moment and make plans.

Open your eyes and see what is happening all around you. People are finding their voice once more. Government lies are being exposed and you are seeing war for what it is, not for what you are told it is. There is no place for such people in your world anymore. The killers of humanity have nowhere to hide. Their game is up. “Weapons of Mass Destruction” can never be used again to con the people into war.

Veronica is so exhausted. Working long hours every day at her great age is not easy. She has her army on this side of life, as well as on Earth, all working together to ensure that we remove all dark influences from the world.

My dear, we assisted you and your friends, and we achieved much more than you could know. We are delighted that we were able to connect so easily with you and your friends. This work will continue as there is much to do.

Please rest.

Always, your adoring, Monty.

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