The Christian Conundrum

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Chuck Swindoll

The Christian Paradigm is under siege…because a world not eternally corrupted, does not require a savior to save it. So what is going on right now (the taking down of world wide corruption) is putting monkey wrenches into the Christian epistemological zero point: exclusive knowledge of spiritual Truth.

Why has Christian assumption been called to question of late? Because we have entered the Great Awakening. We have entered the time of self correction, and Christianity has absolutely ZERO tolerance for alternate existential narratives.

[Existential would be ones theories of existence–the ‘what and who you are’ theories to which you personally subscribe, and foist your life. Ones existential view would be the balance upon which life understanding hangs]

The Great Awakening by default is a concerted existential shift –planetary wide– which suppresses former modalities of fear, desire, separation, and in turn shifts those energies into ideals of love, connectivity, unity. Some people are more sensitive to this shift than others in the same way some people are more gifted with numbers or music than others.

Low vibrations like fear and desire cannot dominate a Great Awakening. This is due to the natural laws of flow dynamics. Flow patterns work at all levels, not just gas and fluid. Nor will the same low vibration energies return post a Great Awakening for the same reason flower petals do not grow back into a stem. So in the same way, the personal consciousness and the collective consciousness, cannot regress backward.

Consciousness cannot unsee…once certain epistemological membranes are penetrated, they don’t grow back because they cease to exist. A collective cannot unawaken anymore than eyes can unsee.

Let’s go another step, and triangulate the Christian existential model.

What is happening now –the taking down of world wide corruption– goes directly against the Christian existential telos; a telos which insists an earth that is inexorably in a state of regression into tribulation. The “you are a sinner” existential philosophy cannot support Natures self correction, because figs do not grow from thistles, nor grapes from thorns.

The collective cannot self correct according to Judeo-Christian doctrine because that is the role of Jesus. You’re a sinner, so you can’t do things like save the world. In other words, Jesus is required to save because you don’t have it in you. You’re not good enough.

The Christian believes themself, and the whole world -the whole universe in fact- to be incapable of self correction because life is a fallen enterprise. Life is ultimately sin tarnished, and therefor cannot be sustained in Christian eternal theorems.

In a very odd way then, the Christian actually cherishes and depends upon a put down theory of them-self, because filth is their access to grace. So also the world falls into the same put down conundrum, because sin ultimately consumes Creation with corruption, and therefore requires a savior model. So by triangulation of this model, you can see that the religion is not only a straw man, but welcomes tribulation as this triggers Jesus’ return. This is capture bonding personified: Stockhomes syndrome, or love through punishment.

The Christian will respond, “Well Chuck, it may be getting better for a while, maybe for long after we die and even thousands of years thereafter…but Chuck, get real. Eventually, it’s going to fail no matter what because the Bible says man’s heart is ultimately fallen. The world is fallen. It is all corrupted in the eyes of God. We are all wretches, Chuck. So yea, great, be excited about criminals being brought to justice…but Jesus is still coming back because we are incapable. It’s clear as day, Chuck. The bible says when Jesus comes back the earth will be filled with iniquity just like Sodom and Gomorrah, only worse. So it doesn’t matter this short term take down of corruption, Chuck. That’s great n all, but the REAL long term story IS doom. Has to be! That’s why Jesus is coming back! We have to be saved because we are incapable of saving ourselves!”

Now, you see how this is a short sighted existential position? How it’s self defeating. It’s a precondition to failure. It’s preclusion to doom. And it denies any other reality…because it is right. It’s a spiritually myopic perspective and it contains no room for alternate thought. It is adolescent in its sense.

Under this kind of pressure then, you see how short sighted existential theories could never be Divinely sourced because they work against natural law. Why? Because we cannot unsee deeper Truth, and if we insist to be right, we deny any deeper truth rendered. That is called inappropriate behavior because it’s a living denial of Nature.

An emerging consciousness cannot go back anymore than you can unmix paint. Just like a good psychologist will dissolve lies a client has mentally bought, so Nature is dissolving lies within the human collective.

Now, Israel is the cultural vessel through which God has always and will always project “Himself” in the Judeo-Christian spiritual belief system. In other words, Israel MUST be preserved if you’re a Jew or a Christian because Jews and Christians already know who the winner is…and the winner is a Jewish man, and the winning team are the Judeo-Christians.

The western religious models are based in 4 millennia old Sumero Babylonian tribal belief systems which by logical default are over simplistic. I’m mean, what concepts of eternal reality could a primitive, Bedouin, Barney and Rubble culture evoke? Think about it. Christians were under the egis that the universe is geocentric, God is male, and everyone is heterosexual just a few centuries ago.

Keep in mind the Bible’s spiritual ideals are based in laws, group mindedness, rigidly held beliefs…these ideals are all based in fear and desire because the spiritual principals are condensed into a sin vs purity rationale. In other words, there is no room for an earth without sin in the Christian mind, so the Christian without realizing it integrates a guilt precluded psychology which renders a world requiring a savior to save it. You see the psychological bond point? It’s hidden in the sin and atonement mechanism which transfixes the psyche.

In the Christians mind, Israel always caries a wining role. It has to be that way or the Bible is wrong. A Christian is precluded then to love Israel just as the Catholics are precluded to love the Vatican. Israel holds this same psychologically authoritative position in the Judeo-Christian mind as the Pope does to the Catholics — everything delineates to hierarchy. In other words, the Judeo-Christian religions gaslight converts to values centered in mind (belief), which is idolatry. Because it’s what you believe that matters in the Judeo-Christian model.

So really when you think about it, how does the Christian paradigm fit into what is happening now and what we are actually experiencing? It doesn’t! Because we are in an anti-stagnancy awakening pattern, and idolized 3,000 year old beliefs have no place in ever expanding spiritual consciousness.

~ Chuck Swindoll
Fall, 2018