The Cabal’s reign of terror is coming to an end





 Montague Keen – October 29, 2017

The battle intensifies as, one by one, all the lies of your controllers are being exposed. Their pyramid of power is disintegrating all around them as books are being written and brave souls are speaking out. I ensured that a particular book, TELL THE TRUTH AND SHAME THE DEVIL *), is seen by Veronica; and she in turn has sent it to others because of the well-researched truth that is exposed within. It opens your mind to the truth that has been carefully hidden from you. To hold such lies in place, a control system of laws was created to prevent you ever knowing the truth.

This, my friends, is the time of truth and exposure. The Cabal’s reign of terror is coming to an end. Their lies and their evil intent are now out in the open for all to see and decide what to do. There are brave souls whose only wish is to release humanity from bondage. David Icke has been doing this for many years in his own way. Gilad Atzmon is a beautiful soul. He, too, is working tirelessly on your behalf, to save you from the fate which the Cabal has planned for you.

The history you have learned since The Council of Nicea in 325AD is 100% lies. You have been the victims of the Cabal since that time. Your spiritual essence was destroyed and your minds, even your souls, have been controlled and locked down ever since. Your instinct, your innate self that connected you with All That Is, was deliberately destroyed by the Cabal with their mandatory vaccinations and drugs. The fact that you are surviving such an onslaught is nothing short of a miracle. The Annunaki and their descendants on Earth nearly succeeded with their plan to remove (kill) all of humanity, so that they alone can live openly here. These are the people WHO NEED TO DRINK HUMAN BLOOD, KILL BABIES AND EAT THEM, SO THAT THEY CAN SURVIVE ON EARTH. You know who they are. The evidence is all around you. The only person who is dealing with this is Donald Trump, but you are not told that. What else must this evil Cabal do before you say, “STOP! We refuse to allow you to continue without sanction”.

Read: Eisenhower’s book, CRUSADE IN EUROPE.

Read: Churchill’s book, THE SECOND WORLD WAR.

Read: De Gaulle’s book, MEMOIRS: Vols I, II, III.

These three books were written by those who were involved in the war. They tell the truth about the war as they lived it. Those who took control of everything after the war had ended, invented A SCENARIO THAT THESE THREE MEN KNEW NOTHING ABOUT. Strange, is it not? This is certainly worth investigation. You are all victims of this scenario, and until you deal with it, you will remain an inmate of the prison you call Earth.

You all love to sing about freedom, but I tell you, you have never experienced it. The Cabal has taken everything from you. How much longer will you allow this to go on unchallenged? Until you expose and challenge these facts, your oppressors will carry on as before, wiping you out and taking your assets for themselves.

The truth stands alone; only lies need protection. It is time for the chains to be removed and for you to open your eyes and see clearly what is all around you, not what you are told is there. Take back your world and allow it to be as it was before the controllers were put in place. Enjoy the sun as it was before the dark days of control. Everything that benefits human life has been destroyed or removed. The Cabal needs the energy of your suffering in order to survive. They found ways that lower the human sperm count which is now lower that it has ever been. When you are no longer able to reproduce, they have victory, and will be free to take the Earth for themselves.

Please stop obeying without question all that the Cabal demands of you. I can assure you that they do not have your best interests at heart. They hate and despise you. The word ‘hate’ is powerful. When you see hate in action, your mind almost explodes in shock. You had foolishly thought that everyone was like you; live and let live. But my dear wife experienced such hatred from my family, when I passed over, because she was not a Jew. She had everything taken from her. How I regret not protecting her from such a terrible experience. I never foresaw it.

Hollywood was, and still is being used to mind control you. Those who are in control of the film industry are on a mission to lead you astray. Their input into how you live your lives is enormous. You foolishly open your minds to whatever is produced there, including all the subliminal material that is directed into your consciousness. Look at those who produce these films. Are they honourable people? I think not. Do they respect you?

You are waking up from the nightmare of control and seeing it for the first time. This awakening is not easy, but it is a process you must go through, it cannot be avoided. Remind yourselves of all that you will gain by facing and removing the corrupt Cabal. The world can then be run by human beings, for the benefit of human beings. All the reasons for war will be gone forever, so the killing industry will cease to exist. Look at those who own it. Look at those who glorify war, while staying safely at home themselves. Only the gullible fall for their lies. There is no honour in killing your fellow man. It goes against every honourable instinct that you have. Defend yourselves, by all means, but never set out to kill.

Life is particularly hard for those who endeavour to awaken you from captivity. The attacks are relentless and extremely difficult to cope with. All aspects of life are attacked. There are millions of innocent people, all over your world, who are locked away in prisons. Help them in any way that you can. This is a crime against humanity and must be exposed. 99% of the judges are CABAL-owned. They serve only the Cabal. The judicial system is there only to serve the Cabal, and is used to remove those who may become a nuisance.

We, on this side of life, thank all of you who have prayed and contributed to the fund to provide legal help for Dave McCann. We are getting there! $25,000 is needed: this is the going rate for legal assistance in the United States. Finding honest legal help in America is extremely difficult. However, Veronica has succeeded and now needs the funds to move forward. Sadly, the United States was taken over by the Cabal many years ago.

My dear, the blockages that come up, no matter what you do, are extremely difficult to deal with. Those within the Cabal are desperate to hang on to their way of life. They will attempt to destroy anyone who threatens them. But your work will be completed and he will return.

Always, my dear, your adoring, Monty.

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Website: The Montague Keen Foundation*) This book can be found online here: Gerard Menuhin – Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil – GC.