The Black Plague

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Zeolites are the Right Way to Detox

When it comes to detoxing, there is a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way can just move toxins around to another part of the body where they can continue to do harm (yes, some methods do this).

For holistic health practitioner Dr. James Reese, the right way means that the detox method removes toxins in their entirety (not just a little).

“It’s essential to make sure that the product you use is first and foremost non-toxic to the cells. And that it will remove the toxin in total and not leave it behind in another area. This is why zeolite is so effective.

To detox safely and gently, turn to natural mineral zeolite. Those who have high sensitivity to detox have been able to use Pure Body without side effects. In my opinion, Pure Body is the best zeolite in the marketplace and is affordable for every family to take on a daily basis.” James T. Reese L. Ac. OMD is a Lecturer, Author, Teacher and Clinician with 40 years in research in the Holistic & Alternative Health Field. He holds a Diploma of Acupuncture (Dipl. Ac.) and National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM). A veteran of 29 plus years in clinical practice, Dr. Reese can speak to holistic health from a vantage of wisdom and experience. To learn more you can visit his site at

It cannot stressed enough the importance of “this” zeolite. Yes there is stuff out there, but, it doesn’t work as well. Taking Zeolite is a must these days with all the nano particles we know exist in our air, water and land. We need a way to rid ourselves of these toxic metals. A regimen of 4 drops of liquid Zeolite in a cool beverage plus 4 sprays of Extra Strength in the morning and the same at night will rid us of chemtrail chemicals, metals and more. It acts like a magnet to metals and radiation and plus we need to prepare for the release of the controlling through nano particles with the, soon to emerge upon us, 5G waves. Don’t be a walking antenna!!!

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The Black Plague

According to the long-told historic tale…. The use of thieves oil dates all the way back to the year 1413. The time that the Bubonic Plague (aka The Black Death) devastated a large portion of France. The Black Death spread like wild-fire among the citizens, and the doctors alike. It seemed impossible to be in the vicinity without contracting it, and yet four thieves robbing the dead survived. The four thieves were captured and charged for stealing from the sick and dying. The thieves never contracted the plague, despite the close contact with the Black-Death victims. At this time, the crime these 4 men committed was punishable by burning alive. The judge was so intrigued by how these men had stayed immune to this terrible disease, that he told them if they shared their secret he would spare them of this punishment. The Thieves told the judge their secret: They had prepared an essential oil recipe that when applied to their hands, ears, temples, feet & a mask over their mouths, kept them safe from infection. The judge stayed true to his word. The men were not burned alive, but instead they were hanged for their crimes. From then on, the doctors who treated the Black Death victims put the herbal infusion on their hands, ears, temples & feet, and wore beak-like masks stuffed with cloths containing this special blend. The beak is how doctors got the long-lasting nickname “quack”.

Doctors are warning that the current outbreak of “Black Plague” on the island of Madagascar will continue to spread and worsen, and could become a global pandemic.

About a third of the population of Europe, up to 50 million, died of bubonic plague during the Middle Ages. A modern pandemic could claim several hundred million lives.

The current outbreak in Madagascar is of pneumonic plague. Thousands of cases of plague are reported annually, 95% of which occur in Madagascar and sub-Saharan Africa. The incubation period of pneumonic plague is so short that death often occurs within 12-24 hours after it is contracted and before treatment can be administered. A modern epidemic of pneumonic plague would be utterly horrific as air travel, increased population density, and ventilation systems facilitate the process.

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