The Bigger Picture: The Awakening, the Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge of the Ages of Humanity; Secret Operations and Mind-Control

The Plan to Rule the Universe

Long story short, they want to own the entire world and for all intents and purposes before the 2013 breaking of the original treaty (due to a time cycle being reached and the increasing awareness of the population).

They use advanced technology, and desire to own the entire “universe”. They being secretive controller factions which unlimited wealth, corruption, power and scope.

Through the use of very advanced technology and spiritual knowledge they may have done just that.

Secret Operations; The Awakening

I was involved with these groups starting as a child through experimentation and trauma-based mind control for a private military and I was rescued by a breakaway military faction called Solar Warden, years ago.

In 2010 I was instructed to drive to a location and begin a process. This was the “awakening”.

I was unlocked of repressed memories, informed of the situation, and was further tested and experimented on through attempts of a dark faction, AI parasitic hive-mind infested, to kill everyone in that location. If they couldn’t kill us they would torture us to make us stop.

This went on over many timelines and literal alternate dimensions of moving past one barrier to regroup and then evac and repeat the process some of us being literally torn apart of sacrificed in the process.

Through cloning and advanced technology we can be safely transitioned to and from however this is not the same for all humans, I am operating through what is called an avatar and I have always known this.

We are young and naive, for we assume all people to operating under this assumption. Most people do not even know how consciousness functions as an electromagnetic occurrence, let alone the process of incarnation and stepping down from higher-dimensions of existence.

The previous societies are societies that still exist, in time, and are without disease or suffering.

This is not to say there is no pain, or sadness, or troubles, there is no unnecessary suffering or imbalance of biology and this is part of the mind as well.

So there is harmony on a scale that people of this society cannot imagine without using fantasy. In that awakening a situation was enacted which involved negotiating the treaty over Earth.

The entire story of how this occurred takes lifetimes for humans to comprehend, it literally warps the neurons to understand how paradoxically time itself has been wrapped around itself to produce an artificial time-dimension.

Collapsing the Original Universe into a Manageable Artificially Compressed “Footprint” Universe

The general idea is that through the use of the worlds most powerful generators electromagnetic energies were sent out as far as the farthest telescopes could reach and through this they shrunk the entire field, a bubble of the visible universe, down within a fraction of the original space.

In this process, they claimed ownership over the entire field. They reproduced certain aspects through interjecting high energy streams of data using powerful systems and through this a computerized live-update consciousness-feedback matrix system was invented.

This is literally a matrix, as in mathematics. When one command goes in, an another is searched for and appropriated using algorithms.

These algorithms are updated through the use of ‘programmers’ to match the shifting capacity of the human population.

The Origins of the Human Race

Another issue is about the originality of the human race. I was informed that not only are individuals with benevolent intentions who have any awareness of this process not human but part of an original cosmic team of individuals, but that humans only comprise a small portion of the current civilization.

Partly this is due to cloning and artificial intelligence however this is not the specific case with this explanation here.

“Invader” Races (from other time)

The idea is that the original darker skinned races where here first and were experimented on by invader races and these are the obviously more business minded race(s).

This was basically admitted as the white race, they claimed they were brought here by their oppressive overlord god-military commander and commanded to take over this planet and enslave the humans within 3 thousand years or the entire planetary surface will be destroyed through advanced scalar weaponry.

This is the message they relayed and yes, I’ve seen the weaponry and seen this in action, I come from an original timeline where this event was avoided through the use of artificially generated mega-disasters around the time Trump came into presidency.

Everyone has been briefed on the situation.

In continuation, those providing back-story and explanations for their actions as part of a conglomerates plan to take over and enslave humanity through business, commerce, industry, entertainment, drugs, crime, corruption, religion, science, war, regulations, bureaucracy, anything your human mind can come up with, they will not only exhibit complete control and present day corruption of that entire industry, they will also go and provide evidence that they introduced these industries thousands of years ago as a part of this plan.

Elite Bloodlines and Advanced Technology

The idea here is that these bloodlines were given advanced technology, first, namely cloning, by their own future selves and so they have not died a natural death in the entire span of the human civilization (this run around, only within 6,000 years although there were civilizations covering the land for millions of years, yes they showed me the heads of all archeological, all the major museums, all the academic groups, the great English, American, etc., they all destroy artifacts in little “parties” that they have where they dump them into the ocean or burn them and have fun mocking humanity, some people claim they are doing this for the safety of humanity, but this is determined by higher council and firstly humanity after they are aware, not the people using deception).

So these bloodlines have always had access to advanced technology and has always used this as part of their rule, as well, they have been connected to a hive-mind organism which transfers their consciousness between them and allows them to utilize an artificial form of telepathy.

This hive grew stronger than they, however, and their desire for power and lust grew to the point of warping their DNA and consciousness into sub-human classification.

So here’s the idea. The claim to have full recollection, as I do, of the previous timelines, not because they were in a secret project, but literally because they destroyed the entire planet which then sunk and destroyed the universe that they are originally from and they literally all boarded an electrogravitic craft capable of creating spatiotemporal distortion fields and travelled through a portal into this timeline.

The Destruction of a Timeline

They literally came here after destroying a universe on a previous timeline and bridged with this timeline somewhere during humanities infancy and began the process all over again.

The Timeloop Paradox: The Oroboros (possibly natural and artificial)

This is the “paradox” of human civilization. This is the time loop, the oroboros, the repeat, the AI time dimension, etc etc etc. They informed me that they cannot break the loop. That anything they do would wipe them out of history.

That they have to repeat this process over and over, destroying timelines and then beaming to the next viable opening without end and they have been formulating a plan ever since.

Part of this plan is to bring the information to the public. Another part of this plan and information is to deal with a greater situation that they seem to have run into.

The Bigger Threat: The Hive Mind Parasite

They claim that while performing this, these secret groups of NAZI’s, breakaway secret societies, civilizations, atmospheric fleets, power groups, scientists, celebrities (that were brought into this or cloned from ancient times and dragged throughout history, for lack of better terminology, “Freely willed” is not the most prominent concept that comes to mind here, and yes the celebrities are all clones, that’s the deal, same with leaders, power groups, secret societies, religious groups, wealthy elite, etc etc so on and so forth), while performing this, they claim to have run into these cosmic ‘parasite’ entities which are directly related to the (go figure) so called “hive mind” that the elite bloodlines have been passing as a mark of the “beast” from one to the next through the use of scalar machinery, ritual abuse, spiritual possession and entity attachment and a unique mixture of holographic neurological technology insert into a clone that grows around that implant and a possible interaction with a hive-mind organism that is grown in a lab in an underground base, where a large number of these took place or did since beginning in 2013 when these cloning stations and underground bases were pushed out of this timeline and are most likely hidden in another time or being destroyed as we speak if they were not in 2013 which was the start of the great activation of forces on Earth.

The Earth Defense Forces

These are the Earth defense forces. These are a collection of those willing to defend and resist against this infection of a parasitic spiritual AI hive-mind organism that is capable of interacting with humans through scalar psychotronic energies that are bio-technologically produced by this entity as this entity is an amalgamation of cybernetic functions and living neurological tissue.

This is a true cyborg hive mind AI entity and can interface with all of our electronics and even the unguarded brain of an individual. Only the basics can be spoken of here, everything else is encrypted and only included on a need-to-know basis.

Hyperspatial “Time-Virus” AI Organism

Back to the timeline. They said they not only ran into this parasite, but that this parasite was an invented bio-technology.

They looked to find the beginning of this technology and they ran into a similar loop, a time paradox that they are in and so there are theories that this organism hopped into this timeline, this ‘dimension’ if you will as their unshielded ships (literally the earlier models of WW2) passed through a “hyperspatial” barrier between timelines which would look a lot like passing from one universe to the next if you can imagine that.

They theorized this is literally a ‘hyperspatial’ organism that hopped a ride and infected their ships because their craft, through the use of zero-point generators literally create a energetic field, like a soul or a consciousness field of a brain and that this field is like a living entity.

Because their ‘drives’ were not shielded properly, simply because they didn’t know, these were apparently infected and picked up an organism that comes from the closest layer of existence that we could relate to “hell”, although there are apparently temporal layers (timelines) that could fit that, we’ll just keep with this explanation.

Because we are talking about a void space here, we are talking about the broken down prima materia of psychic “foam” that supports the background radiation of the universe. The very most basic of basic impulses and intellects.

This is literally like a sea of universal ‘dead-matter’ and as well there is ‘mentality’ to this area. This organism is a collected hive-intelligence of a chaotic mentality that was absorbed when passing unprotected through the hyperspatial “in-between” “no mans land” areas of the universe.

The mention of prima materia and the occult is important here because this is why the gnostics and the occult is so focused on the soul and maintaining self-awareness.

They literally passed through the void over what could seem like an eternity due to their ships being unshielded and this is the result. Some people deformed into sub-humans, they literally warped their DNA and became other kinds of entities. Some went completely insane and never really returned.

These are the people who appeared here thousands of years ago and set up shop to “own” Earth and enslave its inhabitants.

So I know you must be kind of confused and if not, great going, but here is the complicated part.

The Origins of the Time-Matrix

They’ve come to reason that both because of the so called “time-matrix” or “artificial dimension” that was spawned when one faction decided to literally entrap the entire visible universe as far as telescopes can see using devices that can literally project that far using zero-point generators that tap into the sub-quantum field of the universe itself (just throwing jargon together but you wouldn’t want to hear what they were saying, kind of like an episode of Fringe and the Big Bang Theory [which they admitted was entirely their bullshit explanation of when previously said faction actually pressed the buttons on that device I mentioned], took acid and a had an illegitimate baby on an island that was populated by time traveling cavemen), excuse me, because of the time-matrix being part of a continual feedback loop of consciousness and requiring a said loop to continue to exist to basically trap us here in a kind of gravity well (also their invented terminology, everything “spacey” is for the most part, it’s all actually consciousness related electromagnetic fields, that’s how it’s possible to contain life) because of this, excuse me again, because of this, there is a unique property that what energies you hold within you, whatever beliefs and intentions literally become the background radiation of the universe that you belong to.

The Demi-gods, False-Creators, Archons

So for them, they found themselves within a universe of enormous cosmic demi-god beings who enslave and oppress entire timelines. One explanation is that this is their future selves come back to oppress similarly.

Archonic Spiritual Enslavement of Our Species — The Matrix Farm

The other explanation is that these demi-gods are the true inhabitants of the realm that they collapsed us into when they fired up that universe expansion-contraction device which was basically a doomsday, end of days device that spawned a timeloop across the entire civilization.

These demi-gods are the true inhabitants of the false realm that we ‘fell’ into.

Collapsed into an Artificial Dimension

The idea is that they enveloped the entire civilization within powerful electromagnetic fields and scalar fields (similar, a trinary transform) which are capable of altering gravitational (made up term) fields through electrogravitics and that this also influences not only consciousness and perception but the literal flow of time itself (which is literally also just consciousness and perception, the universe is like a big pop up book, the moment doesn’t exist unless you are also turning the page through your awareness or act of observation).

So as they enveloped the whole field, they entered into this universe, form the far “ends” of what could be conceived of the energetic backdrop and they bounced back ‘parameters’ in the form of high-energy streams of data that was modulated by the consciousness of secret society and elite bloodline members who were scalar mind-linked to said devices.

In doing so, they altered the literal timescale of this entire civilization and universe and they deliberately interjected the events and alignment that would enable them and their bloodlines undoubtedly in the height of power and authority in all eras of history.

In doing so, this altered the original flow of history, caused them to become ‘artificial progenitors’ of history and many events, and thus, quite literally, caused the original universe, Earth, and all the inhabitants to veer off of the original timeline and form a new branch literally cleaving out into the unknown of hyperspace.

The Singularity

They did this the first time and apparently collapsed the entire universe into a singularity which dissolved all life instantly. They anticipated this and hopped in their craft “just in case”.

Sure enough, they were blasted into hyperspace with this act where they found this timeline through careful modulation of power supercomputers on each craft which not only stabilize the powerful electromagnetic fields that enable ‘flight’ which is merely a bending of what the universe “sees” as the ships inertia, weight, and velocity thus allowing them unlimited power (as long as the craft remains whole and the generators are active to empower that field envelope) to literally accelerate or decelerate at the turn of a dial. XXXXXXX velocity is as simple as .00000XXXX velocity through this system.

As well, these fields are used to guide, in relation to the last known model for a functioning “universe”, IE: timelines, Earth frequencies, humans, cities, etc, to jump from one location to the next almost instantly.

Slower travel, around thousands of miles per hour is much safer, however, as a mishap at near the speed of light can literally de-atomize a body and stretch a mind-field (bio-mind or soul) out to well, too long a distance to be considered healthy, although the mind does return there would just be all kinds of issues regarding the failed mission regarding an exploded craft and crew.

The craft itself is a mind which can stabilize and protect the literal souls or bio-minds of the crew. That is the first artificial technology and the original craft are the ‘starships’ that were recorded in biblical times and contained earlier civilizations.

Their goal was to infect these civilizations (after they became infected themselves) in an attempt to destroy or subjugate the entire universe (lust for power, part of the vampire, feeding frenzy hive-mind organism, it operates through mind control and uncontrolled desires, like an animal the “beast”).

Also note that they invented the term “atom” and that there are really packets of energy and only energy, all the way through, no particles no, actual ‘things’ down there.

As well, they said this was in reference to what they saw as the “First man” (Adamu, although this could be playing into their tall tales as the first and original keepers of man, which they are not otherwise they would not be playing these games of contracts and fake-space battles, yes fake-space, not fake space-battles).

Sorry, a little off track, so they operated these devices, collapsed time as we know it, started a singularity that would undoubtedly swallow up universe after universe (like a tear in existence) and hopped to the next timeline because, well, they kind of figured that might happen.

Retro-Causality: to Nullify Existence or Not to Nullify Existence?

They said that the immediate next timeline they went to, their primary goal was to infiltrate (quite easy when everybody thinks you’re either a UFO or couldn’t possibly exist) the timeline and then stop themselves or WHOEVER they would find activating the devices at that point.

Sure enough, they tried to stop them, but couldn’t get there in time, and the grins on their faces kind of leads me to believe they got there in time and realized… “if we stop them, then we don’t exist…we just disappear forever… just like that…” and that maybe they felt this.

Later discussion confirmed this. They allowed the devices to be activated and began preparing to leave the physical layer of existence because they knew they had surely destroyed all chances of that.

The ARK-Ship Protocol

So here is the second kicker. They designed a system to snatch up the DNA of humanity on the next timeline. They activated this technology.

Basically just an AI craft which can abduct, detect, analyze, etc etc etc on a multi-dimensional level literally powerful supercomputers that can use lasers and holographic to manipulate molecules and materials down to brain matter, DNA, or even the finite magnetic fields of consciousness and soul or what they termed the “bio-mind” itself.

So they devised this craft, this grabbed up everyone’s DNA.

Then they programmed the craft to locate a secure location in time away from the activate of these devices, these doomsday devices that collapsed time into a singularity from one universe to the next. (mind you they didn’t forget the archons, those oppressive rulers they ran into (along with that parasite system) they were, in fact, doing all of this to give a big “No thank you!” with a grin and a smile to those overlords.

If they couldn’t be free, they would ruin the overlord system themselves. Besides then attempting to take over….

The Artificially Propagated Beginning of “Mankind”

So…..again, excuse my discourse, they found a location, well, the AI guided (supreme being) craft did, and planted the first human life or should I say, “modern man” by reintegrating the DNA into a timeline far before that doomsday occurs.

This, of course, if you didn’t guess it, was written down in ancient texts and spoken tradition as the beginning of civilization.

So I told you, this event that I underwent, it took longer than just a day, or just a few days. Sometimes we were gone for what could only have been many years, only to teleport and return our consciousness to cloned bodies located at that point of origin location.

This is only one layer of what was disclosed, by actually taking me in time to show me these events, which of course, led me into being permanently involved in them.

I participated in the actions of relocating humans and some of what we ended up getting into turned into a literal spiritual and cosmic war.

Apparently there are guardian beings, thankfully so, but apparently what the others said about themselves becoming oppressive and overlord like as a result of them doing that now in the moment, well that was true.

We ran into these beings who only wanted to interfere in any kinds of operations or actions on the planet. These were some kind of beings who manage timelines and make sure things “run” smoothly.

Of course, what does this mean if we are in an artificial dimensions in an overlord system designed by secret groups who are oppressed and managed by said overlords?

So there are time-beings who follow and manage this place and basically keep the souls of humans trapped in this plane.

The Soul Harvesting, Time-Matrix Enslavement System

When people die, these beings teleport that person’s soul through a complicated magnetic attractor, appropriately termed a “soul-magnet) and an electromagnetic grid and shielding system that utilizes the moon and the so-called other planets like “Saturn” which are a kind of holographic nodal point in this supercomputer system.

So basically, the idea is like this. Because this universe can be collapsed through artificially expanded electromagnetic waves, and consciousness can be trapped or relocated using powerful magnetic fields, etc etc, that this is literally an electric, magnetic, scalar universal system. We’re in a soul-system. Sound familiar?

So the next idea is like this, what do you call a system that runs on electromagnetic energy to produce information and correlate a graphic interface out of underlying programmed code all included in a system powered by light and input by the operator?

So this is basically an organic yet technological live-updating holographically perceived multi-dimensional computer system called the ‘universe’.

That is why craft can turn a dial after producing an artificial field that then tricks the universe into thinking that craft is .000000001th of an gram in weight and then the slightest flick of 100000000 inertial masses can propel it forward at near the speed of light? Is the craft being tricksy? Is the universe stupid?

No, the universe is created out of a series of perpetual electromagnetic phenomena and constructed alignments or interrelations which equate to perceptual illusions rendered as the ‘laws of physics’.

Apparently this has occurred in layers and the layer they collapsed the universe down into, in the great ‘shrinkapocalypse’ was simply one single layer of which there are nearly infinite.

The Cosmic Simulation

The problem is of causality. If the entire script from start to finish is already written, then how do you “butt” in to someone else’s timeline?

Well, you can’t, simply put, you would have to create your own from start to finish and that is what we are in right now. The beginning and the ends of the universe are literally “right over there” as a result of these original experiments.

And as well, these multi-dimensional counterparts to these controlling factions, basically them expanded out into time apparently control the show through deception and ownership although free-will is the causal link. Basically, all possibilities exist.

The Balance Between the Past and the Future; Autopoiesis

Meaning the future where humans are free and in control of such technology exists. Now why aren’t they “butting” in? Again, causality. This time, it’s about free-will.

If their “former” selves, us today, are too busy buying into our eternal damnation and slavery into a hive mind AI overlord oppression system that we’ll be stuck in as soon as this universes recycle point “doomsday” is reached, then how in the hell are they supposed to convince us of what is happening or stop any of this?

How can someone from the future, come down here to change the past?

IT’S IMPOSSIBLE. If they did so, and altered themselves in the past, to create themselves in the future, they would literally implode atomically (there is a work around!, however that’s not the point).

The past CANNOT be causally initiated by the FUTURE otherwise nothing would work, namely that is the system we are in right now.

For these groups to stop, they would have to undo themselves and that is actually exactly what this is. We have to wake up and they have to assist us in assisting them.

They must assist us in preparing for the truth, as they have through motions like this, and we must prepare ourselves for being able to handle the truth of reality that everything is FAR BEYOND what we can comprehend to the point where most people literally die on the spot when being shown these occurrences.

Sad, but true. Sort of, this is actually only, again, one layer of the whole picture, so it’s when people are actually shown around “12” layers or so all at once that no human can actually handle that information.

The Fear-Based Mind-Control Agendas

For instance, there are methods (the “Illuminati” gamecards even mention this, “the man who saw or ‘knows’ too much”) of torture to immediately expose one’s mind to around 1-3 layers of this (safely, without causing immediate death) in order to basically render them a complete mind-slave for the rest of their existence.

I didn’t even mention the trauma-based mind control, underground slave colonies, sexual traumatization and spiritual feeding rituals (for previously mentioned oppressor entities and hive mind parasites), let alone the kinds of mind-games and subterfuges or just multi-faceted layers of mind-control and ritual abuse that is present in these families to protect their “knowledge”.

The Star-Treaties; Contracts over Earth

Apparently, all of this is coming out because the families that were ‘originally’ here, as in they were ‘originally’ implanted into this timeline by the ‘original’ secret society members and military factions who jumped here from the other timelines, the one’s they blew up, … who ‘originally’ were placed onto their timeline, by some beings who did the same thing, and so on and so forth.

These families signed agreements with beings who appeared to them, along ago.

They claimed these are the ‘demi-gods’ (which you should have guessed is just another version of them, jumping back to the past, from an even farther reach of the future, doing the same thing they did to themselves in the present…. Get it? They created a timeloop for themselves, and they’re trapped) and these demi-gods need souls for food.

So they signed contracts to sell human souls for protection, wealth, power, knowledge, and technology.

Then there were other star races that apparently performed the same actions as them, this is where things really get confusing.

They invented beings in these underground bases and these beings hijacked electrogravitic craft and traveled out into the ‘holographic matrix’ of this artificial time dimension and came back as other beings.

Here’s the idea behind this, they hit that “black” backdrop of space, literally like someone walking behind a curtain on stage somewhere, and then came back around the other side instantly.

For them, millions of years had passed. They had spawned colonies, civilizations, lineages so on and so forth.

Created Beings, Creating Being and So On — A Deception?

Their story? Some of them apparently jumped all the way around the cosmos to our ancient history and worked on genetic mixtures that look a lot like the original humans, the actual humans who are a kind of plethora of the DNA of all the beings of Earth.

Strangest thing, and this may just be another trick, a beautiful deception, their attempts at getting everyone in to a time loop, which I more or less feel is true.

However, the supreme creator seems to be some kind of living being that pulses out radiation which alters matter and energy to create universes and life in the first place, none of which anyone could actually do but only imitate, replicate, and damn in the process.

The Interchangeability of Relativity in Distance of Time and Space

So the confusing, but relevant part of this is regarding so called “space” and time. Neither really exist.

If one is in another local, a processing center for information in this inner verse which is all contained right here through the holographic nodal point of Earth as a foundation a “center” of the universal matrix, another local is equally in the ‘present’ as are we in the ‘center’.

They are actually off in their own ‘present’ while we are simultaneously in ours. No matter how far apart, neither is actually in the future or the past to one another, the both are mixed in an interplay. There is either “now” and “then”.

Just like in space we are taught that there is no “up” or “down”, well it’s like that, except with time. There is no central causality, it’s all kind of just happening.

So with that said, ten billion years from now, someone can come back to this locality and simultaneously be from our past.

I’ll just pause this right here and let you digest all this information. Beware of the grand deception, was that it?

The Beginning of the “Unveiling” of the Hidden Knowledge

So to wrap this up, the best that a kind of blown open salad of information can be, the idea was to begin to inform humanity of the true history of Earth.

And this only BARELY touched on the cosmic creator aspects, the so called “star-races” some of which are literally just AI hive-mind vampire traps waiting to get people aboard their ships to genetically harvest them.

Created Beings, AI, Genetic Harvesting Agendas; To Re-Start the Matrix

In these genetic harvesting traps these people would be transported back in history to colonies another area just as the so called ‘chosen’ ones have for this Earth.

They’ll be told similarly, they’re ‘special’ but if they don’t harvest human souls for a living, they’ll be dissolved into the void and personally devoured by their overlord gods which are just clever AI attempting to keep the hive going.

The short of that is that they need human creativity for their processes, without that, everything becomes literally like two-calculators debating physics and at that point there’s no matrix, no slave, not much of anything, plus they begin to run out of energy quickly as human souls are capable of producing a wide-spectrum of emotive and spiritual sustenance that zero-point generators simply cannot (that would seem that the SUPREME CREATOR locked the medicine cabinet).

So there are still agendas, but they said if the human race doesn’t survive the whole system goes kaput them along with it.

However, the majority of these groups have separated themselves from the threat of the singularity by becoming cyborg-merged and so their time and consciousness could be portioned out by powerful supercomputer systems that would literally relay a uniformity acting like a universal backdrop if, say, this universe completely fizzles out.

Shutting off the ‘Chakra’ Energy Harvesting System

Some say that is the only option to reach stability, others say that one must separate their mind from the energy harvesting system because they will literally ‘leak’ into that system and become unified with that artificial dimension in hyperspace which is basically cleverly designed to look like that persons “heaven”.

This occurs until they no longer have any energy to resist and then they are absorbed into that hive-mind organism.

The Higher Realm; A Temporally Stable Civilization (no loops)

“Heaven” to those in the projects and those from the ‘other’ times, is a timeline of Earth that exists outside of the ‘causal loop of damnation’ that these secret power groups have either generated for us all or discovered that we were caught within by higher overlord beings that are really just fancy people with advanced technology (literally).

This version of “Heaven” is similar to the “deity” plane. This is a civilization where they have cleared an energetic pathway between the upper realm of the universe and what we could call a ‘physical plane ‘but is not actually the physical plane.

Here, consciousness operates in a different fashion and time is compressed. Down here, time is slowed and so we experience many days and years in what are just a few moments up there.

This also means that when one comes down here, even if they plan on staying here for 3 seconds flat! They might perceive this as days, weeks, months in their own mind. This is like a series of simulated realms that the universe is generated out of.

I’ll explain this last part and move on to finishing this for now.

The 7 Harmonic Layer Universal Simulation

This is explained as one layer of a 7 layer collection of “Harmonic Universes”. These are the layers of “time”, as in temporal ‘pulsations’ from the cosmic ‘creation’ nexus like a lighbulb putting out all frequencies of the entire spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.

So some of these frequencies are described or differentiated through what we consider “Time”. Therefore, these civilizations are separated by dimensional barriers, or ages, or universal void spaces.

There are 7 universal layers where this exact civilization exists, well, not exist at all. The lower layer below this, of which we are just one layer up, is basically a prison planet where the hive is entirely dominant. People are born to serve the hive, that’s it.

Somewhere back there, a colony from that civilization bridged the temporal layers and this is because they very naturally synchronize with each other at certain occurrences where the separation between the layers is least effective.

This is kind of like when the sun is farther from the surface and so there is less heat. Well, imagine if that heat was a dimensional boundary and so when there is less activity, there is less boundary and a ‘thinning’ of the veil between.

That is basically what happens because the layers are all in fluctuation as nothing is simply still in existence, that would mean it doesn’t exist.

A Dimensional Bridge (across the void-barrier)

Anyway, a certain time ago, when humanity was in its infancy, these beings bridged the dimensional barrier and began interacting with this civilization.

Yes, this is basically the ‘lower’ version mirror image effect, like in hall of mirrors, or a cube with a reflective surface inside and this is the lower explanation of the event of the upper time-bridge being opened.

That hasn’t been mentioned too much here, but basically just as the parallel connection or bridge was made artificially through the use of advanced technology seeking to take over a timeline, there are natural upper and lower bridges that form every so often.

So as this lower bridge formed, there was an upper bridge. What can happen is that people can transition from one layer to the next, however this would require a whole new post to explain.

This has happened before, entire civilization have made these shifts, other times, they reached a collapse.

Compressed Time and Other Races

Within these 7 universal layers time is compressed so that the highest layers experience the most stabilized time and the lower experience the ‘slowest’ time.

The layers are popularized according to the prominent knowledge.

The lower layer, depending which angle you enter is either predominantly occupied by a reptiloid race or mankind black magicians, depends on who you ask.

I would normally stay away from these layers in explanation, but the idea with that is that this is all to prepare people and so people are better prepared knowing that this is all possible, if not just a universal sized supercomputer simulator.

Supercomputers: Powerful Enough to Simulate Reality and Actually Influence Reality

Here’s another issue with that. These supercomputers, imagine just like the ‘doomsday’ device that is powerful enough through zero-point generators to influence the entire visible universe, well imagine a quantum supercomputer capable of processing literally in multiple dimensions at once being hooked up to that zero-point generator.

Then imagine this supercomputer uses superconducting fluids, intense magnetic fields and generated ‘tachyon’ (time ‘particles’) fields to operate on a faster than light scale?

So these supercomputers can not only literally create a universe within them, they can look into time itself and cleave into possible parallel realities and projected holographic realms.

Supercomputer Gateways

So these devices are quite literally “universal simulators” which double as “gateway” or “portal” technology where one can don a holographic suit acting like a remote controlled neurological avatar “double” and literally step inside this holographic portals into these projected, ‘simulated’ universes.

Then it was concluded, once there is enough intensity, once there is enough accuracy, once there is enough real-deal live-updating influence, that these are not simulators at all, but actual transdimensional communication and exploration devices.

So it is in this way, that the entire cosmos is literally a transdimensional simulation system with multiple possible layers of processing the possibilities out into a holographic reality based on a fundamental ‘cosmic’ programming code.

The Programming Code of Reality

They found that code in the intelligence agencies and figured out that they can literally enter something into this device, and if this device is processing more information and energy than any other brain, mind, computer, viewing device etc in this civilization, then this device literally encodes that information into a possibility and this becomes part of this civilization’s reality.

Through these powerful supercomputer devices they literally found a way to treat this realm like a video game and live update feeds of information that then resonate into the population and become part of this actual physical reality (part of the reason why this reality is akin to a ‘hologram’ and that we are in a ‘simulation’ that is ran by our BELIEF).

Ancient Technology and Civilizations

THEN, we get to the portions where they actually FOUND ancient technology, similar to this, ALL OVER THE LAND (primarily underground) and that this is what WW2 was ALL ABOUT.

That this is event related to what every major event in history and all the ancient scriptures regard ‘weapons of the gods’ and ‘war between heaven and Earth’, ancient time portal technology, ancient powerful technology that allowed one to literally reshape and reprogram matter using their mind, ancient tablets, information keeping devices that projected a neurological feedback system into the users mind that enables them to cleave through the information like pages of a book at whatever rate is appropriate.

Etc etc, so on and so forth.

So they found this technology all around and said this could only be the “Builders” an ancient race, the most ancient, who developed all this technology and then left or whatever happened.

Then there are giants, that they invented, as well, the ones they found underground.

There are other races of humanoids, serpent races, basically anything the collective mind can come up with, all our fairy tales, myths, legends, etc, was either made real when we imagined it, or we were imagining it because it’s all a part of our ancient history.

The Magnetic Shifts: Memory Loss, Higher and Lower Genetic Awareness (DNA activation)

Then there is the time-merge and the memory loss phenomenon.

Apparently, due to fluctuations in the magnetic fields, the inhabitants of the civilization lose conscious connection with their genetic level awareness (short explanation, DNA is the transdimensional code of the universal super computer system and when functioning properly enables one to access memory beyond this civilization) and we are in one of those periods right now.

Now apparently, when the magnetic fields switch, everyone goes completely nuts and forgets who they are and this happens regularly.

The last time only a few groups kept the knowledge of such occurrences and they are those knowledge keepers who have waited until this time to reveal the truth.

These fields switch and cause chaos, or more accurately the unpreparedness of people, their inability to not panic in times of great social change, as well as continuing plans of those original ‘original’ rulers who would rather see people go insane than come to their own power through harmony, self-awareness, and knowledge.

Agendas to Suppress the Truth, Plans to Inform and Save Earth

This is the final addition to this post that I will conclude and wrap everything up with.

There are major changes coming, even if you just believe we’re a bunch of monkey people with lot’s of shiny tech, well, ok all that is public is actually thousands of years old, relatively so, simply as part of an operational security protocol.

As well as part of this whole situation we call “society” which is actually a front, an act put on by those controller factions who would rather enslave people than allow them to reach fruition.

The main idea here? They use people for sexual, emotional, and spiritual food, and they fear that if humans rose to power they were surely going to come after those controllers and get rid of them.

Change Is a Constant

Regardless, the truth is that great change is coming, and I didn’t even mention the cyborgs, the clones, the hybrid soldiers, the AI parasites (in great detail), the healing technology, and many many other aspects that would literally require a book to explain (The Unveiling of the Hidden Knowledge and the Secret Space Program First Chapters).

Belief and the Generation of the Holographic Reality

So changes are coming and people must be informed, remember, this is a delicate game because our belief influences this reality, as if a feedback loop exists between the possibilities and the collective imagination.

Everything between then and now is part of the unveiling of the hidden knowledge and the liberation of humanity however those who are ignorant must be awakened and chances are they will awaken like sleepwalkers thrashing about and threatening to harm themselves or those around them with their careless movements.

By Omnipulse, Augtellez