The battle for control of the Earth is being fought on many levels.




Montague Keen – March 26, 2017

The battle for control of the Earth is being fought on many levels. This leaves you confused about what is really going on. I can tell you that if America falls then there is not much hope for the rest of the world. The takeover of America began many years ago. You have watched each President take office with promises that he would serve the people but look at what you have experienced. Just a different face doing exactly that same, yet again. This is absolute proof that there is a hidden power controlling America that does not serve the American people.

The secret societies are systematically sucking the life force out of the American people. They want America for themselves. They are killing off the male children. Look at the figures for yourselves and you will be shocked at how few male children survive. This is part of the takeover plan.

Paedophilia is also a big part of the plan. The press do not tell you what is being done to stop this evil trade in human life. Ask yourselves why they are not reporting the arrests of the men who trade in children. Whom do you trust? The paedophiles who own your information outlets, or the facts that you can check out for yourselves. It is time you faced the truth:

Trump arrests Pedophiles

The false flag in London this week will be used to bring into force new laws that will further limit what little freedom you now have. To expect anyone to believe that a knife-wielding man ran past armed guards towards the Palace of Westminster is beyond belief. Those of us who visited Westminster on many occasions know that it is not possible to do this. Sadly, people actually die during such charades. You had 7/7 and 9/11. These are all done for a purpose. Believe what you actually see, not what you are told that you see. You have been conned too many times. You should be able to recognise when the wool is being pulled over your eyes. Enough is enough. Such practices must stop.

The hidden hand is operating in Africa also. It thrives on suffering. Those who want to wipe out humanity are responsible for carnage. You are living in dangerous times and it will carry on until man says NO MORE ! This must stop.

You live in a world of plenty, and at a time when everything is possible, you must find your voice and speak out in support of each other. Today it is Africa, tomorrow it may be you. Expose the evil hidden hand that exploits humanity. You do know who they are. Never has the human race been in such danger. It is time for action. Europe, America, Africa; all are being destroyed by this hidden hand.

Brexit, in England, has slowed it down. Pray that France, too, will put another nail in the coffin of the EU. Their plan was to destroy Europe, to condense all its people into one melting pot. For as a single entity, it would be easier to destroy. Think on that.

I could spend time telling you just how absolutely wonderful life on this side of life is, but you are struggling to survive in a world that was taken over by a force so evil that wants the Earth for itself. They are all around you in different guises. They are masters of disguise. They are wiping out the white race without opposition. Many of you still pay homage to them. They thrive on war, poverty, and suffering, which are the breath of life to them. They delight in the fact that so many of you are still prepared to give up your lives for them, fighting their wars, always doing their bidding. Wake up !

Please pray for those who came up against these evil people and have had their lives ruined as a result. Many are locked up in prisons where they are badly treated. They need your prayers.

One such man has an important mission to fulfil for humanity. He needs your help to complete his mission on earth. My dear wife tries to support him. The Satanists have taken everything from him: his home, his business, and above all, his freedom. He is now penniless, in prison in America, without family or friends. This young man will be 50 years old in ten days. Humanity needs him to survive and to complete his mission. Please remember him in your prayers.

Justice does not exist in California. My dear wife knows exactly how they operate. She experienced having everything taken from her when I passed to Spirit.

You must win this battle and restore the Earth to ensure that humanity survives. 2017 and 2018 will bring many tests, so do not take anything for granted. Refuse to believe the lies that are directed at you to hold you in control. See beyond them in order to create a better life for all. You can do it, if you have the will to do so.

My dear, your health gives cause for concern because of constant attack. Please take care. We have been together in many lifetimes. The bond cannot be broken.

Always, your adoring, Monty.
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