The awakened among you are depending on the American people to make the right decision on the 8 November.

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Montague Keen – November 6, 2016

The awakened among you are depending on the American people to make the right decision on the 8 November. Many discussions are going on as to whether to stop the election. Humanity’s future is at stake. The corrupt continue to demand World War III; they need the war to ensure their continued existence. They also need to kill large numbers of you humans, the “useless eaters”. They plan to cull 80% of you. Believe me, their plans do not include humanity. Many of them have already fled, seeking refuge, just in case they lose the American election.

You must put party loyalty aside and concentrate on your survival and that of humanity. Politicians are corrupt. They have to be, for a party to adopt them. There has not been an honest election in America since J.F.K. The corrupt cannot risk an honest man being elected. You have all seen America being taken over and systematically destroyed. That once proud country is in the gutter, struggling for its survival. The American people fail to see this, as they are mind controlled through the chemtrails and the fluoridisation of their water supply. Their food is GMO. They do not stand a chance, as corruption is rife.

This world is depending on you to stop and think carefully how your vote will affect the whole world. America, this is a huge responsibility. We hope you do your research before you decide to vote. May your God guide you. It is necessary for all of you to be informed, to research the truth, to make an honest judgement when you exercise your right to vote. Ask whether your children would be safe, and would your family be safe. What sort of future should you expect with A or B. Where do the candidates’ real loyalties lie . . . do they want a world war ? Big decisions need serious research. You owe it to yourselves to ensure you do this. America, humanity is watching you, hoping you make the right decision.

Many within the Cabal have already made plans, should the vote go to the honest one. They will not be in America. Check this out for yourselves. The Cabal has planned this takeover. It was going to be so easy, until out of the blue, someone stepped forward to save America. Suddenly, all of their plans were scuppered as he has dared to question their motives.

In England, plans are afoot to try to prevent BREXIT. Corruption rules everywhere. The people of England refuse to tolerate this, as they want to be out of the corrupt European Union. People power will ensure Brexit. When you cast your vote, you are in effect giving that person the right to make decisions on your behalf. You are giving that person YOUR POWER to make decisions on your behalf. You have a responsibility to your fellow man to get it right.

The Cabal uses everything at its disposal to crush any opposition to its plans. They are vicious to the core. It takes time to understand just how evil they are. They have conned their way into every position of power. Their evil web extends to every country. They are but 1% of you, you are the 99%. They fear you taking back your power. Mind control is used widely by them. After all, they discovered it. It is their weapon of choice.

You, my dear, have seen this in action. The victim is helpless in their hands. This is the secret of their success. Be very careful who you put your trust in. Their victims have no idea that they are controlled and being used by the Cabal. SATANIC FAMILIES use it as a matter of course. There are many more satanic families that you can imagine. They are everywhere. But they are being exposed as their reign of mind control must end.

My dear wife is being attacked again. The 5 November was particularly bad. Every bone in her body was painful and freezing. She was shaking with cold. It is bad again today.

Again, I implore you, think carefully before you vote.

My dear, you know that we will win in the end. We surround you with our love.

Your adoring, Monty.
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