The antakarana, or bridge of light

….The antakarana, or bridge of light, that connects one’s personality with his/her soul and monad is a part of this spiral. However the spiral is much larger and more massive than the antakarana. The need to build the antakarana and to make it as wide as possible, as well as to do so with the ascension column and chakra column, is essential to being able to receive all the energies in the spiral. It is also essential to keep one’s antakarana, ascension column and chakra column, which in the advanced stages become one, clear from any and all contamination.
Keeping the antakarana, ascension column and chakra column as wide open as possible and as uncontaminated as possible functions as a satellite dish that allows for the greatest possible attunement to higher-frequency energies and information. This is the ultimate cable TV station, where all channels are open.
Joshua Stone