Thanks for the fine response, and empathy for the current situation in the world.

Dear Heinz and IDC Friends

Thanks for the fine response, and empathy for the current situation in the world.

Many people still allow themselves to be misled, which is why with my contribution I also try to put things on edge in a confronting way.

It is not suitable for snowflakes because I come up with facts that I like to keep politically correct.

It is now the task of people with more life experience to make it clear to young people that they are being completely manipulated.

Yesterday we had a conversation with 8 men around the age of 35 to 40 years old, we started the conversation, where they had a low level of prejudice in the beginning.

But as the conversation went on, I completely flattened them with facts and provable insights.

Of the 8, 3 remained, who didn’t get enough of the information I gave them.

What I asked them, share this knowledge and information, don’t trust a Satanic government, and ask questions.

Asking questions is the most deadly thing about the lies that politics wants to impose on us.

When I found out that the OSS and the Gestapo had become the CIA together, and they had never worked for the people or government but for the FED owners, a lot becomes clear.

Now that we are older and wiser, let’s not let the false Satanists in politics convince us anymore.

The real Nazis have never been gone and have a lot of blood on their hands, but are now also in the governments of Europe and the Democratic Party in the US to force us to a communist world government.

When I see the performances of outraged actors in politics with their debates, the stomach turns with disgust and their immeasurable arrogance and stupidity. 

Today I received a video, where the exact questions and themes are asked of Lange Frans and Swen Hulleman, Pedophilia the MH370 shot in the Ukraine.

The tactic of the political cowards is to conceal facts in order to push through their Satanist agenda.

As a service I also send this mail to the politicians, because they may know we’re coming to get them, their time is up.

We now see that they want to impose a mask duty and that in all Cabal ruled countries in the world.

They expose themselves with their nonsense masks plan, if we all make our own masks out of chicken wire and put on a red nose, many people will find it ridiculous and possibly wake up.

It will then be an opening to start conversations, and ask questions about who does what, why and whose interests.

This is a psychic attack by Mind Control to force people into obedience, and how far they have indoctrinated people to carry out their evil plans.

For many, it is not yet clear that the QFS is now working.

The fact is that we can now transfer money abroad within 3 seconds without the intervention of banks.

This is the loss of a control tool for governments, who are forced to accept GESARA.

Through the bank’s tool I have seen to which countries I can make payments through the QFS.

   We can now also transfer money to the South Pole to pay Penguins in ANTARCTICA (AQ). 

   pay, without the intervention of banks, all within 3 seconds.

Even to YUUGOSLAVIA (YU) a country that has been deliberately destroyed the globalists and divided into separate countries, and GERMANY (DE) no longer as a BDR entry.

They are small things, and an attentive person can see them.

I suspect that YUUGOSLAVIA (YU) a country will be reunited again as a country, and let the people reconcile.

The clean-up of the western Cabal henchmen will now be completed in 8 weeks if I have listened carefully to Donald J Trump.

For the Dutch Cabal exciting times are now beginning, because General Flynn knows where the bodies of the Dutch Paedophiles are buried.

Our Mad fat Fake King Willy laughs at the population with the Fake 1,5 mtr News about Corona from the current Hitler cabinet.

An intervention of the US is justified, as the former Netherlands is a province of Germany, ruled by the US Deep State, through Angela Hitler.

We may not hear much of Europe Defender 2020, but we get more and more information that the troops are being expanded by Trump.

Donald J Trump lives up to his promise to dry up the swamp and bring power back to the people.

A Hitler cabinet like in the former Netherlands just doesn’t fit in there, because they are all Bilderberg rats without an intention to provide services in the interest of the robbed population.

By Telegram you can get a lot of information from Germany.

If Donald J Trump were to ask for help from the European population, several million people would come forward to arrest the Satanists and paedophiles.