January 17, 2018



It’s 6:54 PM EST. Do you know where your notifications are?

I know it seems impossible. I know it just can’t be real that after all this
time we’re actually waiting for one person to release the codes. It’s
actually not like that. Here’s what it is like, according to Kim.

Right now in the UST, the middle management people and everyone below them
are waiting in great anticipation for the transaction codes to be released
by someone from one of the Illuminati banking families. But, they don’t know
that’s what they’re waiting on. Because even though I sent them a
transaction code yesterday, and someone at the Treasury knows that code is
viable, the vast majority of them have been lied to just like us. So they
keep hearing that there was a glitch, or that they’re waiting for the Moon
of the Fisher King because it signifies fruition, or that it was another
pump fake and they caught a bunch of bad guys trying to hack the system, or
some other nonsense like that.

But again, today, we’re being told the bonds are being made liquid, the ZIM
groups are supposed to be liquid, and the currency exchanges are supposed to
start today. They even had the nerve to say that TODAY HAD ALWAYS BEEN THE
PLANNED DAY. Is anyone actually able to transfer money from any of these
alleged transactions?

I’ll tell you what, I’ll give the UST until 8 PM tonight to contact me or to
actually release notifications before I start naming more names, or
releasing more sensitive documents that reveal what’s going on. As far as I
can tell, Kim is the only one telling the truth or who seems to actually
know what’s going on. So we remain in a perpetual pattern of waiting for
tomorrow to arrive, but when tomorrow finally gets here, it’s today.

The UST and every source around the world is saying that they have ways to
get liquidity that does not involve this “Kim” character. And they seem to
be hearing it from both the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, who have
successfully deceived everyone as they laugh at us for still believing their
lies. Meanwhile we continue to sit in limbo waiting for them to take action,
not knowing that the action they’re taking is to deliberately stall and act
like it’s a benevolent plan.

I know that’s a hard pill to swallow. I genuinely hope that “Kim” is wrong,
that we can exchange tonight, and life will go on. She has given us evidence
that she has access to the accounts, that she has the codes, and she even
gave one of the access codes to me personally. I have turned this code over
to the United States Treasury and asked them to verify the account. They
have already done this yet still have not contacted “Kim” to get the codes
so that we can go in and exchange.

Does that seem odd to you? Is it possible that after they cleared the codes
they received a call from above, like from the Secretary of the Treasury,
who we’ve already established, and from whom we will soon have a sworn
statement to prove that he has approached Kim to try and get her to give the
codes to the Rothschilds so that THEY can give it to the US Government?

So “Kim” is saying not to believe her just because she’s telling you, but to
let her prove it to you by allowing you to access the accounts with the
codes given directly to the US GOVERNMENT AND TO THE PEOPLE! If that’s true
then we should all be exchanging because we’ve won! We’ve traded places and
now we’re the new powers that be! But, from where we currently sit, we’re
waiting for them to release the codes, even though the guy suing the UST
actually gave them a code yesterday! And they know the accounts are valid!

So why are these chains still around our necks?

We’re getting punked. However, in addition to the lawsuit, I have another
plan to ensure we’re never enslaved like this again. “Kim” and I discussed
it today. It’s a different way to distribute the funds and I’ll be sending
her the plan tonight. This plan cuts out the corrupt banking system all
together. If she’s wrong, then wonderful. We should begin exchanges tonight.
If she’s right then we’ll probably be faced with another glitch tonight. If
that’s the case, then I already have the plan worked out to redistribute
funds in a manner that is actually considerate of the people. I’m pretty
sure I can pull together an intelligent enough plan that we can convince Kim
to at least let us run a test run to prove it. This way, we can at least
have a fighting chance against everyone still hypnotized by the Cabal.

I am awake. I’m looking right at you. And, I have had enough waiting.