Take note of how your governments are racing from one gathering to another in their desperate attempt to start World War 3

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Montague Keen – May 29, 2016

Take note of how your governments are racing from one gathering to another in their desperate attempt to start World War 3. In their ‘hearts’ they know that they are finished; exposed for who and what they are. When they fail, they will find themselves at your mercy. You must ensure that they do fail, then the slaughter of mankind will cease. Now is the time for you to take responsibility for your fellow man and work together to ensure that humanity survives. You do not have the luxury of time to consider your options. You must take action now to ensure your survival.

When you remove all the constraints your oppressors have placed on you, you will taste your first experience of freedom, real freedom. There are many amongst you who are ready to step forward to ensure that life on Earth will return to what it was always intended to be. When banks and religions are exposed and removed, then all the barriers they have imposed on you, will disappear overnight. The parasites who survive on the suffering of humanity will flee the Earth. I can tell you that they have already made preparations to do so. Different factions amongst them are trying to find ways to remain on Earth. They do not trust each other. They now know that wealth alone will not ensure their survival here. They have lived off the sweat, toil, and suffering of humanity, and now they will find themselves at the mercy of those who have suffered under their control. The Cabal has used humanity as SLAVES to serve it and to kill their fellow man at its command. The Cabal has destroyed life on Earth for humanity. Now, it is up to the humans to protect and preserve the Earth and their fellow humans who dwell on it.

You can do it, you will do it. You are on Earth at this time to ensure the Earth’s survival. Share your knowledge and share the truth of what is happening all around you. Refuse to accept the propaganda the Cabal forces down your throat through TV and newspapers. Never forget that the Cabal owns all TV and newspapers, Hollywood, etc. They have been preparing to take over the Earth for generations and this is what you are now trying to prevent. Nothing they do or say can be trusted, no matter how they dress it up to look good. The light is shining on them, so you can now see the LIES flowing out of their mouths. When you say NO to them, they are finished. You have the power to remove these parasites forever, so use your it for the good of all. They do not have power such as you do, they made you believe that MONEY and WEALTH are power. Now, you will see for yourselves that when you say, “No, be off with you!”, they will have no option but to leave the Earth.

There will be difficulties to start with, but there are good people who had the good judgement to look ahead and prepare for this event. They have prepared FREE ENERGY for all, and aquaponics to grow good, wholesome food, without the harmful chemicals which the Cabal has forced you to use to ensure that your health suffered. All that is false and corrupt will be removed.

Children will once again be cherished and guided by family, not the State. No longer will children be held in prison-like schools, mind controlled by teachers in order to obey the Cabal without question. What you now see as education is the Cabal exercising its control and domination, removing free will and free expression, in order to have complete control over humanity.

The medical profession is totally dominated by the big pharmaceutical companies. Ask yourself who owns them . . . it is the very same people who own the banks, TV channels, newspapers, and food production, etc. It is time to look for alternative solutions to deal with medical conditions, as the medical drugs are not suitable for human consumption. Avoid them at all costs. The extent of the corruption would astound you. There is no limit to the steps that the Cabal will take in order to destroy human Life on Earth. Open your eyes, for the evidence is all around you. From birth to death, the Cabal controls you. They think that they own you. Is this what you want? Is this what you want for your children, your children’s children, and all future generations?

This is your BIG opportunity to say to the Cabal, I DO NOT WANT YOU IN MY LIFE ANYMORE. I refuse to be a slave to your banks and your religions. It is as simple as that. Refuse to play their games. Refuse to live by their rules for one moment longer. When you say a resounding NO to them, you will see them crumble and fail. They cannot rule without you. Remember, without your support, they are NOTHING.

It takes courage to become the Being of Light that you are; but once you do, there is no going back. Then you stop participating in the destruction of your heritage and all that you are and all that you can be. Do not look to the history which the Cabal has taught you. Go back to ancient times to learn about the real you, your heritage, and what you are in danger of losing if you do not take courage now and make a stand. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose but slavery. The Cabal which you serve, poisons you every day through the air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink, and the chemicals they give you when you become ill. That is it in a nutshell. Need I say more?

Veronica would like to mention a film that the producers sent to her. SHADE the MOTION PICTURE; AN AMBELLAS and BERMAS FILM. This film answers all your questions. It spells out just how controlled you are, and by whom. Please watch and share this film.

My dear, I know and understand what you are having to cope with. I can tell you that nothing is as it seems. You are right in your assumptions. This is an example of the desperate lengths the Cabal is prepared to go to, in order to hold on to power. But truth will triumph. The servers of the Cabal will hang their heads in shame when they are forced to face the truth. We, on this side of life, are keeping an eye on matters. We surround you with love and protection.

Your adoring, Monty.
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