“Stop These Murders” — Independent Cancer Researcher Says She Was Threatened Over Apple Seeds, Her Powerful Response to the Government and Pharmaceutical Industry



Amanda Mary Jewell, who is often known simply as Mary, is an independent English cancer researcher and alternative health adviser, who previously worked out of other European countries such as Bulgaria.

In the UK, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) — equivalent to the FDA — has not been happy with her. One major complaint they have is that Mary has been promoting two controversial cancer-fighting foods: apricot seeds and apple seeds, which some say have miraculous cancer healing powers, but others say also come with potentially serious risks. The two supplements have been lifesaving for many patients around the world according to some in the holistic community.

Others, of course, think she is a scam. The negative commentary directed at Mary has much to do with her using treatments that are not approved by the mainstream — not just the seeds, but also the controversial Miracle Mineral Solution. She oftentimes treats patients who are in the final stages of cancer — and just like with mainstream treatments, not everyone survives.

So, are the complaints against her justified, or is she merely the latest victim of a holistic doctor witch hunt? Let’s examine.

Apricot Seeds and B17 for Cancer

These two products, apple seeds and apricot seeds, contain B-17 and have a nutritional value when restoring heath.”


Many call apricot seeds one of the forbidden cures.

In an email, Mary, who is currently working at La Flor Dela Salud, a holistic healing center for chronic disease sufferers in Mexico, said that she will be imprisoned if she decides to return to the UK.

“I am not letting this distract me in any way. My work continues as do the wonderful results we are having,” she said.

Two products the MHRA wants to arrest Mary for are apricot seeds and apple seeds.

Apricot seeds have been successfully used to kill cancer cells for a while now, but they have also been heavily under attack. Many practitioners have to rely on selling them under the table.Why would they risk that? Because there have been many studies confirming how well apricot seeds can work.

They do contain a considerably strong toxin, and need to be ingested mindfully and in small quantities, however for people with cancer, their benefits may very well be worth it.

Apricot seeds contain a compound called amygdalin, which is often named B17, which has been used to help fight cancer cells. But it has been said that the body converts this cancer killing natural chemical to a form of cyanide, which is why it has been so heavily regulated.

Despite concerns, studies have shown that B17 can help treat prostate cancer, stimulate the immune system to attack harmful cells such as cancer cells, help with arthritis, and many other conditions.

Apple Seeds are Second Best for B17

Apple seeds are less known, but they also contain B17. And just like with apricot seeds, it is not recommended to eat many of them at a time. Other sources of B17 are grape seeds, peach kernels, blueberries and blackberries, lima beans and macadamia nuts. Apricot seeds, however, are considered the best source.

Miracle Mineral Solution

One of the other products Mary was investigated for was Miracle Mineral Solution or MMS, used for over 70 years by holistic practitioners. It is a strong remedy that critics call “industrial bleach” while people that it helped call it a highly useful treatment that helped with many serious conditions.

It is made of chlorine dioxide, which can be toxic in high doses, but has successfully killed bacteria, viruses, fungus, and even cancer cells for many people. The FDA has been targeting this product for many years. As you’ll see in the video below (first one from the bottom), Mary and her husband strongly prefer other remedies to MMS, but it has been used as part of their protocol in the past.

But their use of MMS, and apricot and apple seeds, has gotten them in hot water with the MHRA, they say.

What Does the MHRA Have on Her?

According to the MHRA, promoting the two types of seeds as health foods breaches the following acts:

-Fraud Act 2006: falsely representing a product. In Mary’s case, the government refuses to acknowledge that apricot kernels can help treat cancer.
-The Cancer Act of 1939: prohibits anyone from making any advertisements that have to do with unapproved cancer treatments.
-The Nutritional and Health Claims of England Regulations 2007
-The Consumer Protection and Unfair Trading Regulations of 2008
-The Human Medicines Regulation of 2012
-The Supplements England Regulations of 2003
-The Organic Products Regulation of 2009

All of these combine to arguably create a monopoly for the pharmaceutical industry’s toxic cancer treatments and can be thrown in any holistic practitioner’s face at any time if the government or  the industry feel threatened, or compelled to act against natural health practitioners in any way.

It’s simply not a level playing field for the many doctors who follow a naturopathic or holistic style, many argue.

Mary’s Belief: “Do No Harm” Goes Against Mainstream Cancer Treatments

When answering to the authorities, Mary refers to the Hippocratic Oath doctors take all over the world: never give a poison and do no harm. The phrase might not appear in the modern oath, as it has been re-written multiple times, but it is used as a moral compass by many doctors and medical professional to this day.

While apricot and apple seeds may contain toxins, they certainly don’t damage people the way chemo does, she argues.

Mary states that chemotherapy and radiation are nothing else but poison that harms the body, therefore, she refuses to use them as treatment. She answered to the MHRA with the following in an email:

“I would like to draw your attention to those actually doing harm. You work for the harmaceuticals — …pharmaceuticals do harm hence it’s not a typo, I really do mean harmaceuticals — that kill people daily. Your organization stops anyone from getting well.”

In the video below, Mary describes the email she received from one particular health official, and her self-proclaimed not-so-professional response. She also goes on to discuss the ongoing controversy over the mysterious deaths of leading edge holistic doctors and pleads with the audience to share her video in order to “stop these murders” and raise awareness.

Listen to her telling her story in this video posted on April 15, 2016:


Mary and the GcMAF Treatment that Deceased Doctors Promoted

“If we can’t talk about an apricot kernel, and we can’t talk about an apple seed, we certainly can’t say ‘an apple day keeps the doctor away.’ There is no freedom of speech anymore. Holistic doctors are being murdered – too many to count now. I’m being threatened, yet again… I continue my work today, how long for, I don’t know.”

Mary is one of the holistic doctors promoting the little known but promising GcMAF treatment, which many believe is part of the reason for the aforementioned mysterious doctor deaths. Mary says these deaths had no connection to GcMAF in her opinion, but that any holistic doctor who is getting real results from alternative treatments is under attack.

“There (have) been a lot of holistic deaths recently, and people say it’s vaccines, it’s GcMAF, but there isn’t that kind of connection actually. It’s just good people having real results. That’s why we are under threat.”

However, she has done a lot of work with GcMAF, a protein that the human body typically creates naturally, and is vital for protection and healing from serious illnesses such as cancer and autism. However, today our bodies are struggling to produce this protein due to viruses and cancer cells. Holistic practitioners such as Mary recommend taking it as a supplement, which today, is hard to find.

Back in 2015, Mary and her husband were seriously worried about becoming victims themselves, which they have posted about in this video.

“I appeal to you to share this information, to stop this from happening. This isn’t about me. This is about all the holistic practitioners. The best of them are disappearing very fast.”

Where is Mary Now?

In June 2015, Mary and her husband Doug’s house was raided in Surrey County in the UK, and they were placed under investigation for allegedly trying to sell the controversial MMS solution on their website.

The couple eventually left the country, and Mary remains in Mexico at La Flor Dela Salud clinic.

Mary refused to go back to the UK, and on April 18th, 2016 a court hearing was held. After refusing to go to court, she could serve 10 years in prison if does decide to return to the UK.

Still, Mary has continued to taken on patients.

When people ask her why she says:

“I’ve got a lady with brain tumors here with me. [She] didn’t look like she was going to make it when she arrived. She’s been givena book to give to her 3-years old daughter to prepare [her] to say goodbye for when her mommy dies because there is nothing more can be offered to her. She was told — this really sickens me — by her oncologist after she had chemotherapy that she must not have sexual contact with her husband…She asked ‘why?’ She was told that she may pass on the chemotherapy to her husband. What a load of rubbish… They took away the quality of life…And far more than that, when the lady presented herself to me she was vomiting, she couldn’t stand, she was being held up, she was disoriented…but she is like a flower. She is changing every day. She’s been here two weeks. She’s walking alone, she did a yoga class, she knows who she is and what’s happening. Every day [she] is getting a little better.

Mary keeps working today out of Mexico, and you can read articles she posts on her site MotherNatureAndYou.org She can also be found on Facebook.

You can also read or sign the petition to help Mary get The MHRA/Trading Standards to drop charges against her by clicking here.