Stolen Elections And What We’ve Accepted As Our Reality

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Patrick J. McShay

“The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost invariably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable. And so, if he is a romantic, he tries to change it, and if he is not a romantic personally, he is apt to spread discontent among those who are”.
*Journalist, Satirist, and Critic, H. L. Mencken

The Democrat Party did their best to steal the Florida elections in the mid-terms, but no one is talking about all of the races that Republicans were leading on election night, only to lose after additional ballots were later uncovered and the results were overturned.

*Elections are being stolen in front of your eyes and people are silent. One must wonder if Americans are truly awake.

On election night Republican Yvette Herrell was declared the winner in her New Mexican Congressional race against Democrat Xochitl Torres-Small. The next morning Herrell was contacted and told that 8000 absentee ballots had been found and would have to be counted. Hmmm, sound familiar? When the new ballots were counted Torres- Small was declared the winner.

In the Florida recount, Attorney’s for the Democrats petitioned the court to include votes known to have been made by illegal aliens. Project Veritas investigators under James O’Keefe secretly filmed poll workers in Texas encouraging illegal alien’s to vote.

Governor Greg Abbott has ordered an investigation into illegal voting prompted by the Project Veritas video. I Believe the Dem’s have big plans for illegal aliens voting in 2020 and more cries for the banishment of I.C.E.

Kamala Harris, while questioning Daniel Vitiello, the acting Director of the US government agency “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” (ICE) compared the agency to the racist and murderous KKK.

Harris, who has indicated that a run for president in 2020 might be in her future, needs to understand that she wasn’t just grandstanding for the “Coastal Communists” in her California district, she was also being heard by voters in the fly-over states that left Hillary behind in 2016. This kind of irresponsible and frankly, dangerous rhetoric may win you a statewide office in some of the bluest states, but will never win over middle America.

New Congresswoman Alexandria Acasio-Cortez, sounding every bit like a dopey, entitled millennial, has announced that she is targeting white people in power and seeks to have them removed.

She has also attacked politicians in her own party in the last week, and the new queen of identity politics, unbelievably, says Trump is a racist and is working to divide us.

*Where’s H.L. Menken when we need him?

She’s been whining that she can’t afford an apartment in D.C. because she doesn’t draw a paycheck for at least 2 more months. I find it hard to believe that the billionaire that financed this ignorant, former waitress throughout her Congressional campaign wouldn’t also pay for her accommodations in D.C., if for no other reason than to shut her up. We haven’t heard the last boneheaded comment from Ms. Acasio-Cortez, not by a long shot.

Eric Swalwell, the Marxist Congressman from California says he is considering a run for the presidency as well. Mr. Swalwell has done nothing of note to warrant such a position but he has been a critic of everything Trump has done and is experiencing a severe case of Trump derangement syndrome. Swalwell has called for the confiscation of all semi-automatic weapons, going as far as saying he will take them by force. Good luck with that sir.

Swalwell is still pushing the already discredited Russia collusion fantasy that is blowing up in Democrats faces as I write this, and thanks to a lawsuit brought by “Judicial Watch”, Hillary Clinton was just ordered by a Federal Judge to answer questions about her use of a private server and the improper handling of classified documents sent from her private e-mail account that she had previously refused to answer.

*This is important because Hillary believed if Trump were elected she and others may end up in prison.

Dr. Eowyn reported that after the Presidential Commander-In-Chief Forum 2 months before the election, Hillary was said to have screamed at NBC’s Matt Lauer backstage after he had gone off script and asked about her use of an illegal private server.

*Hillary blamed Lauer for making her look bad, and screamed, “If that fucking bastard (Trump) wins, we will all hang from nooses”. Did Lauer go off script? Was it his job to make Hillary look good, it was NBC after all? She apparently thought so.

The reporter who broke this story was Bill Still, a very credible longtime reporter, editor, and publisher who has worked for USA Today, LA Times and the Saturday Evening Post, written 22 books and produced 2 documentaries.

Still claimed his source was an NBC associate producer who witnessed Clinton’s backstage meltdown. According to the witness an enraged Hillary tore into her staff and then viciously singled out Donna Brazile for additional scorn screaming, “I’m so sick of your face! You stare at the wall like a dead buffalo while letting that fucking Lauer get away with this!” What good are you really?” She then turned and threw a glass of water in the face of one of her assistants.

She paced the room like a madwoman and screamed in front of over a dozen of her staff, Secret Service, and NBC employees that she’d “get that fucking Lauer fired for this!” Was it Hillary who turned the “Me-Too Police against Mr. Lauer? Is it any wonder that Donna Brazile admitted in her book that she was afraid she would be murdered like Seth Rich?

Now that Jeff Sessions is gone Trump has an opportunity to get some answers in the Obama spying scandal that the Democrats have thus far kept a lid on, but declassifying documents being withheld by the FBI and DOJ must be done immediately. Had Trump declassified these documents months ago the mid-term elections may have turned out quite differently!

I’ve long thought that Session’s was a deep state plant in the Trump campaign and likely the “Insurance policy” FBI Agent Strzok and Attorney Page were talking about in their infamous texts.

Attorney Joe Di Genova said recently that former FBI General Counsel James Baker has been cooperating with investigators and is spilling his guts. Di Genova is as thoroughly disgusted as I am that until now no one has been subpoenaed in this case. The Republicans behind RINO’s like Paul Ryan have done everything they can to keep this investigation into the Obama criminal cabal under wraps.

Republican Congressman Devin Nunez said yesterday on Maria Bartiromo’s show that the investigation is complete and if Trump declassifies all pertinent documents the American public will see that there was indeed a vast left-wing conspiracy to spy on and derail the Trump presidency. If Trump doesn’t declassify these documents soon, it will be time to question why.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte says they will subpoena Former FBI Director James Comey and Obama’s lying Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and the Congressional investigation will be taken over by Lindsey Graham and the Senate after the mid-term changes.

Trump and his DOJ have decided to charge the owner of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, in the Hillary Clinton e-mail case and the release of So-called classified documents that Assange claims were given to him on a thumb drive. Assange is a foreign journalist who released information given to him that was vital to public interest. I see no crime here.

Even Trump acknowledged that the leaks from Wikileaks were instrumental in his win over Clinton. Whoever is advising Trump to crush Assange is wrong. Give Assange his freedom, he has suffered enough!

Trump needs to put a stop the slaughter of unarmed Palestinian protestors, and stop arming and enabling the Saudi head choppers in the slaughter of Yemen. He needs to stop arming and enabling terrorists in Syria. He is not making things better no matter what his Israeli advisors have told him. He needs to fire his Israeli advisors!

Trump promised fair and honest elections, which we don’t have. Elections need uniformity. There is no way any state should allow absentee ballots after election day. Vote fraud is rampant in every state and illegals are being encouraged to vote. If President Trump doesn’t ensure our elections are honest, who else will?

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