Stealing Title to Babies

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

Anna Von Reitz —

I am that, that I am would like to question those who wish to free themselves from the tyranny of the Defacto States of america.

Being Sovereign can only apply on ones on soil there for, the only One true owner of the Continent of America is the aboriginal.

Before the Republic, everyone then and now are foreign citizens to this land.

I myself look forward to a restored republic. But if the Republic wants to prosper on this land it must acknowledge that they are ONLY doing business here (commerce) and that the aboriginal American is the De jure and Rightful Sovereign and owner of the Land.

The time of deceit; Governments, Religion, Education and cultures are quickly coming to an end and if the world not just america wants the next 2000 years to languish in Babylon,

Then everyone that knows the truth needs to stand up and profess.

thank you…