Some questions worthy of an answer.

Rudolf Höss, ten tijde van zijn ophanging in 1947

The hunt for Rudolf Höss, the bloodthirsty head of Auschwitz

Who is Maxima, she who could not find the Dutchman.

She grew up in a fascist dictatorship that killed many people.

If you look at the family tree she and Willy the redundant have equal ancestors.

So in 2007 she tells that the Dutchman does not exist.

How can you become Queen of a Country / Kingdom which does not exist under state law from May 13, 1940 without a valid Constitution.

What King gives his Country to an unelected Fascist Nazi EU, one who is responsible and in his right mind would not consider doing this.

Bernhard was a Nazi, Claus the father of Willy was a Nazi, Beatrix once admitted that the Lie rules.

The Fake Monarchy abolished itself, why do these freeloaders have to be maintained by a non-existent Dutchman then?

To make ends meet Maxima has to take a Job at the UN, colluding with the WEF to enslave the world population.

Who authorized her to do this at the expense of the Population?

It is abundantly clear that she is following orders from Nazi Klaus Schwab, which is why Maxima makes the statement that Cash will be abolished by Jan. 1, 2023.

Queen Máxima delivers another speech on introduction of digital euro

Monday, November 7, 2022, 10:12 by Editors, 52 comments

Queen Máxima is giving another speech today about the introduction of a digital euro. Critics warn of the major impact it could have on the freedom and privacy of citizens. Recently Máxima spoke about “central bank digital currency” (CBDC) during her visit to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Washington, D.C. This includes the digital euro that the European Central Bank (ECB) and De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) are now working on.

This gives the impression than the Central Banks want to control and hold everyone hostage through a Fiat Money system, because the Central Bank never has enough Gold to act as counter value.

The EU, WEF are representatives of Corporations, for which the people of Europe are the ATM for.

It is becoming more and more visible that unauthorized and unelected Fascists want to dispossess us and rule the rabble themselves. You will own nothing and be happy.

What King and Queen would cooperate in GENOCIDE on their own people?

It is time for people to start thinking and not blindly taking orders that harm themselves.

Now that everything is coming to a head, we have seen what people have done, and discovered the motivation why follow or obey this scum?

What is the Storm:

The switch to the QFS, where the Swift system of the Central Banks is going to expire.

All Bank account numbers have been ported into the QFS, since the QFS system has been running parallel to the Swift System for some time, all payments have been recorded.

Genocide perpetrators, principals and governments’ account numbers are frozen that thanks the Executive Orders of Donald J Trump, for interference in American politics.

(Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Iegage in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities)

The Army has an exercise in occupied Netherlands until Nov 18, 2022, from Nov 18, 2022 an order may come from the UPU to declare martial law.

The UPU is under the command of Donald J Trump and the US Army.

The WHOLE world has been able to see what the Nazis are doing, this is causing awakening and resistance to the Fascists in Politics and Fake Kings Houses.

Rutte has voted against eradicating Nazism, logical because he is a Nazi Satanist along with his Non Gonornement Organization that makes us believe they are a legitimate government.

Dutch laws cannot be applied to residents in this cool Country, if we are a province of Germany.

For where is the Peace Treaty with Germany, and if it were there, who concluded it and was it authorized to do so?

Then in Name of the King is an insult and scam by a Fake King’s House and NGO fascists and politics.

An NGO without revenue can very quickly lose its influence, and not function without our help.

It has been announced that in January 2023 the Nuremberg Tribunals will begin.

Ernst Kuipers the successor of Hugo de Jonge has admitted that the Vaccine was and experiment, thus in violation of the Geneva Convention, making the Nuremberg Code applicable to it.

This means that by January 2023 all Genocide perpetrators and co-perpetrators from Politics and MSM will be removed from the scene.

No one will be able to get away without access to a money system.

After all, cash wants to be eliminated.

I am increasingly getting the impression that the self-appointed elite fascists are not very bright.

There are now too many loose ends that make the population think and come to a conclusion that this scum must disappear from the World Stage as soon as possible.

If trials are handed down by the Army for High Treason, Genocide, Theft, Abuse of Power, Fraud, Human Trafficking, and Total Corruption.

Then only one punishment can come out, giving this country another chance to make a fresh start as a Batavian Republic without the executed scum.

So I expect that we as a population will see the Executions live to set as a deterrent example, that this should never happen again in human history.

Whether the DNA of all the vaccinated is recoverable then seems an open question. I hope so. For with has, by trickery and deceit, gotten the population to commit mass slow suicide by obeying the experiment of the Fascists.

Of course forgiveness by GOD is an option, let’s make sure they get there after their Execution.

It is time to rebuild the World after all that has been done to us the World’s People by the Zionist Cabal, the scum of the earth.

Have all a bright future.

My gift to Mankind is already well into development.

I hope we can soon move beyond the Prototype phase and test and start mass production.

This will create many jobs and will help support prosperity for humanity.

I hope that there are already manufacturers who let it be known that they want to produce this all over the world after the introduction of GESARA.

Therefore I am also not too proud to ask for help, certainly not wanting to apply for a patent in a new world.

But neither should it be possible that about my work which is a gift, People do want to patent it to gain profit and power.

I will soon release the complete drawing package, then I will have fulfilled my promise.

Also the structure to make all projects possible in a clear open way I have already far shaped.

So I will soon have time for myself again to build my Hobbit Dwelling with my own hands.

Here one of the self-made windows front and back.

It is a unieque one-off Made by Rinus

I would also like to temporarily make it available to the National Archives where Constitution We the People of 1776 is stored.

Until my Hobbit home is ready.