So Quiet – But Something is Brewing

Source: Dinar Chronicles

There have been no new Q posts for several days. However EyeTheSpy has posted two intriguing tweets that confirm major activity behind the scenes…

These two tweets from EyeTheSpy were written 13 hours behind the time I am writing this post (3.30pm, 13th October EST)…

‘Busy times
Half an hour ago
Touched down
Back soon
On with the show.

‘Cargo is secure
Approx 8-9 edt

Happy trails.

(Eye The Spy tweets)

WRI is airport code for Wrightstown New Jersey Airport. RMI is Ramstein Airforce Base in Germany. Ramstein is the base for the HQ of the US Air Forces in Europe and also NATO Allied Air Command. ADW is airport code for Andrews Airforce Base in USA.

EyeTheSpy has alerted us to the transfer of ‘important cargo’. At this late stage in the game, we can be sure that this ‘cargo’ is very significant to the Alliance plan.

EyeTheSpy also warns Hillary Clinton about prison, and the desperation of stupid people. Clearly EyeTheSpy has ‘an eye’ on the inside operations of the Alliance.

It has been my observation that when Q goes quiet, BIG things are happening behind the scenes. We must continue to TRUST THE PLAN. These are extremely dangerous days in the final destruction of the cabal.

Keep President Trump and the entire Alliance team in your prayers. They are working 24/7 to free humanity and will keep us informed when they have the opportunity.

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)