Simon’s updates:

Grenfell Towers was re-insured not long ago but most importantly – for loss life specifically. A HUGE ‘TELL’.

The Pope now openly advocating for a one world government to deal with the so-called global warming scenario. His number 3, the cardinal in charge of finances has been charged with sex offences by the Australian police. He is so confident that he has indicated he will fly to Oz.

5G is the beginning of a satellite coverage of the planet including educational facilities, a global net, as foretold in the Terminator films (Skynet) – the first serious step in AI dissemination & control leading to transhumanism. (Cobra continuously has said AI ‘is no real threat’)

More & more financial organisations are forecasting an impending financial problem/reset/disaster.
UK broadcasters are preparing for the Queen’s impending death. It has apparently not been decided who will follow. It is important because of their influence on society, not only in the UK. (The ‘King’ thing is an Intruth typo mistake I think)

There is another push to re-activate Agenda 21 especially through schools. It is really about de-population.
People who say ‘we have won’ or the main bad guys have been arrested are talking nonsense.

Putin & Trump want to work closer together since they both feel threatened; Trump by the deep state & Putin by the United Nations & NATO. Jeremy Corbin got 40% of the UK vote – another who is not a puppet politician.

Notes by zanderboy