SHAEF 2021 The Storm

Message from SHAEF: Here for your information! This is the official account of SHAEF. SHAEF is not QAnon! SHAEF IS SHAEF , the force operating and executing in 3D!
QAnon and their allies are also our allies! I emphasise this to avoid confusion!
I now ask you the following question: “How many QAnons and Digital Soldiers were killed in battle yesterday, man to man?  So it should now be clear who is the boss here! SHAEF is the boss!
I look forward to continued good cooperation! God is with us!   

Message from SHAEF: Command and obedience; a definition!
It is imperative to immediately implement the order, also called instruction, of a superior!
There is always discussion or questioning! It is implemented!
An experienced commander never acts out of personal interests, only following the order! This is necessary to ensure the goal, in this case the fulfilment of the order!
In our case, here is warfare in a godless and degenerated world. We use the chain of command for good! We fight for a better world. A world sustained by creation!
We are God’s warriors!  We are God’s children! 

Message From SHAEF: Our warriors for a liberated Germany! General Martin Schelleis and General Markus Laubenthal; men of honour with heart!
Men of honour with assertiveness, relentless in battle!

Message from SHAEF: Our ally and friend President Vladimir Putin, a man of honour with a heart. The President of a country with tradition, pride and honour! We would be happy to have you support us with your historical knowledge!

Picture puzzle; what is wrong here?

Message from SHAEF: Announcement!  My immediate superior, here President Donald J. Trump has been re-elected by the people on 20.01.2021! The people, the only true instant! Worldwide! WWG1WGA!
My admiration Mr. President! I love you, I fight for you! Lifelong! 

Message from SHAEF: To the German People!
I am Thorsten Gerhard Jansen. Soldier Commander, SHAEF @realDonaldTrump.
I will now wake you all up from your winter sleep!
All those who looked the other way will now learn!
The act in this picture is not an isolated case! It is the rule among the so-called elite! They are human traffickers, child molesters, satanists and cannibals!
We will drain the swamp and you will all help! God is with us! We are the light, we are the love, we are the people! 

Message from SHAEF: Child abuse! The following social media operators directly support paedophilia: Birgit Doll, Stiftun Poesie und Genuss!
Fabjenna, eine Deutsch Liebe!
Bizeli, Telegram-Account Dildojagt!
Andreas Popp und Eva Herman, Canada!
Oliver Janich, Philippines
List is continuously updated!
Killing of the child is done via burning / cremation while fully conscious!!!!

Message from SHAEF: Satan reaching for our loved ones …
Awareness and mindfulness is important! Analyse Mikey’s “right” hand!
SHAEF does not only fight enemies of flesh and blood!
There are opponents that seem intangible to many! Pure evil, fear!
Fear; Satan’s strongest weapon! Your fear!!! Face it.
It will be a painful process for you all, your greatest battle and your greatest victory!
Here is a short instruction on how to do it. Go into yourself, think of your worst and most painful experience! Face the pain until it loses its trigger! True freedom!

Message from SHAEF: Warrior and Heart Man, a definition!
Some of you wonder how a warrior can also be a loving person…
Many of you have tried for decades to fight evil with light and love! Often esoterically inclined, leaning back and waiting for Creation to sort it out! As you can see now, this did not work!
Creation expects personal responsibility!
We, the children of creation, have to act selflessly, each according to our abilities!
A war always contains pain and suffering, not nice, but NECESSARY!  
Evil is dying, now!
We are in the end times! The Apocalypse of God! Judgment of God active!
WWG1WGA/ Worldwide!

Message from SHAEF: Executions at US federal level, enables US Supreme Court.
This means that after about 17 years, death sentences could soon be carried out by the federal government again.

the Federal Government of Europe
Klaus Swab                                       
Death by Hanging                          

Message from SHAEF: Special employee protection!
The following people are under my personal protection: Andrea Zügel and Corinna Maizga!
If the opponent approaches within 1000 metres, he is to be shot and incapacitated with a well-aimed shot! Afterwards, the genitals are cut off while he is fully conscious. Slowly, very slowly, let him see it, bring his head into the necessary position.
Court of God active!

Message from SHAEF:
We are warriors, we eliminate the enemy!
You must all take your lives into your own hands! Take it or leave it!
The new timeline is switched, there is no turning back!
Pray, seek God! Otherwise you will perish …. all
The Judgment of God is active 

Message from SHAEF: Acknowledgement, on behalf of Germany!
Dear President Trump, Dear President Putin, in deep solidarity and gratitude I offer you my continued services, for life! Together with our allies, you have given this country hope again!
I love you both! I would give my life for you!
You are my teachers, the best thing that ever happened to me!
Operation Light has been implemented, the enemy analysed, the still sleeping masses awakened! Judgment of God activ! Germany and Europe will follow the Creation!
I respectfully accept responsibility for this! 

This is only a small excerpt. All those who have looked the other way, sitting comfortably on your sofa, now not coming into action, will be called to account! This is not a request! 

Message from SHAEF: Support Syria! I would be grateful for suggestions from our people in Germany on how we can support our allies; President Bashar al Assad!

Message from SHAEF: Termination of cooperation!
SHAEF and its affiliates terminate the cooperation with the following groups: QAnon Germany, Digital soldiers Germany, German Truth movements of any form! There was no tangible support for our troops! We operate purely militarily and withdraw our additional protection from them.

Message from Shaef: End cooperation!

In reaction of this  message, we want you to know that we love you and all you did for us; not only for the German people, as well for the rest of Europe and the whole World. 

We, Dutch patriots don’t speak German very well,but we understand your message and we want you to know that we love you all. You are our hero’s and we pray for you and your peace in mind for all you been through and  witness. With So much Love and Gratitude! 

A call to all patriots around the world to translate this message in their own language. 
Let everybody know that our brave military man and women gave us back Hope and that God’s Justice will be served.