Several new Q drops add a whole new spin to ‘Red October’…

Source: Dinar Chronicles

Q post number 2348 features a link to a news story with the headline: ‘Russia’s Most Advanced (And Stealthy) Nuclear Submarine Ever Just Went To Sea’.

Q’s message is below the link…

Double meanings exist.’

There is much conjecture among Anons as to what Q means by ‘double meaning’ in this post. Firstly, Red October will see mass arrests of the cabal Democrats under the guidance of Attorney General ‘Stealthy Jeff’ (Jeff Sessions’ nickname). Sessions’ nickname links back to the story of the Russian sub.

Secondly, the cabal Democrats have been trying to frame Russia to start a war, deflecting attention away from the FISA document release. Russia’s putting to sea of a ‘stealthy’ advanced submarine sends a message to the cabal that they have got Trump’s back. The movie ‘Hunt for Red October’ is about a US military sub hunting a rogue Russian nuclear submarine. It ends with the US and Russian sub commanders cooperating with each other.

It’s a complex story. Lisa Mei Crowley has concisely pieced the big picture together in a tweet…

‘The Deep State launched a missile from Hawaii to start a war with North Korea, and the Whidbey Island missile to shoot down Air Force One (President Trump’s plane). With focus now on “Russian Hacking” they (the cabal) will try to launch another missile to blame Russia to start war to deflect from DECLAS/BLAME. “Hunt” was for Deep State missing sub. We found it and we’re tracking…’ (Lisa Mei Crowley tweet).

Q post number 2349 confirms the cabal’s desperation. It features a CNN tweet with a picture of the new Russian sub and this headline: ‘A top US admiral warns of a Russian submarine threat’. In sweet irony, when you click on this CNN Twitter page you see that it has been flooded with memes from Q supporters. Love it!

In summary, the cabal is trying to do what the cabal has always done when it is cornered – start a war. There is absolutely NO way they can succeed. President Trump and Putin have been working together behind the scenes. They are UNITED. President Trump has made it clear he wants to establish peaceful relations with Russia and ALL countries.

Ultimately you choose what you believe. I’m with President Trump and the Alliance team. Putin wants to see a peaceful world ahead of the Galactic landings. He has spoken openly about our Galactic family. I am sure President Trump is working towards the same goal – note the new USA Space Force.

Our off-planet friends are cheering us on to the finish line where freedom, peace and prosperity awaits all humanity.

Bring it on!

Where We Go One We Go All.

Love and Light
Sierra (NZ)