Science Is The New Conspiracy Theory.

The Government and the 3 Letter Agencies they fabricated to control you are the same ones out to destroy you.

The NIH is funding tax-payer money to experiment on animals. They drug, torture & dispose of our beloved family members for false pre-tenses of research, a favorite fabrication of the Deep State.

They are administered the same vaccines, with nanotechnology – for the same level of spying and control.

What type of research tortures animals?
Why is research needed?
Where do they end up?

There is No Need For Any “Science Based* Research Testing Of Any Kind To Children, Adults & Animals.

Science Is The New Conspiracy Theory.

No different than Planned Parenthood.
Selling Aborted Fetuses
What ever happened to PETA?
THEY Work Together
Nazi World Order
Operation Paperclip

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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