Sananda: The New Age Is Approaching

I am Sananda and I come today to prepare the way for The New Age that is approaching – The New Age that is at your feet dear children on Earth. It is up to you to grab hold of your dreams and see to it that they are realized. If the dream is sufficiently strong and alive it will manifest in just a few moments. It is the blink of an eye that counts now, as the large masses are beginning to move and then I mean they are moving towards the light. The Light is a movement just as you are. Everything is moving in one direction or another. Right now the grand movement is in favor of the Light. There are many hearts that are beginning to soften up and open up for the light.

It shines strongly on your Earth today and it impacts everybody. There are more and more who turn there faces towards the light and let it shine down into their hearts. More and more are searching for the truth in the illusionary world they live in. In order the find the truth one needs to find the light in one’s heart, as there it shines clear and pure. In there you will also find your authentic self and the courage you need to go forward.

Stop yourselves briefly for a little while each day and you will find the calm and truth that rests there. It is time to bring this out and move on now – as the New World is waiting for your arrival. The wind has changed direction and only warm soft winds are blowing today. As the strong headwind has subsided and no can longer block your work. It is GO… the operative word now and it is you that we all are waiting for. It is your light and your joy that we want to hear sounding around the Earth today. It is your eagerness and your enthusiasm that we are waiting for.

The Light is here dear children on Earth, let it fill you, let it give you force, let it give you courage so that the grand transition can start – the transition that happens within you and outside. Everybody is being transformed, look around, see and feel that the change is there, with both plants and animals. Yes, even the sun, the air and the earth can sense it. Run barefooted in the grass and receive the energies from the elements around you. They will go directly into your body, if you allow it, where they will fill every cell with the light they carry with them. This wakes up all the light that is hidden in your body. It tells everything that lives in your body that it is time to wake up. It is time for the light to wake up from its Snow White dream and appear. The time is now for all things living on our Earth to wake up from its slumber – to wake up to its truth and light. Earth is on its way to its own light and it can become an abrupt awakening for those that are deeply asleep.

Find the time to rest in yourselves. Find the time to be outside in the open. Find the time to feel and experience the light from everything that is around you. It is time now, you cannot wait any longer – the first steps should be now. It is important to stop, breath, to feel the light that vibrates all around. It seeks you now, so open up and invite in the light and love into your lives. Once you have done so things will be like a dance. The resistance is small and love vibrates greatly today – the journey will be easier than you think. Do not hesitate, but meet yourselves, it will not be so hard – you will find much love there. Love is all around you now in the form of many loving guides and beings.

The loving world is standing at the door and you all have the ability to enter into it. What are you waiting for? The door is open and we are waiting for you. You are loved far beyond imagination and understanding so you do not need to be afraid. You are very much cherished and loved so there is nothing to be afraid of. You can be secure and calm in that you enter a loving world, where only light and love exists.

I am ready to receive you. My arms are wide open and full of love. I am now sending you love and courage so that you will dare to take the last steps into the light.

Lovingly, Sananda.

Source: Era of Light